The age old question: Crane or Mantis?



I think mantis is a little better imo. Crane justs takes a little more practice. Thoughts?


Both have their place. Mantis is more aggressive.


You need both to fully use Gen to his potential. Well I dont really know I dont use him. Could you only use one style and still be a threat with Gen?


Yes. Mantis only has two moves, but you can pull it off.


That’s like questioning whether to use SRK or Tatsu.



Close ranged combat. Stand jab starts in 3 frames. Stand strong is +5 on block and starts in 4. Of course the cr short - cr jab - s fierce - forward - lk gekiro (hk on specific characters) is in mantis.

Crouch fierce is a good poke, anti air. Sweep is long range, just dont stick it out because its punishable on wiff, if hits at the tip it is possible to backdash into cross up ultra 1 mantis.

Mantis super is very good, always try to have it sometime in round three. Afterwards an effective strat is to use stand jab to foward dash for a reset, or roundhouse gekiro for hard knockdown -> safe jump / meaty / bait.

Mantis also has kara throw with s mk.


The crane is far more mysterious. Crouching fierce is a deadly weapon, think of it as a built in long range frame trap. Stand strong is amazing -3 on block +1 on hit, it moves you forward before you do it, thus creating a long range normal. Stand fierce is an interesting move, hits low first. Crouching forward is underused, however quite useful when the opponent jumps in at certain ranges it can lower your hitbox and you hit them, also able to go under fireballs allowing you to maintain your charge. Stand forward is interesting also. Crouch short leads to both supers and stand roundhouse on some characters. in the corner short goes to mantis ultra 1. crane stand jab - crane cr short - mantis sweep - lk oga (optional) / safe jump / meaty / bait.

The Oga

Gens deadliest move by far. There are many secrets to oga usage. For instance backthrow to med oga on ibuki, backthrow to roundhouse oga on gief and sagat, backthrow to ex oga on rufus, forward throw walkforward light oga on several characters, and ofcourse meaty oga ceiling drops after certain situations, in the corner the correct block side can be reversed or even stay the same. cross up ogas after tc2 lk gekiro are possible based on the height of the juggle and quickstand. for example ryu juggle high then mk oga if quickstand, if no quickstand juggle high, wiff 2x normals, then lk oga.


All are tools, how you use it is up to you


Gen learned both of them for a reason. Use both always because one completes each other.


dude dont blame people for finding him hard to learn, besides he only taught the twins based on only ONE of the stances, Yun he taught the the Mantis and Yang he taught the crane. so Its not easy to master both stances


isn’t it the other way? i’m not that into sf story but by everything it’s yang who uses mantis style.

Actualy it might aswell just be both. mantis slashes, u1, u2 (notice the roll).


sorry its the other way around lol!


yeah yuns upkicks are crane s roundhouse


now looking at all this I seem to have an Idea what Gen was like when he was young, he was like a combination of yun and Yang. wow so that is why is he feared in the underworld. sheesh.


Or he’s old and ill and can still hold his own against Akuma? Implying fair or even advantaged fight when he was young? Gen is one hell of a monster :stuck_out_tongue:


He must have been a bad ass


He did beat Akuma in the comics after all.


top tier


You should obviously learn how to use both seeing as they complement each other very well, stance cancelling n’ all that too. Also as the previous gentlemen said, it’s kind of like asking " hey guys, tatsu or shoryuken ? ". The thing that makes Gen such an awesome character is the fact that he’s packed with really good normals and specials ( and a few other things ) and it’s your duty to learn how to use them to their full extent, disregarding my cheesy-ness it’s all true. .


What fatherbalderblipblop says. Gen can’t go out without mantis s.MP or crane cr.HK for example.


Gen can go without crane but don’t know why you would lol. A lot of top players I watch don’t use it no idea why ha I use it for every jump in.