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I found this interesting, despite it’s age. I’m looking at a backlog that’s more than I’ve ever had. I don’t have the time between school, work, and everything else.

Curious what you guys think.


I find the older I get the less I play of current games and the more I focus on games I used to play. My NES/SNES/SEGA collection gets more time then ever, and the mere thought of farming items in an RPG gets me pissed.

I’ve also quit multi player FPS games and gone back to 1v1 quake1/2/3, it’s still just as fine.

I don’t think it’s all time though, I don’t like cinematics or plot in todays games. I’ll get a lot more fun burning 4 hours on a cab, contra/ninja gaiden run throughs, then I will slogging through an RPG. And the old RPGs have more action, I’m looking at you seiken densatsu series.


I think that’s kinda true for me too. I’m not a fan of having to get through 5 hours just for the game to fucking start.


i try the play the old games i’ve always wanted to play while trying to play the newer more recent ones


I guess I agree with the basic idea of his article: busy older gamers need shorter or more segmented games. Doesn’t that describe pretty much everything on the handheld market? I’m not really much of a gamer these days, but there is a slightly cranky old man tone to this article. Growing up on NES, playing MGS2 years later, and complaining about the long cutscenes to me is like growing up listening to Poison and White Snake and then complaining the new Lady Gaga album is too overproduced.


Seiken Densetsu 3 Fan Sub at least once a year.

As I see it.


the whole world is becoming ADD/lazy/impatient/mindless and i think thats the problem with video games nowadays is that developers are trying to please these people.
i mean what are most people playing nowadays call of duty, halo, madden, and other fps online games which dont really require much thought.


Before we turn this into another ‘crotchety old gamer rant’ (which is in its beginning stages, I see), how about we focus on the real problem? I feel like the problem with the gaming industry is the same thing that’s going on with Hollywood and the Music Industry; The production values-the ability to wow us with flashy sfx, or crystal clear sound production is through the roof(and costs that much as well), yet we’re seeing fewer and fewer ‘classics’ being made. Y’know, the kind of experiences that shake you to core, and really move you…

This newer stuff just lacks ‘soul’ for lack of a better descriptor. There’s no sense that the creators put their everything into making these new experiences and are just churning them out for the quick money so they can keep their jobs. Game creation, and by extension, gaming itself is no longer a labor of love, but a multi-million dollar machine that employs thousands. Hell, just playing some games feels more like work than actually ‘playing’. I feel less like I’m playing the game, exploring it, breaking it down, and more like I’m just going through the motions. At first, I thought it was merely me growing older, but there’s more to it than just ‘old man gamer’ syndrome. The new stuff just doesn’t have heart… The games just don’t GRAB YOU anymore. A game should be fun. It should pull you into it’s fictional universe and compel you to see it through to the end.

I believe the last time a game really did that for me was when I played Bayonetta–not everyone’s cup of tea thematically, but the gameplay-- the actual experience of pressing buttons, learning the rules of the game’s universe, and pushing these lessons(and yourself) to their absolute limit–Is exactly what I feel has been lacking in games of late. As I trudged through GTA IV, I became bored… so much so that I have yet to complete the game. It just didn’t have enough ‘oomph’ to make me want to keep playing. It wasn’t even the repetitiveness of the gameplay(certainly not, for I am someone who has grinded countless hours leveling in RPGs and unlocking shit in action games). There just wasn’t any subconscious desire to win at it.

I think that’s what we need. Games need to grab you by your imagination and spark that subconscious desire to succeed. That need to know every in and out of the game and completely own at it. Until more developers beyond Platinum Games(Nintendo’s still pretty good at it, as well as Capcom when they try) can do this, games are just going continue to be stale, shallow imitators of their former selves.


To make some notes about the article, to what demographic is he referring to? I know that he encapsulates “us,” the definitive hardcore to a certain degree but not so much that we have to be "smelly non-showering coz we-re pwning the fuck out of noobs" gamers, but while 35 might be representative of the gaming population, it doesn’t seem to represent what these gamers are playing. This kind of reminds me of when I was in junior high and you have idiot people reading “The Outsiders” for the first time. And then they realize OMFG I didn’t know that books could be THIS good!

