The Advance Wars 2 Thread

Talk about strats, favorite CO’s, favorite unit’s, unit effective’ness, your stats in AW2.

My status in AW2…

  • Completed Campaign mode with an A.
  • Bought Sound Room
  • Bought Hard Campaign mode
  • Bought All CO’s
  • Bought All CO’s colors
  • Bought some Versus maps and War Room maps.
  • Beaten the 3 first missions of the War Room with S,S,A rankings.

Of course I am not bragging at all. I still need to beat the Hard Campaign in order to get Haichi as WELL as beat Hard/Normal Campaign with an S rank to get Sturm.

My favorite CO to use in versus games is Lash and my favorite units are the Anti-Airs and Rockets.


mech units>everything but the big cannon the shots every 5 turns :lol:

finished campain with s
finished hard campain
all costumes
all characters
bought it all
played all predeployed

fave co’s:

tip: sturn is the cheapeast character

if any one has any campain problems ask me

I am having trouble in Normal Campaign in the Yellow Comet Mission to get the Neotank plans. I always get there like 3 days late. How the fuck to you beat this shit?

q: why do you want to use neotanks if there not that usefull in campain?

sorry i don’t know that one i haven’t even touched it (no gold campain). haven’t won danger x9 either,and to the rescue. every other one i can give you stategy, sorry.

check this site: