The Airlock in Kirkland Wednesday Fight Night

Wednesday Night Fights @ The Airlock
The Airlock is hosting a night dedicated to all fighting games every Wednesday starting at 5 and going strong until midnight. We have brought Battletech Pod gaming back to Seattle and now want to bring a Fight Night to the Eastside. We are mostly casual to semi-serious gamers and are just looking to have a night of fun. If enough people are out we can throw a quick tournament together to add to the entertainment for the night.

We have 4- 51in plasmas all set up with their own XBOX 360. We also have two MadCatz Fightsticks for anyone that does not have their own. Feel free to bring your own consoles, games, and sticks if we do not have what you want to play.

Game Library
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade
Street Fighter 4
Tekken 6
Mortal Kombat Komplete
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Soul Caliber V

If you want to take a break from beating on people we also have an arcade with about 30 machines ranging from the classics like Ms Pacman to games like Blitz and Area 51. In our arcade we currently have the fighting games Soul Caliber 3, Marvel vs Street Fighter, and Tekken 3.

Venue Fee
Sorry guys but we do need to charge to keep the lights on. It is $10 to play all night and it comes with $5 in tokens

Check us out of Facebook at The Airlock.

The Airlock
11001 118th PL NE
Kirkland, WA 98033

If you have any questions feel free to message me on here or send an email to

Very cool I’ll swing up in a bit.

you should do an event for the injustice release and maybe some ps3s too?

Thought about having an release night Injustice tourney but was wondering what would be a good prize. Thought about offering up a copy of Injustice as the prize. How’s that as a prize? Any other recommendations?

sounds great!

so we are on for the Injustice Release Tournament on 4/17.
It will be a double elimination format
go to our registration page if you want to enter

@#$. I had class @ BC tonight and could not attend I hope the event went well.

You guys been getting a decent turn out? I’m moving to Kirkland in a couple weeks and I’ll need a place to throw down.

SRK is dead OP, there are hundreds of FGC members on Northwest Street Fighter on facebook.

We are still trying to build our following but if you are moving to the area come on down and you can help us start it up.

And ill try the Northwest Street Fighter group to see if we can draw some of them in. Thanks for the suggestion