Sure we have 35 year old gamers but how much of that demographic is the old skool proper? How many of that pie slice are people who only got turned onto games by way of the PS1/PS2 era and later this era of CoD and Killzone? Why I ask this is that while this article might cater to the former, it might not cater to the latter because it’s exactly this epicness that people are gobbling up like an investment in pseudo new wave storytelling. I agree that yes games should follow the ideas he presented. But is it to cater to older roots influenced by nostalgia or actually progressing video games back into a fun medium?

IMHO developers are having problems engaging the audience because the best AI, the best interaction from another character is another human being. That’s why WoW, multiplayer anything and just MMORPGs are just slaughtering everything else because it is replacing the previous role of “interactive buddy” to “medium to interact with other people.” While it seems so contradictory, it makes sense. Video games as a sort of loner/loser stigma was lost when LAN parties and online play started to occur. But then as the internet tech increased, it seems easier and more comfortable sitting in a darkened game den playing against an anonymous opponent without the problems of having to actually bring a friend over to play with you.

Case in point, Scott Pilgrim VS. the World. Complete and absolute shit storm over how there was no online co-op play. However what was the other option to solve that problem? I don’t know…actually ask people to come over and share in a geek related hobby of a beat-em up and a fucking adaptation of a graphic novel? I suppose waiting in an online lobby is less embarrassing than having to admit or explain your admiration for this product. So many times I heard lack of online play was like some sort of fucking plague-ish pus filled sore on a game’s otherwise solid performance.

So instead of appealing to a person’s imagination, they replace with with a cinematic game where the gameplay is the fucking price of admission. I don’t know I’m fucking ranting right now, but perhaps what shouldn’t be looked at isn’t the length of games or how they are paced out, but perhaps realizing that you can’t play everything and experience the “core” experience in every category. You can’t be a WoW elite, a TF2 leader or the 100% completionist of every difficulty level of MGS at the same time. I don’t think there is a problem with the aging gamer because even with all these “epic” games; the choice for us is that “We shouldn’t have to be forced to have to play the “must play” games.” What we have is the problem of choice and an overabundance of it, which isn’t a bad thing. This means there are games for everyone and about everything. It’s just that with this overabundance, somehow it’s our patriotic nerd duty to play every one of them lest we forfeit our geek honour forever and never set hand on a joystick ever again.

All I’m saying is that if somehow getting all the achievements in Kinectanimals is the only way I’ll stay in the “in”, then I’d rather be out playing another round of SOTC, Chrono Trigger, FF6, SF3:3S, a few Phoenix Wright cases, RE4 etc. etc. Just to remind me what I like, as opposed to what I’m supposed to like.



love this part

granted i loved MGS2 to death, but he’s getting at the same thing i was saying about movies convoluted plots with some tangential hinting at a philosophical principle (specifically the matrix movies) doesn’t make something deep or particularly thought provoking.


I remember wanting “let us save anywhere” when I was a kid. I only want it more now. :rofl:

No time to read the whole thing right now, but that jumped out during my quick glance.

Dr. B’s day contains X hours, where X is whatever damn number he wants.


I thought about that a few days ago. Nowadays the games I play most are freecell, sonic, Shinobi, Gunstar heroes etc. I find that games nowadays come on to strong, it annoys me when more than half of a games content is in the cut scenes. The fact that so much focus is put into the plot also deters me from playing them as it requires a greater deal of focus to play through.


this is the exact reason I started playing street fighter, especially since I’m going back to school.

WoW = death.


I’m not 30 yet but I’ve found a huge lack of interest in anything coming out. So much that I just don’t pay attention anymore to new releases, which is a shame because I hear Ghost Trick is pretty good, and the indie market is blowing up with a lot of really good games. Things are so flashy and dumbed down (I’m looking at you, recently released Capcom games except maybe Mega Man 9/10) and just boring and slow to put in the flare on top of lack of inspired game design.

