The adventures of Tintin: The secret of the Unicorn

I forgot it’d be CGI animated.
Nice teaser though.
I should really read some Tintin books to get ready for this.

EDIT: Just found out Moffat is co-writing the script for this movie, so HYPE!

Looks to be a potential hit, unlike the adventures of Tenten.

The streets in the scene with the car speeding off looked really good. The indoor scenes as well.

that really did look real up until the daylight scenes

10/10 for the Naruto joke.

Yeah, this looks pretty amazing so far. Pretty pleasant surprise.

I like the way it looks.

Word. I was questioning whether this was real life scenes infused with 3D or fully 3D. Astounding SFX. I loved the cartoon because it was one of the few kid shows where people actually died.

Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait CAN NOT FUCKING WAIT

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wow that looked so real for the most part.

Oh fuck yes

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I love how they’re not movies anymore, they’re “motion picture events.”

Still, this event looks promising.

I can’t wait for it, shit looks Awesome!
I’m pretty suprised i haven’t heard much of it here in Kuifje’s motherland Belgium. Maybe it’s because i haven’t been watching that much tv over here.

Not sure why it’s CGI if they are going for realism but it looked interesting. I remember watching the cartoon when I was a kid.

been looking forward to it for a long time but forgot about it recently. thanks for the link since all i had seen so far were a few random pics and general information. great to finally see it in motion. tintin’s face looked kinda scary in that end shot though. gonna miss colin o’meara’s voice, too.

might have to bring back my old tintin av.

Now that I think about it…I personally would’ve preferred if they looked more like the book’s designs (cartoony-ish) than like-like/realistic. Or at least Tintin…his human face just feels…creepy, not to mention the hair.

I do admit that realistic backgrounds and exaggerated humanoid faces don’t mesh really well, but hopefully the world will feel normal after the first 5 minutes or so… especially if the story is engaging.

TinTin is to us Europeans what Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake are to the Americans!

Richardson says:

Ich reiste um die Welt in 86 Träume.

imo the issue in this movie isn’t necessarily the lack of coherence between those two things. it’s that tintin always had the cartooniest/simplest features of any character and basically stood out too much in his own series. unlike the other characters, it’s impossible to translate that into a character being played by a real person without giving him a somewhat jarring appearance because of all the new detail.

I’m not terribly familiar with the comics, though the art is pretty incredible. I am looking forward to this.

NOT digging the cgi approach. The charm of the comics is definitely gone.

lol like the racist charm?