THE all inclusive Blackheart thread

I originally planned to make a post explaining when and why you’d use the infinite if ever since it always seems to invoke conversation (arguments). However, typing that out has opened my mind to a lot of other stuff that needs to be addressed in detail. Since I don’t see any reason why anyone should have to go to multiple threads to get info on BH, I’m creating this one to address any and everything that a BH user might take interest in. I’ll post up a compilation of info on the uses of his demons, BH’s pokes, practical combos, the infinite, match ups, uses for the BH-B assist, and other unique BH stuff based upon what I know and all the post that have already been made in previous threads.

This is kind of meant to be a typed out addition to the tutorial that I’m working on. Despite that, I want all the other regulars (and newer posters who care) to post up stuff that I miss or new findings (whether it’s their own personal stuff or videos that are worth watching) and I’ll edit it into the first set of posts so that it can always be easily accessed. Also I think this should be the place for asking questions since good answers can always be added into this first string of post for easy access.

Blackheart’s Demon Usage

Not to take away from BH’s pokes, that are indeed part of what a good Blackheart needs, proper use of his demons is absolutely necessary to understand. Used right, you’ll reduce your need to use your pokes if ever for defensive purposes.

I’ll color coordinate the posts according to who made them.

Fierce Demons

if they connect, latch onto the opponent and drain their life. If you connect with fierce demons, it might be good to not throw any demons or do any special moves for awhile, especially if they’re almost dead. Otherwise, the demons will disappear and will gnaw away no more life.

Roundhouse Demons

hold the opponent, but this is almost useless since the opponent can shake out easily. Also, Sentinel can just run through roundhouse demons without flinching because of the damn super armor (Hulk and Juggernaut can too, but they suck so who cares). However, if your opponent doesn’t know about this, you can sometimes connect a super move afterward. However, if roundhouse demons connect mid-air, they’ll bounce upward which gives you an opportunity to do AAA into inferno xx super, or the infinite if you’re stupid.

Standing Fierce

not very useful, although because of its initial chest bump it can be semi-useful against constantly overheading Magnetos.

Besides the chest bump property mentioned above, the demons also help nullify certain projectiles before they reach BH (don’t do this on anybody that can punish you for it, even if you have an assist out). This also helps in specific blockstrings where they’ll be pinned by something like drones afterward. Obviously do NOT use this on short chars (Strider).

Standing Roundhouse

you need to be careful with this move because there’s a space between the initial kick and the demons where the opponent can call an assist. You can cancel the kick into Judgement Day and it will usually combo.

This one has too many holes imho. Necessary if you plan on using BH’s ground infinite, otherwise don’t really bother. The demons don’t go out far and, without proper protection, you’ll get mauled during the attack recovery.

S.RH is good for setting up follow-ups to a HOD in the corner. Also, s.RH is the key component to BH?s solo GB into the infinite and extending combos by switching BH (in the corner).

Crouching Fierce

combined with Sentinel drones, c.fierce is a good way to lock the bottom screen down if someone’s trying to rush you. Otherwise, no.

Use with an assist for cover or you will die!! Blocks off the ground area in front ov BH to prevent dash-ins. Like the s.FP there is a physical hit as BH is ripping into the ground before the demons appear, so something like c.FP + drones xx JDay is possible. Keep in mind that the demons do NOT stay active the entire time they’re out. Once they start to crawl along the ground they do NOT have an active hitbox to cause damage to the opponent, let alone hit them so be weary ov this.

C.FP is a useful tool for comboing the assist in a helper infinite. If your timing is bad with catching an assist that’s falling from the air, just c.fp a good bit b4 they reach BH and it’ll keep comboing into itself (corner).

Crouching Roundhouse

generally useless. I’ve seen Viscant use this move, but I don’t know why. There’s no initial hit and the demons don’t go out far at all. Don’t use.

This is actually a GREAT move when used sparingly and in the right applications. One such application would be to drop these guys then call a ground assist and take to the air WITHOUT throwing another set ov demons out. They travel just about full screen (slowly, and they don’t touch anybody that’s at extreme full screen range) and if the opponent forgets that they’re out (which happens often btw) they’ll get snared (and probably forget to mash out).

This is your best friend if ever Cable catches your assist with an AHVB that?s too low for you to stand up but high enough for you to duck under. Just c.RH so that he?ll land on them as his super is ending and you?ll save your assist.

(Super) Jumping Fierce

THE MOST USEFUL ATTACK BLACKHEART HAS. Why people continue to overuse sj.rh is beyond me. Jumping fierce demons go out for a certain distance and then return to Blackheart. Not where he was when he threw them, where he is. This is incredibly useful because you can change the trajectory of the demons by airdashing in whatever direction, or jumping, landing and then superjumping. Sky’s the limit.

Normal Jump Fierce (back or forward):
Helps to control the ground area (coupled with assist) and build some meter. Can also be good for when they’re in blockstun and you throw these out followed by an air-dash to manipulate the demon trajectory (and keep them in blockstun). Do not abuse against the likes ov Mag/Storm or death shall follow.

Square Jump Fierce (backwards):
One ov your main runaway tactics (except against Cable). Keeps opposing square jumpers and tri-jumpers at bay while you maintain your positioning.

Square Jump Fierce (forward):
Only do this when one ov your lockdown assists are out. There are quite a few mechanics with this one that I tend to abuse when rushing down with BH, one ov them being 'pokestring + drones, /, ad/f + FP demons (if they didn’t jump out they’ll be in blockstun by drones), /, /, ad/back (by this time the opponent will be in blockstun still by the FP demons), overhead jab, short or just land and start up another tactic. This is also good for setting up the infinite if you’re capable ov killing them off ov it.

Super Jump Fierce (with or without air-dash):
USE IT!!! Expert BH players cannot stress this enough!! This completely owns anybody who takes to the skies <except Storm> (with the proper positioning) so someone like Sent without an AAA will have problems with BH in this department. The demons obviously have a boomerang effect that will block off certain areas depending on where BH is at the time, so with that said this is the move you’ll want to spend your time learning as far as where and when to release your demons/change their trajectories/maintain a good position/block off enemy advances/keep them in air blockstun.

(Super) Jumping Roundhouse

Useful to cover assists and that’s it. You can runaway with it from time to time, but only if the opponent is otherwise occupied on the ground (ie. there’s an assist in his way).

Normal Jump Roundhouse (back or forward):
Never ever use this…at least I don’t, Fierce demons are much better in this case.

Square Jump Roundhouse (forward):
An unorthodox rushdown tactic I use alongside drones. Put them in a blockstring and while those drones do their job use this to close distance and keep them in blockstun due to the demons. From there you can continue to lock them down or go for a pokestring. This is actually very useful against a pinned Cable or Sent without AAA, and sometimes you’ll be too close for Cable to successfully AHVB you (since you’ll most likely be going over his head).

Square Jump Roundhouse (back):
Runaway tactic to build a bit ov meter (have an assist out and don’t use on those that will punish you if you’re open). Use this to create distance WITHOUT super jumping.

Super Jump Roundhouse:
Builds meter, pins point/assist chars, covers your assists…what else does this do you ask? After certain air combos you can toss these guys out and keep the opponent in a forced air blockstun (you know damn well they won’t dare take the hit). Besides that one instance, Fierce demons are WAY better as far as the zoning department is concerned.

j.RH (backward): jb.RH is actually quite effective when playing against Mags and Storms that like to try to dash in on the ground to get through the j.FP demons b4 they form or return to BH. If you get an aggressive mag that’s on you to where your j.FPs are missing, a well placed jb.RH with cut that out completely and cause them to hesitate.

j.RH (forward): absolutely essential in punishing assists when you get the opponent and his assist in a HOD combo in the corner.
Example… You hit a Mag and the assist with CapCom into an inferno to HOD. If Mag dies during this, you can jf.RH as the assist is hitting the ground and proceed to launch it to it’s death. If mag doesn’t die during this, you can still jf.RH as they hit the ground followed by a launcher. Now they’re both back in the air and you can use your assist to continue punishing the assist while you pressure the point man.

square jump RH (forward): Your best friend for GBing incoming characters. Just cancel the air dash into the RH a bit late into the sj so that the demons hit the incoming character and go from there.

Blackheart’s Poke Usage

Your main tool for starting up combos and just plain out annoying your opponent. BH’s pokes have incredibly range and damn good priority which makes them great for catching your opponent in combos or keeping them at a good distance. On top of that, they’re also great for block strings tactics to keep you opponent pinned down or even stop them from calling an assist to counter yours.

Standing Jab Punch
For the most part this poke is useless. There?s almost nothing this poke can do that the can?t do better. The only times I use this is move is for comboing from GBs or at the start of a match against a Sentinel to get the feel of what they?re going to do w/o committing to anything. All you do is glitch in BH and hold jp followed by holding back. If they do a standing attack you?ll cause Sent?s attack to be delayed giving you enough time to defend. If they do a jumping attack you?ll knock Sent out of the air, and if they were trying to call their assist, you?ll get free damage just by doing lks to your assist to whatever else you want to do.

