The advantage of Crane U1?

Hey SRK,

So I love Gen as a character, playing him definitely feels more fun than your standard shoto character, but I did have one question that the moveset sticky didn’t quite answer for me.

What’s the advantage to using his crane ultra 1? All it means(if you don’t kill them with it) is that you have to keep up pressure to win… what if you are fighting a character with good runaway (teleports) or a projectile turtler like sagat or guile?

What is the advantage of this move?

From the Moveset sticky:

Shitenketsu / Ultra 2
Armor Break
Gen does a few Rapid Slaps, if they connect he follows up with concentrated hits on his opponent’s character points and end it by his touch of death against the forehead.

IMPORTANT: This move makes only “scratch” damage (tempoary health lose, which your opponent will recover over time, if you don’t hit him meanwhile - like Focus absorption).

The most important thing after landing this Ultra is to pressure your opponent to get a further hit to convert the scratch to real damage. To kill your opponent you’ve to do approximately twice the damage as your opponent’s remaining life. (e.g if he has more than 221 life, it won’t kill him)
This Ultra will whiff against airborne opponents, making it much less viable as Ultra 1. You can still hit with it after a Focus Crumble, after the Mantis Super or a hard jump in attack. Also due to it’s quicker start up you can combo into it after Ex-Hands against big hitbox characters like Abel.

you mean mantis ultra 2? not crane ultra 1 or?^^

the ultra is shit. period. you can use it after focus or as punishment, but that can do u1 aswell - and it does real damage. IF you pick ultra 2 you do it for crane utlra 2 (teiga). that you get mantis u2 aswell is just a gimmick. there is no “real” point to choose it.

Really? Its not even match-up specific? What a damn waste

well you COULD pick it against abel etc to combo after ex hands. but due to scaling and shit temoary damage it hasn’t really any use.

again, teiga has matchup specific usages. against guile, sim and sagat (imo the only one where teiga is also of any use). it’s also a deal of liking. some really dig teiga and pick it all the time. but the most more like the combo ability of the u1’s. i also think that u1 is by far mandatory.

Zukuu is pretty spot on IMO teiga is only for pressure and stopping characters that force u to Jump in think twice about using certain attacks. Teiga can also be good vs giefs

Mantis U2 makes you realize yet again how painful it can be if a Gen player makes a mistake or guesses wrong.

I guess it’s easier to combo after a heavy jump-in attack compared to U1. Also, while you should never be in this situation, it’s safer on block/whiff compared to other Ultras. Can’t think of anything else, and I don’t think I will be able to.

Mantis U2 has really long range, pushes back, and is only at -10, while it’s always punishable there are characters that can’t really punish you badly for using it at range. I always wanted to try it against Guile by looking for a sonic boom pattern and then doing a guess at max range to try to catch him mid-boom. If he doesn’t have meter, what could he even do at max range besides backfist you or maybe flash kick?

not the latest news and probably already known but it can break certain blockstrings at range like ryus (probably all shotos, didnt test it) hadoken (which isnt a real blockstring).

make your opponent think that you cant do a shit against his blockstring (also block high in his blockstring, at max tick range. this probably makes him using BUT only buffer ultra motion) if he confirms hadoken, ultra that shit…

timing is weird, not always usefull and somewhat risky but usefull to make the opponent think about spamming this shit

just my 2cts

that works with almost every ultra in the game. for gen, also with mantis 1. ^^