The Akuma changes suggestion thread - For Ono-sama

Ok guys here is Ono’s twitter -!/yoshi_onochin

If you want to make a change you need to be heard.

Loctests are still ongoing so these changes may not be final.!

I want to come up with useful suggestions for changes to Akuma in the update. Should there be no changes on the current direction perhaps we can suggest something that will keep him viable but not broken.

My ideas:

  • Plus 1 frame on blocked ST HK
  • Ground fireballs execute 1 or 2 frames faster allowing him to zone similar to Ryu
  • Change his dash to be like Evil Ryu’s (this would certainly fix the unblockables and improve his game in some areas)
  • Give palm strike two extra active frames. Now that it can always be ducked at least let it hit without being a sniper

Now I don’t expect all of these changes just one or two.

I just want the forward throw to be like before, is that too much to ask for Capcom?

At first I thought you said -1 as a reasonable nerf for far roundhouse, 0 already gives characters who can’t dodge the 2nd kick a hard time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom made it -4 on block instead lol.

If forward throw is still screwed, IMO they should make the other knockdowns really count, increase sweep and DF throw to 200 stun again (as well as fierce Shakunetsu).

Either just undo the throw and palm changes or just add some more tools ex.

-vanilla DF throw (insane?) so he can still have good mixup game from throw.
-both hits blocked st.RH and tatsu->sweep to all of the cast (those are silly char specific stuff as it is)
-stun increases here and there.

One of those would be good if throw/palm changes remain.
Also if they want to remove the unblockables they should either put some time into fixing the actual hitboxes of etc or maybe give forward throw like 3-4 frames less recovery? That way he wont lose over 9000 midscreen setups and will make counting frames with whiffing normals for the unblockables impossible.
Just keep in mind that if the throw change stays Akuma wont be able to crossup at all.

lol, what.

Don’t be ridiculous.

If you’re going to plead for anything, ask for the forward throw nerf to be reconsidered based on location test feedback. Don’t ask for anything else, geezus.

It’s a suggestion thread. Ono himself told the community to tweet him suggestions. If they keep the current nerfs then it is possible to ask for buffs in other areas. If you have any ideas please contribute.

Less recovery on air fireballs? Like in Vanilla?

An usefull shakunetsu?

An useful shaku would be great, so that its actually worth it to cancel the dp after a b&b :confused:

Remove the nerf throw and make the palm overhead again. I wouldn’t ask for anything else if they gave me that. Oh, and gtfo that +21 damage on the armageddon, who in the world needs that?

But yeah, I’d like Shaku to be part of the most damaging combos like in the old times, and stun not to be the lowest in the game or some as far as b&b and everything which doesn’t setup a st.HP go :expressionless:

Btw how we do that? We send a reply to the stuff he retweeted with the changes or what?

Honestly, I don’t think we should ask for anything but remove the nerfs. I doubt we’re gonna receive any buffs except completely useless ones.

For most part, I agree with LoyalSol for changing the dash into E. Ryu’s to get rid of the unblockable and the Demon Flip Palm to be an overhead again. That’s it.

lk. tatsu into sweep the whole cast of characters

The +2 recovery on forward throw is the most ridiculous, heavy-handed nerf ever. They need to reverse that idea, or if they want to keep it they should do at least one of the following:

  1. Increase stun on sweep.
  2. Increase stun and damage on shaku.
  3. Less recovery on regular fireballs and on air fireball landing.

But if you guys are serious about lobbying Ono regarding all this I wouldn’t bother asking for anything else. Just hammer home the point about the forward throw retardation. Most likely to get results that way, especially if Tokido brings it up at the loctests (which he surely will).

Akuma was BALANCED in AE, no need to change him at all, Capcom need to change their mind.

+2 frames on forward throw is the more stupid thing I have ever seen, how to ruin all efforts the players done about setups, and maybe kill some vortex setups (aka safe jump and others).
Demon flip palm HAS TO stay an overhead, as it was since SFIV release.Akuma has 850 health/850 stun, his stun output is not very high compared to Viper, so the vortex must stay intact.

Fix unblockable by an other way.
And it will be ok.

Just remove the nerfs, fix ex tatsu glitch when it doesnt connect properly.

Realistic buffs could be more range on light tastu kinda like E ryu so it doesnt wiff like on blanka sometimes. Maybe slightly more horizontal range on srks.

Wishful thinking :Maybe change the inputs for U2 to quarter circles,

                         tastu sweep works on more charactors. Maybe effing ryu & ken. Even all of them!

Exactly. Let’s not shoot ourselves in the feet here, guys, let Capcom do that for us. Just tell Ono that the forward throw change is a bad idea.

The only change I want is some stun and/or damage back from doing FADC into Red Fireball. Not sure if these new changes will be a dealbreaker for Akuma till we get the game.

Just drop the changes. Leave the Demon alone, he was balanced already!

Definitely!! Please [FONT=arial]revoke the changes!![/FONT]

Don’t touch him, fix the ex-tatsu glitch. That’s all.

Regular f.throw will make me happy

150 stun sweep would make me an incredibly happy demon.

  • Revoke the nerfs and find another way to fix his corner unblockable. Maybe jump MK’s hitbox could be changed so forward throw doesn’t get affected.
  • Fix EX tatsu glitch.
  • Make raw Ultra 2’s hitbox the same as the one canceled from teleport.

50 more stun on sweep would be nice, but I feel Akuma’s just fine enough as he was in AE.