The Age Old Question: Should I Play On X-Box Live? (3s + cvs2)

I recently have given up my addiction, that being the game diablo II for the computer. It gave me a good 4 years worth of sleepless nights and it really is time to say good bye to that life style. I decided to dedicate my time to playing fighters, like any time i’m not in school or at martial arts i will be playing fighters, alone or at the local arcades here in rhode island which there arnt many considering the good one is Tokyo Game Action, which is a 20 minuet drive and i won’t have my liscense till february at the very soonest.

My dilema is that many people tell me that it is important not to play on “lag box live” because of the lag, and it can ruin my game. Is this really true? or is that all opinion? the reason i ask is because i won’t have all that much competition during the week, i will only be able to get to the good arcade near me maybe once or twice a week.

I am alright at fighters, i just need a way for me to be able to practice, but the computer has patterns which really does not help much at all to most people including my self. I need to be able to play actual people more often if i want to get better in general at fighters. I need to lern to be patient, and to find openings pretty much. Combos really are not a problem for me, for the most part i can see and repeat nearly anything, unless there is a specific skill needed in which to do it such as kara dragon punch and such. Roll canceling really is not a problem for me at this time, i play K groove on cvs2.

Will x-box live help me? Why do you beleive it will/will not? Please give any and all imput if you can, it will be appreciated.

Please dont fill this thread with “x-box live is garbage” posts unless you really do have things to back that statement up.

3s it will hurt your game more than help, parrying and links are raped. CvS2 isnt that bad, not great but not bad. Avoid bad tendencies like roll throw and roll super that work because of lag and it probably wont hurt you. IMO AE by far makes the best transition to Live.

will dealing with lag on xbox live ruin your no lag offline skills permanently? no.

when you play xblive 24/7, then try your hand at the local arcade, will you probably get owned the first 5-10 matches? yes.

will you actually learn new tactics online that can be translated (for the most part) offline? yes.

will you come across lag abusers that offer little to nothing useful for your offline game? yes.

will xbox live be fun & informative? yes.

will xbox live be frustrating and annoying? yes.

personally speaking, has xbox live been more good than bad? hell yes.

i paly k groove, how am i going to roll? lol

also, i dont play sf2 that often.

3s plays pretty well online once you get a good connection, just be prepared to deal with tons of lag abusing akumas.

As most people will tell you, x-box live will not help you much when it comes to improving your skill. Sure you’ll learn a few tricks, but once you go to the arcade its like a whole different game. If getting to an arcade is really hard for you, find some [good] people on srk you can meet up with online.

oh and make sure you turn off all downloads/uploads on any computers you may have to ensure minimal lag.

i will meet up with them once a week, thursdays (which i already do)

and i cant run my comp and my x-box at the same time, so there will be no upload/downloads going on at all period.

Do what you like, but make sure you balance your off and on shit.

what do you mean?

xblive 3S is helpul, not so much in YOU doing anything new, but you learning new stuff about different characters that you might not have known before.

for example. in my area, everyone plays ken. they play ken very well, high level shit, but it’s still the same ken for the most part. so, i’ve never really faced a decent… oro for instance.

i get on xblive and play against, that’s right, an oro. now, i don’t really know what to do, what’s safe, what to look for, proper spacing, etc. that’s from lack of experience. after we play a few matches, i lost, but learned which of oro’s move reset, when they usually come, and what they usually do after the reset. stuff like that. when they tick command throw, and how to counter it. stuff like that.

true, n-ken mentioned that lag basically destroys your parrying/red parrying and link skills, but, you learn alot about characters if

a.) your opponent is skilled.
b.) you don’t have the chance to play against a certain characters that often and would like to have SOME kind of idea of what to watch out for.
c.) you have fun. it’s online play. ranking and grades don’t mean anything. even if you get perfected by a Q once, chances are you understand what is safe/unsafe and you won’t get perfected again…

Once I actually found good comp around my area, I really found it hard to go back to playing XBL. I don’t mind losing to a better player, but I do mind losing because the connection won’t allow me to execute what I want 100%, even if it’s against a better player. I can’t stand losing because I could never quick recover/parry that jumping attack/link didn’t link/etc. You’ll run into great players for sure, but the way I see it, nobody is ever playing at their full potential online, and that just makes it a lot less worthwhile for me.

this makes alot of sense, and not only will it help learn what to look for, but if i use it enough to know what does what and when and how to defend/counter it, it will improove my game offline more. I’m not worried about link timing and all that shit, i can do that in training peice of cake, as well as combos and such. But learning where to use them is what i need to do.


i agree 100%. but, if your offline comp is lacking (in terms of number of ppl or quality), then the next best thing is xblive. yeah, it sucks when you KNOW you can parry that jump-in roundhouse, but lag makes you eat it and the combo they’re gonna do after it. that just comes with the territory.

at the moment i barley parry as it is, i’m more concentrated on learning all the characters and how to go against all characters with them.

yeah, i mean, online isn’t so much about hardcore competition. it’s a tool that you use to learn about characters. like, character A just did a move and you, character B, just blocked it. Now, you’re not sure if your super is fast enough to connect because you’ve probably never have been in this position before, but hey, now is your time to test it. Oh look, it didn’t connect, they block your super, and you die. That sucks for your win/loss record, but it’s all good for your knowledge.

as a side note, that scenario isn’t 100% reliable (cuz lag might’ve messed something up), but it gives you a general idea to work off of.

900+games of 3s here. there is no 3s in arcades here and most times i cant meet srk people. xbl has helped me see what chars like elena and oro or twelve play like. i dont know anybody who plays those characters so i had no other way to play them. for the most part if you dont have access to an arcade 24/7 xbl is fun.

well, the problem is that the lag will effect the outcome of things. BUT generally it will give me a feel for how people play those characters, which will be good…

yeah, lag sucks. overall lag is bad, but lag spikes are the fucking worst. be prepared for losing by random bullshit (ex, tons of naked supers), alot, in the beginning.

also, the only thing worse than the lag is the lag whores. people who abuse attack patterns, completely unsafe and impractical offline, but dominant online.

I’ve played over 1173 games on xblive, and most of them have been pleasant and informative and i feel as though i’ve actually LEARNED something about every character. True, you’ll see 100 Ken’s before you play a good Twelve player, but still…

well, i wont mind getting better in the process of learning.
i met someone out here in utah where i am now that only played XBL and learned far too much imo, he completley raped me with his dudley lol.
and my dudley is pretty good…

i’ll send you a friend request next time i’m on. i don’t have chat access (i use conveter+stick), but i post on srk regularly. and i acutally have a way of communicating to you if YOU have chat access. like, you always have to ask questions that can be answered “yes or no”. my responses: one jab = yes. two = no. it worked out for a couple of people who wanted to know stuff about certain situations. don’t nkow if that would help, but i’ll send you that reqeust…,

I think what he means is don’t get too dependent on tactics that will work only online.
And yes, it IS possible to learn new tactics online. It’s just a question of whether you’re good enough to adapt them offline.