I think a game that has it right, and a lot of people will probably disagree (maybe agree, I don’t know) is Assassin’s Creed 2 (I haven’t played Brotherhood). You can do a quick mission, side mission, whatever, and it saves right after. No save points or anything, you can quit because it’ll save after. You can do all the side stuff or you can do the story, and there’s tons of extras for people who have time, and a good story for people who don’t but want to play a game. On top of that, the cut scenes aren’t long at all and usually involve the player.

Besides that though, the older games and a lot of games on the DS or PSP are what I’ve been playing just because they “fit” better for me. Emulators are a god send because you can just save the state and go do whatever you have to do and come back to it, on top of having access to almost any and every game released from N64 back. Nostalgia + fitting in to schedule due to saving anywhere = PERFECT.


Console hardware -definitely- needs to steal a page from handheld design. Between HDD installs, those annoying company animated logos (you’re not 20th Century Fox) and poorly-designed menus… even fast, arcade-style games take too long to finish. Cutscenes have always been long, stupid and pointless, but I have a bigger problem with slow hardware and software performance than a game’s content. instant suspend/resume on consoles is a step in the right direction.


Going to work. Posting in here to subscribe. Will read when I get back. Sounds/looks interesting.


which is the reason why I haven’t gone through nor intend to do a numbered FF game…it’s a BS thing to say “it get’s good 5-10 hours in” why can’t it be awesome now? I mean yeah some games I allow them to take their time if the entire game as a whole is amazing…or if it’s pokemon. Also now I have stopped caring who makes what, and what BS bugs are in a game…unless it’s game breaking I can live with it and enjoy the game regardless of what others think.


I figured out a long time ago I had to pick my poison on games - too many of them.

Nowadays I seem to just buy games and let them sit around unopened. I figure if something happens and I have a lot of time on my hands I’ll have something to do. I also avoid MMO games like the plague.

Looking forward to MvC3, though.


I agree and disagree with this article.

Although I do agree that epic games aren’t for me now (job, and social life > games), I think his article is shortsighted. He talks about how the average gamer is 35 years old, but I am iffy about that statistic, was it about people who played games or people who were buying them?

Anyway, the epic games that this guy is talking about may be too lengthy for the 35 year old market, but I know a lot of my friends who have kids that are in the 12-22 age range that play those long ass games. The video game market is fine making those imo, because there is always that age range market.

However, I do agree that my age bracket does not have time for those epic classics. But, you know what, I play more competitive games that take only about 5-20 minutes to complete a round. (Super) Street Fighter IV (Arcade Edition) only asks about 3-5 minutes of my time to play a match, which is perfect for my attention span and time limit. Starcraft 2 takes about 20-30 to play another human being. And you know what, there are plenty more of games like these in this field: sports games, FPS games, puzzle games, etc etc.

I do play the occasional single player story games, but now those games aren’t as long anymore. God of War 3 was probably, what, 6-8 long? COD MW2 was fucking short…Same with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and so on.


That’s a load of horse shit. Play somebody in Halo who knows what they’re doing when you don’t, or CoD or Madden, or any FPS for that matter that has any sort of balance and you will get your shit rocked. The ability to pick up a game and play it does not mean it’s simple or that the people that play it all have ADD or are lazy/impatient/mindless. You’re just saying that because FPS have become what the fighting games were in the 90’s and it’s popular to hate on them.

And most games don’t really suck me in any more because they’re trying too hard to be movies. You know what doesn’t try hard to be a movie? A fucking movie. I have no issues with developers trying to be cinematic, but god damn, give it a fucking rest.

Nowadays I look at what I’m going to get out of my time investment. I didn’t used to when it came to games, but I do now. Which is probably why I have so many unfinished RPGs. I haven’t played many games this gen that kept my attention and were paced well. The ones that really kept my attention over the last 2 years were Batman AA, Assassin’s Creed II, War for Cybertron, and Red Dead Redemption. There are a few others, but still. I’m playing more arcade games now and handheld stuff.

This probably isn’t fair but I really wish more games would start like God of War or Final Fantasy VI. Shit in those games just pops off. Hell, Bioshock did this extremely well too. Throwing you right into the situation, no pretense, no meandering up to the action, etc. You get tossed in the deep end and that’s awesome. That’s what grabs me. Back then and now.