Standing Light (short) Kick
This is BH?s longest reaching poke. It?ll be your main tool in picking off characters that get through your demons by ground dashing. I like using this on Mags that try to dash in to get you after you?ve invoked a fly screen via a HOD.

Crouching JP
The best attack to start a match off with against a Storm or Cable. A glitched will beat out almost anything they can throw at you at the start of a match. Other than that this move has no real uses.

Crouching LK
The attack you will start 90% of your combos with. You?ll be using this most of the time when you?re attacking on the ground.

(Super) Jumping JP
The absolute best move for air to air confrontations. This is the move you?ll want to use if ever you?re jumping up to meet your opponent in the air or fending of an air attack from your opponent. It?s also a pretty good way to start off a match against Mag. It?ll avoid or beat out everything he can do on start up with the exception of a

(Super) Jumping LK
This is the move you?ll be using whenever you?re coming down from a (super) jump with the intent of comboing your opponent. It can also be used when retreating from your opponent but is better served for offense.

To summarize using BH?s pokes: Use jps for GBs and on the way up from jumps. Use lks for combos and on the way down from jumps.

Blackheart Combos, Cross Ups, Resets and Guard Breaks

You’re going to have a hard time winning with just pokes and demons alone. Here will be the post for his bread and butter combos with his most common assists. Cross ups and resets will be placed under the assist you’re using for them as well.

Cross Ups
Guard Breaks

Solo BH,, sjc.F, sj.lp,, air dash, sj.lp,,,
Launch, sj.lp,,, ad.F, sj.lp, (various finishes), s.RH, cancel first hit into JD
Launch, inferno, HOD or JD (ARM in corner),, sj.F, sj.lp,, ad.F, sj.lp,,, high low game back into set up (works best in corner)
Launch, sj.F, sj.RH, ad.F (best from infinite)
Launch, sj.FP, ad.F right b4 they hit, ad.RH (on way down),,, inferno, HOD (in corner)
Sj.U, sj.RH,,, inferno, HOD (in corner)

BH with Sentinel-Y + sent-Y, s.RH, HOD or JD + sent-Y,, sjc.F,, ad.F,,, sj.RH, jump (infinite set-up)
J.FP + Sent-y, land, dash forward (incoming character)
Launcher + Sent-y, ground dash, JD or ARM (best from infinite)
HOD, s.RH,,, j.F, air throw + Sent-y, launch

BH with Sentinel-a + sent-a,, JD + sent-a,, inferno, HOD (ARM in corner) + sent-a,, sjc.U, ad.F, sj.RH (infinite set-up) + Sent-a, air dash, JD (from infinite)

BH with CapCom-B + CC-B,, inferno, HOD or JD (ARM in corner) + CC-B,, FP thunder, HOD (on big characters), s.RH + CC-B, sjc.F, sj.RH (infinite set-up)
HOD, launch, j.F, throw + CC-B

BH with Cyclops-B + Cyke-B,, sjc.F, sj.RH (infinite set-up) + Cyke-B,, inferno (semi infinite)
J.U, ad.F + Cyc-B, sj.RH (from infinite) + Cyc-B,, inferno, j.F, j.RH, jump and ad over for high/low game + Cyke-B, inferno, HOD (in corner) + Cyke-B, sj up, sj.RH (infinite set-up in corner)
Sj.RH, land,, cyc-B, land, inferno, HOD (in corner)

BH with Doom-B + Doom-B,, inferno, HOD or ARM (best in corner) + Doom-B,,,, sj.RH (infinite set-up in corner)
Launch + Doom-B,,,, ad.F,,, sj.RH (infinite set-up) + Doom-B,, sjc.F,,, ad.F,,, ad.RH (infinite set-up)
J.B, ad.F + Doom-B, Armageddon (from infinite)
Launch + Doom-B, delayed, ad.F, air throw, sj.RH (on way down), + Doom-B,, sj.U,,, sj.RH (infinite set-up in corner)

BH with Magneto-a + Mag-a,, JD + Mag-a, s.RH, inferno, HOD (ARM in corner)
HOD, s.RH, j.F,,, j.F, air throw + Mag-a, JD

