The Air Throw


Very simple. How do I go about countering air throws? Fighting another character with a better air throw than mine, sometimes I just want to jump. I play against this one Guile frequently. He does his air throw often and always beats out my air throw (I’m playing as Chun-Li). I mean, Guile’s air throw IS better, right?

So what’s the best way to go about beating out an air throw?


umm… don’t jump at that time? if you think he’s gonna do an air throw, wait a second, let him whiff the air throw, and punish it.


basically Antzer answer + 1

If you know he does it often and you get beat most of the time then why try to compete? Chun has great Anti-Air normals let him jump willy nilly and punish his ass!


don’t do unsafe jumps against a character that has strong anti-airs. Against guile you have no business just randomly jumping in , he will anti air you all day, he wants you to jump for this very reason.Visit the Chun-Li section for advice against guile there is plenty info.

n yes guiles air throw is better than chuns


It’s not really that simple. Guile can jump up and air throw on reaction to a lot of moves.

The real solution is: stop jumping so much. Chun-Li has a very long, floaty jump arc that is terrible for jumping over fireballs. You need to work on your ground game:

In general, you just plain lose in the air in that fight. Instead of jumping, use your pokes, your own fireballs, focus attack, focus dashing through booms, hazanshu, etc. to get in. The only time you should jump is after a knockdown, because you can position Chun’s j. fierces to beat Guile’s flash kick pretty easily.


Guile can win matches by waiting for you to jump for him to air throw, he has one of the fastest air jumps and sweetest air throw. It’s no wonder a lot of his options revolve around setting up air throw baits. Even when I play guile (I main Ryu) most of my damage comes from baiting air throws.

Know this and don’t play his game. Stop jumping so much and if you have to stop being predictable with it.


If sometimes you just want to jump, then you deserved to get tossed every time.


I practice sometimes trying not to jump at all during the match just to beat the bad habit out of me. You should try it sometime, you’ll be surprised how much it helps your game, especially towards the end of rounds


Jumping is the best way to lose a match when you’re almost dead.



First, there is one major thing you need to understand about how airthrows work: He who jumps first, almost always loses.

Take a guile vs guile match, and say both players are trying to use his backbreaker (which seems to have a better vertical hitbox, while the neutral air throw has a better horizontal hit box).

Basically, whoever jumps first is going to lose in the airthrow war. This is because the character that is the lower of the two, almost always has an advantage in terms of how the hitboxes line up.

But also, you need to know that not all airthrows were created equal. I think the airthow tiers look like this:

Vega, Guile (backbreaker)
Chun, Guile (forward)
Cammy, El Fuerte

And by that I mean who has the superior (i.e. larger and better positioned) hit box.

DO NOT JUMP without a purpose and never jump first against an airthrow character unless you have them at a disadvantage (either by conditioning them, or a safe jump situation).