The Alisa Thread


The title is self-explanatory. Everything Alisa can be discussed here. I’ll try to update this post with more info ASAP.


  1. d/f+2->b+1->WS1,2->f+1->b+4,3 B!->f+2,3,3 [70 DMG]

  2. u/f+4,4 B!->f+2->Dash, 1->Dash, 1->b+4,3 [50 DMG]

  3. 1+2->Dash, b+1->WS1,2->f+1->b+4,3 B!->f,f+2,3 [78 DMG]

  4. b+3+4,3+4 B!->f+2->f+1->f,f+2,3 [71 DMG]

  5. f,f+1+2->d+1->WS1,2->f+1->b+4,3 B!->f,f+2,3 [73 DMG]

  6. d+3+4->WS1,2->f+1->b+4,3 B!->f,f+2,3 [70 DMG]

  7. WS2~3+4~3->WS4->b+2,1 B!->f,f+2,3 [75 DMG]

  8. (WS1,2)3->f+1->b+4,3 B!->f,f+2,3 [62 DMG]

Update [11/5/2009]-Added staple combos/damages.


lol =)


Sweet, right?


anything else, tho…??


What’s the notation of that double-leg flash kick move? Hits mid, crushes lows? IIRC, you can do that into some sort of diving move that B!'s (I’m dumping Lili as my second. Helloooooo Alisa).


You forgot her best move- u/f+1+2 :smokin:
Too bad the chainsaw stance sucks for the most part.


Probably ff3+4. Diving move? ub3,1+2 (second is the dive that bounds). Her moves are so simplistic, easy to memorize for the most part.

I finally saw Alisa’s victory when her head comes off. lol…unfortunately I found Dragunov’s “OH SHIT I’M LATE” victory more amusing now.

tataki: Yeah no shit. Nice gimmick, but since you can block almost all of Yoshi’s sword attacks now anything else that is sharp - and is related to Dr. B - must be nerfed -_-

Best moves with Chainsaws are the dive ff1+2 (gives added range like a WR1+2 on steroids but it SS’able) and d222…if you’re lucky


I’m going to give Alisa a good run tom. I actually think (think) that the move I’m talking about is b3+4, but I’m not sure. Will check.


Would have been really good if you could grab from it.

Oh well, I can dream.


I think it is b+3+4, 3+4.


Full Alisa frame data:


before Arcadia send TZ a C&D.


Nice. Been looking for that.


lili one up yet?


Bumping this because I will be playing this character when I get my copy.



I love using Alisa in the arcade, she is the Tekken Queen of Pokes!

Her u/f+4,4 is great, but can be unsafe at times.

Her fff+2 followed by a f+1+2 is Godlike!

You gotta be careful at times doing her f+2,3,3 after a B!, I did this before and it misses at times, either the first hit or the last hit. I just do her b+4,3 again after a B! and go into DES after her b+4,3.


Sorry for the ignorance, but what does DES stand for?


Destroy Form

Alisa’s stance, when she got the chainsaws out.


if by at times you mean at every times then you would be correct. if you meant just sometimes you would not be correct


Found a couple of moves not listed in the game’s commandlist or TZ’s movelist.

u/f+2 and d/f+4

looking from the game’s hit analysis, they both look like -frames on block, hit, and counterhit. But they both got some decent range on them. u/f+2 puts them at a slight off-axis on hit.

edit: make that u/f+2 an u+2


Alisa’s d/f+4 is sheer awesomeness.

u+2 is terrible. =\