BH with Cable-B + Cab-B, s.RH, sjc.U, sj.RH (infinite set-up) + Cab-B,, inferno, HOD
J.U, ad.F + Cab-B, Armageddon (from infinite) + Cab-B, inferno, HOD (in corner) + Cab-B, sj.U, sj RH (infinite set-up in corner)

BH with Ironman-B + IM-B,, inferno, HOD (best in corner) + IM-B,, sjc.B, sj.rh (infinite set-up)
J.F, ad.B + IM-B, JD
HOD, launch, j.F, air throw + IM-B, s.RH, HOD + IM-B, ARM (in corner)
Sj.U, ad.F, sj.RH, + IM-B,, F, s.RH, HOD

BH with Storm-a + Storm-a, s.RH, HOD or JD (inferno to ARM in corner) + Storm-a,, sjc.F, sj.lp, ad.F,,, sj.RH (infinite set-up)
Storm-a,,,, j.FP, sj.F, sj.RH (infinite set-up for big characters) + Storm-a, ad.F, JD (from infinite)
HOD, s.RH, j.F,,, j.F, air throw + Storm-a,, sj.lp, ad.F, sj.lp,,,

BH with Storm-B + Storm-B, s.RH, inferno, HOD + Storm-B, s.RH, sjc.U, sj.RH (infinite set-up) + Storm-B, ad.F, Armageddon (from infinite)

BH with Strider-B + BH-B, s.RH, HOD (in corner) + Strider-B,, sjc.B,, sj.RH (infinite set-up)

Infinite Guideline

Alright! Since there’s always some kind of discussion about whether or not Blackheart’s infinite is useful/useless whenever it comes up, I thought I’d make a post that covers the good and the bad uses of the infinite in question. In this post I’ll go over the most common situations that a BH user will come across as well as the best ways to handle each situation based upon the teams that are being used. I’m pretty sure that I’ve covered all this stuff in passing in other posts but this will be the most descriptive post concerning this topic and the thought process that I believe should occur during certain match ups. Keep in mind that I’m assuming that BH has at least a decent AA in all cases as well as some kind of middle (support) character unless stated otherwise.

Take note that the main issue with the BH infinite is the vast amount of super meter that it gives the opponent (3 bars for your 1) followed by the fact that it in itself will not inflict 100% damage, even when followed by a super, unless you reset the infinite b4 doing it or DHC into a high damaging super. For this reason I’m only speaking of using the infinite in the cases in which you can’t just kill the opponent with a normal combo but can in fact finish them off through using the infinite. I might reiterate the importance of this in individual sections again.

The explanations with be for the following teams: MSP, Santhrax Variations, Sin Variations, Clock, Duc, MSS, Guard, SSC, Combofiend.

MSP [Mag/Storm/Psy]
If you catch Magneto you will most likely want to do the infinite to assure that he doesnt make it out alive. Mag with Psylocke is the biggest treat on this team regardless of who youre using so its crucial not to let him DHC out safely. Be aware using the infinite to kill Mag will give Storm plenty of meter to spam HSs though. This shouldnt be too much of a treat if you have BH backed by Sent. However, anyone else will be forced to play more cautiously which will result in more opportunities for her to get to you. Also, Psylocke will mostly have the meter to DHC or frame cancel into HSs once she enters the match due to your use of the infinite on Mag.

If you catch Storm you will definitely want to use the infinite on her. Killing Storm will take away the most painful DHC this team has as well as the threat of frame canceling into HS. Giving Mag meter wont really make him anymore dangerous than he is w/o meter since he can just catch you in the infinite to build whatever meter he needs to kill you. Also, Psylocke having extra meter will have little affect on the match other than allowing her to DHC into Mag should she catch you in a combo.

If you catch Psylocke youll definitely want to use the infinite to ensure the kill. If Psylocke is in, its most likely due to the fact that the other two characters are dead or hurting, so get rid of her and really cripple them. This will also allow you to pressure them more if youre using a team that can rush down. Mag and Storm are still dangerous w/o a Psylocke but itll definitely lighten the pressure youre receiving from them. Plus, with the exception of a frame cancel into HS, Mag and Storm arent anymore more dangerous with meter than they are without it.

Santhrax Variations [Storm/Sent/AntiAir]
If ever you catch Storm you should perform the infinite but make sure that she doesn’t make it out alive. If she dies, the 90+% DHC that this team has disappears, and it doesn’t matter who else you have since a Sent with meter shouldn’t be any more a threat than one w/o meter assuming he doesn’t hit you. In which case you’re going to be taking loads of damage anyway. On another note, its not likely that giving them meter will make their AA anymore dangerous. Worse case scenario is youll give an assist like Cyclops or Doom (less likely) plenty of meter to chip you.

