The "Airing of Grievances" Thread

Well, I don’t recall there being a thread dedicated to commenting on things that bother you in fighting games, so I created this. Mods, feel free to delete this thread if there is one in existence.

Anyway, post things, whether they be small problems or BIG problems that you feel are plagueing specific fighting games:

Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4

-No Random Character Select

This way seem very small to some people, but having a random select option is a staple of EVERY fighting game in creation. It’s beyond me why the developers, who managed to put it in the previous three installments, neglected to put it in this one. Not only am I forced to scroll through the ‘wheel select’ (which takes quite some time) but if I want to play a few matches, I’m forced to choose who I fight. I have 91 hours in GNT3, solely based on the fact that I can randomly pick characters and BAM! match starts.

-I Can’t Use the Pad for Fighting

Yet again, something that existed in the previous 3 games does not in this. Just plain silly…

-Chakra system

Well, it needs reworking; the new tag system is plagued by easily escaping combos and strings; essentially, the match turns into a ‘who can tag more’ game.

I might get flamed for my opinions, which is what they are; I am no way saying that the game sucks due to these flaws, I’m just pointing out that I didn’t enjoy these factors.

Fighting For One Piece

-Well, this could have been a great game, but it isn’t; it’s very average, below even.

-Bad Load Times
-Bad System
-12 characters
-Choppy movement

This game had so much potential, but it went down the shitter.

I know I have more, but that’s what I can think of at the moment.

It’s probably been said a million times, but I hate the way the computer is allowed to cheat in pretty much any given Street Fighter game. Ramp the difficulty up to the highest level (otherwise, there’s no point in playing the CPU at all), and watch in amazement as Guile whips off several Sonic Booms without any waiting period in the middle. Watch Blanka grab you at the beginning of the round and watch 95% of your life bar disappear because you can’t get out of his head bite. Watch as Zangief grabs you out of just about any move you can imagine and takes off over 30% with the SPD, with consistency that would be downright frightening if it came from a human player.

I guess it just irritates me that, when push comes to shove, even a top-notch developer like Capcom would make the computer play cheap, rather than simply programming it to play smart.

(Shin Akuma is one of the few exceptions. CPU Shin Akuma is programmed pretty well… rarely screws up, punishes all mistakes with the utmost severity, and doesn’t give an unearned inch.)

Um…shin akuma does what zangief does, he just uses shoryuken/hurricane kick instead of spd. He then stands next to you…do something you get shoryuken/hurricane kicked, don’t do something you get grabbed.

There’s only two things the CPU in SF games does that really bugs me…

  1. They cheat the hell out of mashing grabs in Alpha 3 and Super Turbo

  2. The AI in Hyper SF2. CPU Zangief will ALWAYS find a way to SPD you even if you are at the very pixel edge and on the ground for even 1 frame. Best of all is CPU Blanka’s amazing mid-air Beast Ball. As in…hit Blanka after he whiffs an Anti-Air Ball with c.HP and then WITHOUT TOUCHING THE GROUND HE DOES ANOTHER ROLL IN FUCKING MID-AIR.
    I lost to Blanka just the other day from this.

Once, in the SNES SF2 Turbo, a difficulty 8 Guile rapid-fire jabbed me in the corner for about a 10+ hit combo, depleting 90% of my life bar and dizzying me.

I was so fucking pissed.

Oh, and don’t forget SNES SF2 (non-Turbo) Bison and his “I’m gonna keep fucking doing back to back Knee Presses until you die from chip damage.” FAAAAAAAAAACK.

As y’all can tell, I too hate cheating computers. The input-reading ones are the WORST. Tap up and before you hit the jump frame BAM dead. :sad:

Agreed, that is why I hate fighting against Akuma in SFEX. He automaticly detects what you’re going to do and supers or SRKs it.

Say he’s getting up and I try a meaty attack, he instantly reversals me.

If I do a combo thats blocked, he’ll reversal SRK me between the links.

If I attempt to meaty him when he’s about to recover from a teleport, he super SRKs me.

If I stick out anything near him, again SRK or super SRKs me.

If he’s falling from a shoryuken and I try to hit him in his ground recovery frames, he supers me (thus negating the ground recovery).

All of which puts me into turtle mode, which I’d rather not be cause then he whittles down my life via chip damage while I wait for an oppurtinity that he’s actually open and can’t reversal me (typically juggles which don’t do that much damage anyway since he has enchanced defensive stats and unless I’ve got a specific character that can juggle well the juggle combo might only be 2-3 hits).

I’d much rather play against Shin Bison in EX3 than Akuma in SFEX (+, +a) even though he’s got infinite supers.

One day I will learn the walking flash kick of doom.

