The Alisa Thread


I love watching Alisa match vids. She is graceful and a powerhouse at the same time. Will definitely teach a dude to SS =)


my scrubby alisa juggle is d/f+2, 2, 1, 1, b+4, 3, B!
i finish B! with uf+3, 2 or f+2, 2, 3

them alisa pokes


The juggle that I do the most is:

d/f 2, d/f 1, 1, b 4, 3, d 4, 1 + 2.

Sometimes the d 4 , 1 + 2 won’t connect, so I’ll do

d/f 2, d/f 1, 1, b 2, 1, d 4, 1 + 2

or instead of the head thing I’ll do

d/f 2, d/f 1, 1, b 2, 1, f 2, 3, 3.

It’s basic but I’m just learning so ey. Also I’m new at this notation stuff (and on my iPhone) I forgot to include b! but you can see where te bound is if u do it.


I can’t get the post bound portion to land at all, any hints / suggestions on what I may be doing wrong?


How soon are you inputting the f+2,3,3?

It could also have something to do with how close you are when the d/f+2 hits.


ugh, never mind, I was pressing f+3 instead of f+2.

I can’t wait to get even midway decent in this game, haha, love the shit out of this character.


Impractical Alisa infinite is GO!



decided to pick this chara up cause i was winning randomly ranked without knowing moves :stuck_out_tongue:
went back and learned alot. was 19th alisa online but lag-losses put a end to that streak.
now i just play green player matches >.>
i’ll try to post some vids later. I use
1,2 u/f+1 u/f+1+2 (or f+1+3) this will get interrupted by spam 1 on fast 1 charas somtimes. moreso a block stun grab for defensive opponent

close d+3+4, u/f+hold, (high hop over grounded body) while back turned u/b+3+4, 4

f+2,3,f (fake kick) u/f+1+2 this looks so smooth lol

my fav reg juggle i use

while rising 1,2,3, juggle 1, 1, b+2, 2, B! u/f+3, 2

edit: decided to make tht vid [media=youtube]DTrQWhgtyeU"[/media]
pardon my scrubbery i havent played tekken really since 4.


df+2, b+1, ws+1, 2, f+1, b+4, 3, B! is a pretty good juggle
df+2, 2, 1, 1, b+4, 3, B! has more options on B! though

which one is better?


What are good damaging combos you could do after her LP+RP launcher? Also what move should I use as an OTG/when the opponent gets grounded.


i’ll try these out in a min and get back to you.

i need to know this too…

also, ghost cobra, how do you make a vid? i wanna make one…need help tho. i liked the vid. it had some good tactics that i’m going to borrow, haha. thx.


nice. i’m a noob vid maker just started. I use two method. hook system up to my VHS/DVD recorder and burn to DVD while playing, put file on PC then youtube it. Or like Alisa vid I just sat laptop on a chair and used built in web cam.

OTGs I use

b/d+3 this is great

d+3+4 if i suspect roll

u+3+4 I only use this if opponent near wall and im close to grounded body.


d+3,3,3 if they can’t back roll away

d+2,4 if your close

d/f+3,3 spammable if they continue to wake up wrong or will just wake up getting hit low
ive seen a top 5 Alisa on ranked using this but i’ve also seen if fail bad so don’t rely on it



thoughts after the B! with the first juggle:
d+4, 1+2 doesn’t connect after the B! with the first juggle. :frowning:
f, f, 2, 3 does 70 damage or so after B!. good stuff.
d+2, 4 bound ender great damage after B!.
f 2, 3, 3 connects. does good damage.
u/f 3, 2 is just as weak with 40 something damage. iirc the second hit doesn’t even connect.

the first juggle is better to me. wall carry on that is better than the second. damage is great after the bound. etc. etc.
the second juggle is easier to connect but its weaker. it has more options but still…


slightly more fancy juggles I dont use on regular basis till i get timing down.

d/f+2, d/f+1, d/f+1, 1, b+4, 3, B! d/b+2, 1 (f+2,3,3 alt ender)

d/f+2, 1, f+2, 1, f+2, d+4, 1+2

3rd last shown
d/f+2, 1, 1, b+2, 1, B! f+3+4(boost towards), 1, 2, 1, 3+4



thanks, i was just wondering
i was disappointed when i found out uf+4, 3 didn’t do much on juggle 1’s bound, but f, f+2, 3 is more effective for it

2nd juggle has been demoted to lag juggle imo


As far as stuff for a grounded opponent, you can use:

d/b+3: Self-explanatory as to why. Easily your safest option, imo.

WS1: Hits the opponent even if they don’t tech roll and it will pick them up if they try to stand straight up.

b+2: I need to test it again, but IIRC, this hits an opponent who tries to tech roll. It will also score you another B! if it catches an opponent on roll back or if they try to stand up.

I wouldn’t recommend d+4 as the risk if you mess it up is way too great. It’s -18 on block and the second hit is a high that can easily be ducked and launched so it’s not really worth it, imo.



so…i’m at work and can’t stop thinking about tekken 6…or alisa…what juggles i can come up with/should be doing, pokes, spacing, etc.

who should we be looking at as far as tips/tricks with alisa? any vids of the top 3 alisa players in korea/japan?

any links to youtube vids would be a huge help. i came across a few that i’d like to post but i don’t have access to youtube at work (its blocked). when i get home i’ll post them.


Look up ccer on youtube. There’s a lot of his matches on the koreanTAKKENvids account.

All you need is a mid, a low, and throws.



first one IMO.

I must say i’m very surprised with Alisa. I didnt’ think I would enjoy playing her, but she is definitely a lot of fun and has some decent tools to work with.


The first one is definitely your best bet. It deals good damage and also carries the opponent a decent distance.