The AlexG and Flash Money Match Thread



GG well take 2on2 or singles any amount you name it you got it
CvS2 ill take bets for 20$ 2/3
Marvel well both takes bets 20$ 2/3


I’ll bet u in CvS2 if you want

i like in marvel

in cvs2
over you guys how many sets are you willing to bet on?

miami…pretty girls…
fast cars…

got 50 bucks for a game best outta 3…in cvs2

Can I take that too? lol

is that isaac graham or another isaac?

Im gonna talk to alex and ill get back to you hehe

Carlos…why would you wanna play me for money…were from the same place and its free lol just hold your money:rofl:

Shibuya…I dont know who you are but ill do 2/3 for 20$

actually flash you do…dont know all the lil gamer names but i remember someone mentioning flash or some shit…if you are the same flash and there are not duplicates then you are the teenager with braces if i am correct…if you are i talked to you on a few occasions…i was the black dude that was talkin to you in that lil store on the first floor the day before the tourney and the dude that went up to you and talked to you about that interview wit that asian dude. how do i remember this…the hell if i know

i dont have braces…lol never had them my whole life but I am a teenager im 19 I think you got the wrong person

lol yeah…some other dude goin by flash was in the finals at evo east in cvs2…anyways lets do this money thing…all the money i make off of you i can gamble wit

I was in the finals of evo east but whatever its obvious you have no idea about what you are talking about so you can just drop it

anyway last time I checked you need to have money to be able to gamble and I dont think you can sit down on the table with negative 20$ so I think you have a problem

naw i got money…ill play you 50 a game best outta 3 but since you wanna do 20 ill do that…i mean we can go at it unless you dont wanna gamble ur lunch money.

lunch money…thats original did you come up with that yourself

anyway im fine with just 20$ im not a cvs2 player so I wont play for that much money in the game but after I take your money you can run it back if you want

no…i heard it off of a tv show called Full House. After i take ur money ill buy you a drink at the bar (if you can drink)

Guess you didn’t see what I said earlier about that $50 bet. Can I join too?

I will bet as many sets as you guys are willing to run.

sure dude ill do ur bet too…i need some new rims on my car :slight_smile: anyways…i guess…ill have to meet up wit u there…dont know how though :frowning:

how are you talking this much shit when you didnt even qualify at evo east lol

Ok well take jal/ruin, and isaac/ruin for 20$ a head

and in cvs2 i guess ill take all 4 people in seperate 1on1 for 20$ 2/3(alex dont play cvs2)

hahaha I can’t wait to take your $50. Peter is right how you talk so much shit but don’t qualify for Evo East? anyway i’ll have some kind of tag I’m wearing that shows my screen name kinda like last year but I didn’t get to get one =(

oh and btw those must be some pretty shittyfuck rims for $50 hahaha

i will play flashm for 20 in cvs2
also me/potter vs you two for 50 if you want, if only thats 40 thats okay too.