The Akuma Match Vids Thread

Ok I can’t seem to find a non general match vids thread so I am starting an Akuma specific match vids thread. This thread is for match vids of any caliber and player. Obviously Kuroda vids would be the best but if you want to post vids of your humble or beastly Akuma feel free to do so here as well. The only rule is that it must be a video of Akuma in 3s.

Start it off Kuroda vs Boss on GGPO -

I love that set!

Heres some Gouki mirror match madness for you guys. Yuki Otoko vs Uraken

My favorite video in the entire world of 3S.

Would it be appropriate to post some vids in here for critique, or no?

Also, that Yuki v Uraken vid is now my favorite thing on youtube.<3

I created a new thread for the purpose of play advice, so please post your videos there.

Kuroda (Gouki) vs Ino (Ken)

This is my favorite 3s vid ever!

I love that Yuki/Uraken set because I think it really shows how crazy the Gouki mirror is. If you can win that matchup consistently you are sick!

Very enjoyable. Yuki is sick.

Sweet videos man! This shit inspired me to pick up Akuma once again. :rock:

Some vids of me playing ranked on XBL.

Meh, Pikachuakuma doesn’t look very strong in that match. I think he got a little rusty.
Check out some of my game play and let me know what you think.

shinkakuma204 -

im glad you raped JR’s scrubby ass akuma. lol

Me vs JR