The Alisa Boskonovitch thread



Everyone’s favorite android makes her way to SFxTK’s roster (later as DLC i guess T_T… but still she’s there lol).

Double Rocket Punch: :qcb: :p: (EX)
Cradle Star: :dp: :k: > :p: (EX)
Happy Propeler: :dp: :p: (EX)
Boot: :hcf: :k: (EX)
Hard Reset: (During Boot) :p:
Eject Slider: (During Boot) :k:
Clock Setting: (During Destructive Form) :qcb: :p: (EX)
Dual Boot: :hcf: :p: (EX)
Thruster Right: (During Dual Boot) :p:
Thruster Left: (During Dual Boot) :k:
Double Cut: :qcb: :k: (EX) (CH)

Super Art:
Trigger Shuffle: :qcb: :3k:

Unique Attacks:
Destructive Form: :d: :3p:
Quick Access: (Near opponent) :mk: > :mp:
Lost Access: (Far) :mk: > :mp:
Idling: (During Destructive Form) :k:
Hertz Blade Flare: (During Destructive Form) :f: :mp:

Spam Bomb: :f: :lp:+:lk:
Double Bull Shoot: :b: :lp:+:lk:
Compression: (Air) :lp:+:lk:

Alisa’s Alt:

Alisa’s 2nd Alt:

Gameplay Vids:


Damn I’m too late.

Oh well, still bitter that she’s amongst the Vita characters, but I’ll manage. Can’t wait to see her gameplay.


I really hate her fighting stance. Other than that, she COOL


Lol i had a feeling you were gonna try and make it when i saw your name online xD

yeah it sucks that we wont get to see her in action for a while =/ she and Lars are the only Tekken characters I originally was interested in seeing in SF’s universe.
Bet she’ll be epic with Rockets and Chainsaws and dropping head bombs and flying and shit… she’ll be awesome >__<


I think she will be joyfully absurd in this game (fly dashing, rocket arms, hand head to opponent and it explodes) and i cant wait. Been looking forward to her since the esrb leak. I just hope consoles aren’t going to have to wait 8 months.


I’m really curious about how they’ll handle Destroy form, like if they’ll keep the kick buttons as idling and other things. I also wonder if they’ll keep her Boot stances.


She’s probably the character they can go extremely overboard with and still be fine, I’m expecting a version thats not true to the Tekken charcater (Like Raven, but like 10 times crazier lol).


can we get a laser spit xx fly xx unfly for her?


I know nothing about this character, but she is an android and that makes her awesome. How do you guys think can we expect her to play if she’s true to her Tekken self? Pressure, keepaway, mixup?


I wouldn’t know for sure since even though I main her I’m horrible at Tekken and how to play it, but I recall Brennan saying some time ago that she was a “keepaway” of sorts, so she might be a zoning/footsies character.


Man I wanted to play her so bad in Tekken I almost picked up the game for it. I didnt know she was going to be in this game! wooo :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know how damage worked in Tekken, but do you know if she was considered a heavy hitter? I figure since she’s an android she probably hits pretty hard. I’d love to have her as my damage dealing 2nd spot character.


poke character, whiff punishing, and had best backdash in the game. She was gimmicky at first but soon was around mid-tier in terms of characters in T6BR.

here’s Ao playing her.



Her damage looks really good in those videos. I saw her getting almost half life combos pretty easily. Is that the norm for Tekken?


Yeah, damage is pretty high in Tekken. Hard single-hitters in Tekken are Paul, Leo, Julia. Long-ass damaging combo characters are Lili, Bruce, and Nina.

Like KamTx said she’s more of a poke and bait-and-whiff character.


What happens when her hands glow like that? In the vs Bob match


I thnk that the universal charge attack every tekken character has, which every hit during the spark is counted as a counter hit.


What’s the timestamp?

If it’s what I’m thinking, it’s a unversal power system in tekken. It gives your character 2 things, counter-hit properties on next hit and chip damage on block.


Oh yeah it was, she has all these crazy moves I forgot about that. New AV woot! Edited from original of course x.x


I wonder if they’ll giver her the rocket punch as a projectile.