The Alaska Matchup/Get Together Thread

Hey there people, ever since the advent of SF4, BlazBlue, and soon to be KoF12 and T6, I figured its time to gather us Alaskans around for a get together. I figured our community to be small, so hopefully this thread consolidates the everyone from ALL over the biggie state of AK. Let’s get this thread rolling with everyone who’s here in the AK with gamertags/PSN names.

I’m here in the city of Anchorage, and pretty soon I’ll be holding ranbats for several games at our local PnT. We recently did a SF4 one for 360, we had 18 regulars for 4 weeks of ranbats.

Take a looksie at the website in my sig below, you can find results there for both Anchorage and Juneau results for SF4.

So start posting Alaskans! Make me proud! :slight_smile:

I’m not in AK, but I have to ask… Does anyone roll into one of your ranbats on a dog sled?

Don’t hate me, my curiosity will just kill me not to ask.

Hah, how’d you know I go rolling to my ranbats on my dog sled? Yeah, it’s pimped out. Got 18in subs in the back, got some studded skate guards on my sled, and my dogs are all decked in gold chains and stunnah shades!

Gah… which reminds me… I better buy some more ice blocks for my house. Doing a session this weekend… and the last thing I want is the xboxes/ps3s melting down my igloo!


99502 & 99515