The Affinity Appreciation Thread






They’re only mean cause they like you.


Fuck you you rotten ass bitch. I bet your vagina smells like the bottom of a sewer in India.


I literally made an account to shitpost in affinity threads after stumbling across her Naruto shinobi striker thread. Soon after, they announced the death of the forums. Just my luck.

Oh well, at least no one will ever have to read her crap again.


Fuck you for killing Blue Reflection’s hype, it was too good to be sullied by one of your threads.


See I was gonna make this thread but decided that they didn’t deserve one. Mostly cause it would inflate their ego.


there there bring on the great extra extreme salt ^.~



did that motherfucker get on a bicycle? :rofl:


Damn, guess that’s your first time seeing any footage of Fighting Vipers 2.
Shoot, that game had more potential to keep going. Virtua Fighter gameplay basically amped-up VS. style.
Coulda had more games with more extreme sports users (seeing as not just the guy with the BMX, but also Picky (Skateboarder) and Grace (rollerblader) in the mix).


I like how everyone rags on Affinity here, and for all we know she could be perfect in real life.


Fuck all of you, I love Affinity threads. Her hype always puts a smile on my face.



Seeing as how she’s shown herself to be a misandric feminist I highly doubt that.


And how you know it’s not an act or how her Inner ID manifest on the Internet.

I bet Affinity is hot, makes at least a 6 figure salary and can cook like a 5 star chief


sigh misandric



Is it true that you’re a malfunctioning clone of Kizuna @affinity ? :wow:


shrug I would raw dog @affinity with extreme misogyny. I would fill her up with sexism. Then I’d have her sit next to me while I customize Josie and Katarina in bikinis.


Don’t worry babe I’ve got you, I’ve read the “Do you know martial arts” thread


Please don’t talk about my bae like this


After I’m done raw dogging @affinity for the 4th time in the same morning, this will be you.