Play against Shin Akuma in boss mode in A3. There’s a remarkable difference between the way he plays and the way the CPU plays the rest of the characters. He sometimes plays the “input” game, but for the most part, he doesn’t have to resort to cheap tactics in order to bring a tough fight.

–In General–
1.) Lack of story. In better words, no real usage of the characters. Fighting games have some of the zaniest characters, and no games I can remember try to go that extra mile in story. I don’t care that story is unimportant in the grand scheme of things. A deep story mode would be a cool thing for a fighting game to have, as long as it isn’t forced on us.
2.) Forcing us with unlockables. If you want extra outfit items in VF4, you have to play Quest Mode. If you want some good cash for the SC3 shop, you have to play COTS, TOS, or Soul Arena. Force shouldn’t be this heavy. Tekken 5 almost has things right. You shoot through Story Mode (arcade mode in all the other Tekkens) to unlock other characters, but you fight free in Arcade mode for the cash to gear them up. That makes it better than VF4 Evo’s quest mode (more on that later).
3.) The general state of “screwed” fighters seem to be in. They make okay money at home, but there’s nothing on the front to spike the “need another person” aspect. The only virtual shot in the arm right now is online play. The lag of online would destroy most fighters, or so I hear. Arcades are only going to keep dying for fighters as home consoles get better and DDR machines rake in more.
4.) People still pretending Capcom gives enough of a shit to make SF4.

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution - Most of the music isn’t that good. Almost half of the stages are bland, and the same goes with the character designs. Crappy English winquotes. Good luck getting any story outside of the game maunal.
There’s also the force of Quest Mode. A QM order is almost the only route for money in the game, but this mode hates you. If you get assigned to break walls, you’ll skip a bunch of steel-walled or wall-less stages before weak walls hit you. If you have to fight a Champion, good luck finding one. There are also the “Win without _____” orders, which are bullshit. I didn’t train to be inhibited or be forced to play a certain way. Luckily, they’re margins to the regular orders. Still…
If you question my anger over all that petty shit, it’s because Tekken 5 and T5DR have way less wrong with them in those areas. T5s arcade mode lets you kick ass to the best of your ability and get cash every match. Most of the people look cool from the start, the stages kick ass, and the music’s alright. Even the gameplay looks cooler while being simpler. Guuhh…

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon - You know, it’s just creepy. Not long ago, I was thinking about the one genre of games I have NO care or regard for. I settled on Racing. Then… THEN… I click on to GameFAQs. I forgot why I was there at first, but I went over to the MKA boards in case they had some new info. Son of a bitch… guess what that new online mode is? A RACING GAME. I shoot over to MKO, thinking it can’t be true, but there it was… Motor Kombat. Ugh…
So on top of being a game bound to be broken, MKA has an online mode I couldn’t force myself to care about. I’ll give them props for coming out of nowhere with that one, but… ugh…

agree with everything about street fighter. i love the magic grabs from, in my opinion, to got damn far away. start off match, i jab, they grab, wtf. zangief is such a rapist with the spd. i forgot how ridiculous sf2t’s ai was. used to playing all these other bum ai.
i think a nice deep story would be nice, but they dont put out fighting games consistently enough to maintain our interest. so it would be a waste of time.

tekken5=rape. anyone who plays tekken seriously, knows what im talking about, and i dont need to go into details.

i dont see why they cant make a good fucking fighting game that doesnt have wildly charged up characters. (hypothetically, and metaphorically speaking) i dont mind if ken is better than ryu, by one move, but i do mind if ken is so good, that i shouldnt even waste my time with ryu.
thats how fighting games are. 5 beast, and 6 work hards and 2 work real hards. i know balanced does not always equal fun, but broken shit fest is annoying when you wanna take a game serious. i love looking at hnk, but when i see some of those combos, im like, wtf is that shit. i love playing fighting games and taking them seriously, even the funky ones, which is 85 percent of them, and i expect b.s out of most fighting games, thats why i dont get to upset when i get ass raped by steve fox, or any other top tiers in games, but damn.
i mean, is it really that hard to make a balanced fighting game. with no, or very few holes in the system that people can exploit. seriously, wtf.
id say, out of the games ive played. CVS2 is like the most balanced game out, that you can pick up anyone and enjoy yourself. 3rd strike is not that bad either. if it didnt have the parry system though, it would be top tier rape all day.
its to the point now, where i dont even get mad. if i lose by an infinite or by some other b.s combo or by some god priority move/s that i can barely get around, i dont get mad. fuck it. its like. thats fighting games for ya.
shouldnt be like that though.

Minor, but wouldn’t take nothing but like 2 min. to put in: (this mostly applies to console fighters)

  • Disabling pause and soft reset. Out of all the fightining games on consoles I’ve played I find it weird only a few does this. It’s minor but I like the ability to disable pause incase the opponent wants to be annoying or if they were using stick that’s known to trigger the start button by accident it helps avoids that problem.

