The Advanced Gameplay Thread

You know, I don’t really care what other sites call these things, but here is what I find to be some of the most effective techniques for 1 vs 1 gameplay.

Dash Canceling - Allows you to cancel your dash so you can utilize other moves instead of your dash attack.
How to do it - While dashing forward, quickly tap the block button. If you see your shield come up for a brief second, you’ve done it correctly.

I use this alot with Ike. His dashing attack has quite a bit of lag time (and thus punishable if blocked) and many times I want to do his A,A,A combo to rack up some damage. This has surprised a few and I can always stop after A,A to mix it up with other mind games.

Reverse Aerial Rush - Allows you to do a jumping back air while maintaining your forward momentum.
How to do it - While dashing forward, quickly press away, then jump, then go back to forward again. While in the air (you should now be jumping forwards, but your back against the target), press the attack button to do your back air.

Since many back airs are very deadly now, this is a great move for many characters to kill the opponent or surprise them with a powerful attack. I usually use both analogs for this one as it makes pulling out the back air much faster and easier.