If you catch their Sent you’ll want to be mindful of how much life he has since you’re not likely to flat out kill him unless you have loads of meter. If not, don’t do it since Sent will still live and you’ll give them plenty of meter to perform a one touch kill should their Storm get in and hit you. If you can kill him go for it since it takes away the DHC of death. This will of course allot them the meter to frame cancel into HSs but its worth it IMO. Also, Storm will have meter, but that’s manageable as long as you’re cautious of the HSs.

If you catch their AA, it’s best to just go for quick damage. Killing it with the infinite will not only give them tons of meter to retaliate with the DHC of death, but limit your actions when their Sent is in, due to the threat of a frame cancel into HS at any point in the match to punish you. It’s just not worth it even if you have a rush down character paired with BH.

Sin Variations [Sent/Cab/AA]
If you catch their Sent do not to do the infinite at all. Even if you kill him you’re just giving Cable all the meter in the world to destroy you (and your assists). It’s best to just go for quick damage rather than give their Cable any meter whatsoever. The better tactic would be to snap in their Cable if he won’t have much meter and you’re confident in how well you can play against him. Either that or snap in their AA and look to inflict as much damage as possible while waiting for them to do a reckless switch or waste meters DHCing it out.

If you do get the chance to perform the infinite on Cable by all means do so. Just make sure that he absolutely will not make it out alive! As stated in the section above, a Sent with meter shouldn’t be any more a threat than one w/o meter unless you get hit. The same can be said for the AA with the exception of the assist stated above.

If you catch their AA it’s still best not to do the infinite. A Cable w/o an AA but plenty of meter is STILL a major threat. Following the steps stated above is your best bet. If you’re playing solo BH it really doesn’t matter who you do the infinite to. The main threat to giving Cable meter is his ability to flat out kill your assists, which won’t matter much if they’re already gone. Furthermore, if you’re down to a solo BH and you’re getting hit by Cable the match is probably about to end anyway. Just remember to watch out for the opponent countering in Cable to AHVB.

Team Clockwork [Sent/Strider/Doom]
If you catch Sentinel you should treat the scenario like a match against team Sin. Don’t do the infinite to him even if you can kill him since you’re just giving Strider plenty of meter to chip and control the rest of the match once he’s in. You’re better off doing a simple combo/super to get what damage you can. The best approach would be to snap in Strider if he doesn’t have much meter and you’re confident as to how well you can play against him. If not that, you can snap in Doom in an attempt to kill him, or at least get what damage you can. Just keep in mind that Doom is a flexible character. Your opponent might do a reckless switch to get him out but theyre more likely to zone while building meter to DHC him out safely while still getting in some good chip damage.

If you catch Strider you can do the infinite (assuming you can’t just kill him with a normal combo). Just make sure that you actually kill him! This will definitely give you the advantage as you can easily pressure a Sentinel that only has a Doom assist due to BH’s j.lks, AA, and whatever else you might have at your disposal. Just beware of the crazy chip damage a Sent/Doom can do with the meters you’ll give them as well as the painful DHC Doom has to Sentinel.

If you catch Doom you should definitely do the infinite. It’s a golden opportunity just like catching Cable on team Sin only Sentinel will be even less of a threat then if he had an AA despite the added meter. Keep in mind that you’re still giving Strider plenty of meter though. This however shouldn’t be too much of a problem if your defense is anywhere near decent since pushblocking with prevent any real danger of cross ups during ouroboro activation for the most part.

Team Duc [Spiral/Cab/Sent]
If you catch Spiral there is only one thing to consider. That is how much meter theyve already managed to build with her. If its 3 or more bars youre better off just doing the infinite to get rid of her. Cable is already going to be loaded anyway so its best to get rid of at least one assist that can give you trouble in so many ways through added zoning or horrible chip when paired with AHVBs. If they only have 1 or 2 bars it is probably better to snap in Cable and attempt to kill him b4 hes too much more of a threat.

If you catch Cable you should definitely do the infinite since he is the most clear and present danger on this team. This will also take away Spirals AA making it far easier to pressure her. There is some danger to be had from doing this though. A Sentinel backed by a Spiral assist can and will do insane chip damage with repeated HSF accompanied by swords. If youre giving them meter by using the infinite youll have to be very careful not to be pinned down in this.