  • Button config at character select. Fighting games seem to be getting better at this but this should just be a standard from here on out for all console fighter ports. When playing multiple people who uses different configs it saves alot of time.

I still stratch my head on this:

  • Porting console quality fighters to handhelds. This mostly goes for U.S. fighters, like on one hand it’s great that the company is releasing the fighter in the states but on the hand it feels like a wasted effort just porting them to handhelds where they 9/10 dies a quick death. GGXSlash, Darkstalkers Chaos Tower, TekkenDR, Power Stone Collection all for PSP for example. Low risk? Cheaper? Whatever.

Ha. About ST2T:

I stopped playing fighting games seriously awhile ago. But I can still rock the computer in pretty much any Capcom fighter. My girlfriend bought me the Street Fighter Anniverasy Edition for PS2. So I play Third Strike. I could still do my combos alright and after a little while I managed to get parrying down on the pad. Beat the game with a C ranking and moved on.

Then I decided to go ahead and try the Old stuff just for the sake of nostalgia. Holy fuck.

I had Guile. I beat T Hawk (barely) and I lost to the second guy (Zangief). Man that was so annoying. T Hawk knew EVERYTHING I was gonna do. The only way I beat him was spamming Sonic Booms. Then Zangief tore me apart.

I guess the mindless AI of games like MvC2 didn’t prepare to the madness of SFT2T.

I agree about the method in which some fighting games choose to have you unlock characters/stages/extras.
For me, it isn’t about trying to unlock characters that makes a fighting game so deep, it’s finding out what makes the characters good, how to use them in particular situations, and how NOT to use them.
For example, Battle Stadium DON: In order to unlock new characters, you first have to complete missions that randomly appear in stages ( you don’t have a choice as to what it is, and you can only complete a maximum of during each story mode). You are then forced to use said coins you recieved from completeing said missions in a silly slot machine device. There is no skill, it’s all luck. This wouldn’t bother me so muc if I was forced to undertake something the questions my skill in said game, but ti doesn’t.
Ironically, in the same way, GNT4 asks you to do countless hours of toiling to unlock all characters in silly methods.
Whatever happened to unlocking characters the old fashioned way? I ask you…

Not even timing matters, me and other 3 friends played this one for 5 hours today and we were able to unlock stuff only when de slot machine gave us freebies. Even by sheer luck we should have gotten at least one roll right…

shin gouki being able to raging demon or DP through a blocked shoryureppa on like the forth or 5th hit, the move combos HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE!!! this is for zero 2

tekken 5 arcade mode very boring items cost far to much for the money you earn yes yes if you’re lucky you’ll get a roulette IF YOU’RE LUCKY! it’s just boring and overly long

Vf4 evo Not being able to choose vf4 music when playing any other mode other than the fighting arenas vf4 music is so much better than evos not all the tunes i’d say about 70% of the tunes are better

every one of those snk collection out for ps2 ie kof95 96 97 aof lb1 lb2 aof collection all i can say is SHODDY yes it’s nice that they came out how about putting some fucking options in the game IT’S NOT TO MUCH TO ASK 95 96 did not have a practice mode which i really was looking forward to also a damage adjuster would have been nice for 95 96, you might think i’m nitpicking but at the end of the day WHO IS PAYING FOR IT! Me very dissapointed in snkp cashing in on fans sometimes arcade perfect just dont cut it

zero anthology, in practice mode when you turn on the damage and stun display it’s very intrusive

again vf4 evo some of the missons are unblanced one that comes to mind is the break 30 or is it 20 walls? anyway for some characters this misson is a piece of piss for others it’s a fucking nightmare

The fact you dont get any really neat secrets in fighters anymore things like shin gouki the word “cunt” on the lorry in ffspecial on bigbears stage not to mention kim flying past just silly unimportant things really

Gambit needs to stop fucking blocking.

I see they are using the secret anti BH strat again. :rofl:

  1. Every fighting game should have a practice mode. Its annoying to have to pick 2P to practice/experiment.

  2. Gen2000 has it right on; button select at character select. At worst, at least be able to pause a match to change the keys.

  3. They should have added some additional stuff to the SNK Playmore rereleases. Fantastic games, but given that we now have several years accumulated wisdom, they should show it and add stuff like Practice mode, Omake modes, etc.

  4. Handicaps.

  5. This is an experimental idea, but I would like to see penalties for winning by time up. Just something to play around with; but someone should try it.

One thing that really gets my fucking goat it’s such a tiny thing but it really is annoying, when in key config having to move the stick along to select the button rather than pressing the actual button i want to assign the button i press

Guilty Gear got it right, why it took so long I’ll never understand. You go in there and in under 5 secs you have your buttons the way you want. More games should have it