The Aegis Counter



Simply put, what can be done with this? I mean, Wesker can do some nasty things off of his counter hyper. What about Taskmaster? Is there anything nifty he can do to combo off of his counters, especially since he can’t DHC out of Aegis Counter?

Right now, I find its use almost exclusively limited to countering a spammed physical hypers while on the ground for a little bit of damage. Seems like that’s pretty narrow though, so I want to know if I’m missing out on the move’s potential.


You can follow it up with Legion Arrow, then DHC into something else that hits OTG. I think that’s it though.


As far as WHAT it can counter, it works exactly the same as Rhino Charge (Wesker’s super counter). They both have 5 frames of invincible start-up, and then counter all physical hits. After that, it is strictly worse than Rhino Charge, because you can’t combo without using another super. Even then you’ll likely miss some of the hits on the second super.



If you’re cornered, you can get good damage off of it. You just… Really need to devote meter to it. But thankfully Taskmaster is quite a battery, and you should be able to get something as long as you have at least three stock.


I use it to avoid chip deaths from physical supers. It’s a good super.


I made a list a bit back of all the projectiles and hypers that other characters had and what Aim Master, Legion Arrow, and Aegis Counter did against them. It’s split across a few posts, but starts at


That’s another thing that bothers me. I’m not always sure which super are “physical” or not, and sometimes I pay the price for this x_x


Just for general knowledge it doesn’t counter Akuma’s Raging Demon.


Raging Demon is considered a grab, and it doesn’t counter grabs. Although, interesting to note, it DOES counter unblockable attacks, not that that comes up often.


Anybody have any vids of how this can work in matches?


I suppose I’ll put in my two cents…

The best use I’ve found from this hyper is to DHC into a better hyper. For example: Phoenix/Dark Phoenix is teleporting in on Taskmaster. Taskmaster is on the ground on player 1 side (the left). You can see the start-up of Phoenix’s teleport and on reaction input :qcb:+:l::m: and what will happen is: if she teleports behind task, task will punish her with legion arrow. If she teleports above task or in front of task, task will start up aegis counter which can then be DHC’d into another great punish super. This should only be taken as an example however, because taskmaster has a better option select in this situation which is simply :b:+:h: which will punish any teleport but the overhead teleport but will allow task to deal with that relatively easily. (just make sure task isn’t staying too still or phoenix can use her fireballs to stay safe in almost every scenario)

Other uses for aegis counter are gimmicks. For example, with 4 bars and Akuma second one can use taskmaster’s charging star command normal :b:+:h: to hit the opponent and immediately input aegis counter. If the opponent didn’t block, you can immediately go into Akuma’s beam super. If the opponent did block, you can wait until the opponent leaves hitstun and immediately input raging demon which they won’t be able to jump out of from that range (same concept works for Haggar, not sure about Tron or Thor).

Otherwise I find the hyper suitable for only very, very specific situations such as Tron or Haggar jumping in with an active attack or Spencer trying to bionic arm a whiffed normal. Just make sure to watch out for DHCs if you’re trying to counter a super.

So as a breakdown…
What it’s good for:
DHCing out
Gimmicks that probably won’t work on the same guy twice
Punishing very few situational hypers/jumping normals
Punishing sentinel’s hard drive
Baiting Spencer to use bionic arm by shooting arrows at him

What it’s bad for:
Trying to punish any normal incoming from the ground
Trying to punish any normal incoming from the air with VERY few exceptions (sentinel is not an exception, do not try to punish sentinel’s air normals)
Trying to predict normals
Using in general


Is there a handy list somewhere of which moves are considered “Physical” or not?


Look at these posts:

I don’t have Shuma, but for Jill:
All specials and normals are physical.
Position Exchange, as a throw, can not be countered, but her other :dp: moves can be.
Machine-Gun Spray: projectile, eats through Legion Arrows, invincible start up, but she is vulnerable before she starts shooting directly below or behind her, so if she is close enough (just outside st. l range) you can shoot straight up and her invincibility will end before her bullets hit you
Raven Spike: counterable after the flash, but unless you are at max range or started the counter before the flash, her attack will go through you during your invincible frames; even if you activate at the same time it will go over your head unless you are at about st. m range; I’d suggest just crouch blocking if that’s an option and possibly eating the 6,000 chip damage, then punishing the long recovery


kind of situational and kind of risky unless the opponent is telegraphing their attacks.

one cool use of it i’ve found is that if your point character is going to be chipped to death by a phyisical damage super and doesn’t have an invul super to counter it, you can give the other player a nasty surprize by dhc’ing into this :slight_smile: very situational but good to know.


It’s a great Hyper to rely on when you play against characters without Projectile Hypers.
With it, you can safely spam arrows all day. When they try to Hyper to counter your spam, you get a free Counter.
Good characters I’ve found it to be useful against (Wesker, Spencer, Spiderman, Wolverine, Haggar, Capt.America)

What I’m curious about is if he has someone to go well with for the DHC trick with it.


it’s a dope looking super. I <3 the over the shoulder no look pistol shot! XD


Against Phoenix, when she is dark phoenix she try to rush you down, go for aegis counter.


… But projectiles.


Wait a minute, that super where wolverine makes a flashing purple X (fatal claw?) is considered physical?


Yes, low-priority projectiles go right through it and Aegis Counter will counter it. Some attacks are pretty arbitrary for whether they are physical or projectile in this game.