The Air Hurricane Kick



Hey while the hell does Ken hurricane kick is like ridiculously stronger than all the other shotos? I think Akumas shoulda been stronger.


glitched so that each kick in the hurricane kick counts as a full roundhouse.
if you do the ac with just a jab followed bya hurricane kick it does max damage


what do u mean cancle the hurricane kick into super kick or into the hurricane punch…?


Okay, I just tested it out. This has got to be one of Ken’s most damaging air combo., c.hp, sj., sj.rh hurricane kick

It does 70 points of damage on Cable which is about the same as a AHVB mashed.


does the damage buffer system affect this? so if you do reppa in corner, then otg c.hp ^ rk.hurricane, that’d be craaaazy


Sorry kz0060, but Akuma’s spinkick in that same air combo [launch, spinkick] is just as devastating as Kens [don’t argue with me I have a dreamcast]. Nastier still, you can tack a super fireball onto the end to make it an 80% combo.

A perticularly nasty kill DHC situation is with Cyclops-b, and Cable behind that. when you go launch, spinkick [4 hit] XX super air fireball, DHC MOB, DHC HVB.

The combo above has done 143 damage vs Cable by the end of the second super alone [meaning DHCing in Cable would be overkill…].

If only they had the same stamina [Akuma is way better IMO].


Akuma’s best air combo is, c.hp, sj.lp (while you sj up), sj.hurricane kick (hits 3 times), xx air fireball. It does about 93 points of damage on Cable. That’s INSANE!


so u mean by that ur proving that ken can whoop Akumas ass ryt i agree with that ken i more damaging that akuma but can ken beat a player that top thiers like lets say on one on one like ken agains mag, or ken agains capcom!! can ken beat them up or kinda having a big headed guy having trouble with them…?


Akuma’s spinkick can hit 4 times in an air combo [not just 3] I’ve done it. It’s extremely hard to time it though [TEN TIMES HARDER THAN WITH KEN]. IMO omitting the lp makes the spinkick do even more damage than without it in all air combos [ken and akuma btw], but makes it virtually impossible to time over 2 hits.

The whole Akuma combo is flying hp, spinkick [optional], [optionally dash, ducking lk, not in the video, but doable if you hit close], ducking hp, sj lp[optional], hk spinkick [4hit], cancell immediately to a super fireball. 120 damage dealt. The combo was on the vidness website “[ ]” <— [That is a link btw…] 2-3 years ago [which after just checking to my amazement is still up. It’s amazing how far everyone has came in this game since then. It’s in video 2. WARNING: combos are somewhat old and outdated :smiley: ]

IMO they both do the same damage [if Akuma decides not to tack on extra damage to his air spinkick with the fireballs], but
-Akuma has ass poor stamina, [Ken Doesen’t]
-Ken-a breaks Strider-Doom [not Akuma-b though his AA is almost as good],
-Ken has that roll. It’s very easy to confuse with a dash because it uses the exact same animation. [drop assist, roll behind kinda like Cap-Am, possibly stop in front by dashing instead.]

-Akuma has a better flying hp by far however [can use it to build meter during sj way faster]
-Akuma can do an emergency divekick to avoid some assists if the opponent doesen’t prepare for it [and it combos with his air super]

I like Akuma more, but Ken has that stamina difference and roll so I use him more.

Try to overhead with Akuma, Ken, Ryu, into Commando or BH in casual play. BH is more fun. Since they’re launched straight up, you can hide in the tower and switch sides relaunching the person [it’s more effective than it sounds. People don’t use shotos at all and aren’t used to eating overheads. They are also not used to a launch, side switch, relaunch. Use it, but be sensitive to if they are getting used to it so you don’t get raped.


well thanks for the vidoe it really help by the way how did you find those videos… im searching some videos that iare movies are in mpeg format. where i can find more videos like those im searching for strider hiryu videos i try in kazaa but it wont download it seems there’s a problem with the source or the file… well thankz anyways


here’s a killer combo with akuma/spiderman:

dash, c. lk, c. hp, sj. lk, hk hurricane, cancel into tenma gou zankuu after 3rd hit, cancel into spidey’s maximum spider.

Here’s another one, and this is on the ground:

dash, c. lk, c. lk, hk hurricane, cancel into tenma gou zankuu, cancel into spidey’s ultimate web throw.

Both of these combos do MASSIVE damage. I use them pretty often when I have at least level 3 meter.


:cool: that works pretty well ive try it but i think spidey can make a better job on MvsC2 not like when he is in part 1 they made spidey a little weak most of the opponents but it worth a try do…


i think kens version does the most damage over all. akumas does more if you add the super. dark sakuras version + reset into super does more then that. and ryus comes last.

i think kens most damaging set up is: XX hurricane kick, land,, c.fp, sj.lp, hurricane kick.

same can be used for akuma and end it with a super. DHC into HSF, hailstorm, or PC for max damage with little effort.

sakura/dark sakuras version does do a lot of damage, but the set up is a bit different. and its not as much.

i think launch, sj.lp, lk, hurricane kick is the best set up to get all the hits in.

with dark sakura, you can add on a (fp) throw right before you land and otg with a super. its rollable though, but it does nice damage if they dont.

d. sakura/thanos bubble, XX hurricane kick, land,, c.fp, sj.lp, lk, (fk) hurricane kick, pause, air throw, land, call in thanos, super, bubble hits, super again. :slight_smile:

ryu can hit all the of his hurricane kicks in the corner, but it doesnt do as much damage. outside of corner is possible as well, but i think the timing for it is not worth it.

in corner: launch, sj.lp, lk, lp[2 hits], slight pause, lk, hurricane kick

out of corner: launch, sj. hurricane kick.

for max ryu air combo damage do:, land, dash in, c.fp, sj.fp XX shinkuu hadouken. i think it does around 75-80/143 vs cable.

shoryureppa,, c.fp, sj.lp, hurricane kick does do as much damage as you would expect because the kick combo (though not the kicks itself) will be buffered do the shoryu reppa hits.



well that really works but i dont sakura really do well with some top theirs…? well its not like ken ,akuma nor ryu style… what abt sakura…??? both evil and good…?


some say dark sakura is really good. tactically, i don’t know. i tried using her, but she’s not my bowl of rice…if you know what i mean. all’s i know, is that you can teleport with her rapidly, keeping her intangible. it’s very difficult, if downright impossible, to hit her, but you’d have to do it perfectly.


well i gues thats the only thing that sakura has in mind! maybe she good in other but no much in MvsC2


there waz a combo listed that said blah blah blah but then what caught me waz sj, rh hurricane kick what iz sj and how come it waz saying c.hp what does that mean? the c. part?


C stands for crouch!


and sj. is super jump. after you do crouching fp, and you jump, that’s super jump. the moves you perform while in this state is considered “sj. lp, sj. lk…” blah blah blah. so for ken, it would be something like crouching lp, crouching fp, (super) jump, super jump lp, super jump lk, super jump hurrican kick.

um, no. are you being sarcastic? i’m just trying to help. sarcasm is kinda hard to decipher when typed. if you honestly don’t know what it means (not to say you’re a dumbass or anything…cuz this is how you learn), fp is fierce punch. if you’re being sarcastic, THEN you’re a dumbass.

peace easy


no i’m not b’n sarcastic… ne wayz therz only light pucnh/kick and heavy punch/kick in MvC2 the iz’n any fierce punch or kick in it… r u try’n 2 comfuse me ne wayz whatz rh thats the only thing u have’n told me…