If you catch Sentinel its best not to do the infinite. Doing so would only give Cable the meter to control the rest of the match. Plus Spiral could still be an issue with an AA. Its better to treat this scenario like those addressed in the team Sin and team Clockwork sections. Just snap in Cable and go for the kill.

MSS [Mag/Storm/Sent]
If you catch Mag its best to just do a big damaging combo. IMO its better to leave a Mag alive and crippled than it is to give Storm all the meter she needs to kill you over and more with just one hit. The most likely result from this will be Mag DHCing out which will only works in your favor to decrease the bars that Storm needs to be a threat.

If you catch Storm youll definitely want to use the infinite to assure that she does not live. Killing storm will affectively take away any advantages this team would have in the form of frame cancels as well as cutting the dangerous DHCs from this team to none. As stated in the MSP section a Mag will be just as dangerous w/o meter as hell be with meter since he can just build up the meter to do whatever he wants should he get you in the infinite. Also, a Sentinel with meter isnt any more dangerous than one w/o meter assuming youre not getting caught in combos.

If you catch Sentinel youd best be sure that using the infinite will result in killing him. If not its best to just do the most damaging combo you have rather than give this team plenty of meter to kill you with one touch in the end. If you can affectively kill Sentinel youll at least take away the Storm/Sent DHC of death. You will however have to be careful of getting caught in frame cancels to HS when playing against Mag. Other than that, the same facts remain concerning the treat of Mag regarding the meter he has.

Team Guard [Mag/Cab/Sent]
If you catch Mag its best not to do the infinite. Youll want to just do the biggest damaging combo you can instead. Killing Mag through the use of the infinite will only make winning the match harder since Cable will come in with plenty of meter to take over. However, if you cripple Mag, your opponent will have to play more cautiously or attempt to get Mag out through the use of a risky switch or DHC.

If you catch Cable you should definitely use the infinite to finish him off. This will leave you with a match-up like that mentioned in MSS section. As stated there, a Mag/Sent with meter shouldnt be any more a threat than one w/o meter. Youll also have the added advantage of being able to apply pressure to their Sent since theyre w/o an AA.

If you catch Sentinel you should not use the infinite. IMO its better to just snap in Cable and go for the kill from there rather than to give him all the meter he needs to make a comeback. It shouldnt be too difficult to pressure him with BH anyway since hell be lacking a proper AA.

SSC [Storm/Sent/Cab]
If you catch Storm you are better off not doing the infinite unless they already have like 3 or more bars. Though its true that Storm will be a constant treat of a one hit kill once she gets a second bar, its just better not to give Cable anymore meter than he needs. The best solution would be do as much damage as you can at that point. Either that or snap Cable in and abuse the fact that he doesnt have a proper AA if he wont have much meter. The only exception I can think of where you might want to just do the infinite on storm is if youre team has Mag or Storm on it and youre sure of your rush down skills.

If you catch Sentinel youre better off treating this scenario like playing against team Sin. As always you want to avoid giving Cable any unearned meter above all else. Just do the most damaging combo you can or snap in Cable if he wont have much meter. It shouldnt be much trouble to pressure Cable since the assist hell have wont do a very good job of stopping/blocking demons.

If you catch Cable youll have to be very mindful of how much meter they already have. Although you always want to kill Cable whenever you get the chance, giving the remaining Storm/Sent combination a lot of meter is just asking to be punished. This fact is the reason why this match-up requires the most thought concerning the use of the infinite. The only case in which I would advise using the infinite on Cable in this match up is if you have Sentinel to back you up. Sent against a Storm is better than anyone else to go against a Storm/Sent combination IMHO.

Team Combofiend [Mag/IM/Sent]
If you catch Mag you should definitely use the infinite on him. Killing off Mag is worth giving IM and Sent meter since hes the biggest threat to any team you might have. IM will have absolutely no advantages due to the extra meters when hes on point. Sentinel will also be little more the threat despite the possibility of frame canceling into PC that hell have.

If you catch IM feel free to do the infinite to him. Id actually advise doing anything you can to kill him since hes the center piece to this teams one hit kill possibilities. Taking out IM would actually help decrease the danger in getting hit by Mag to a certain degree. Also, as stated many times already, Sent and Mag dont pose any more of a threat with meter than they do w/o.

If you catch Sentinel you should do the infinite to finish him off if you can. Youll be giving Mag the meter to frame cancel into PC at any point by doing so but its nothing that he cant already build up throughout the match. This fact makes using the infinite a small price to pay since you will have taken away the most dangerous portion of the DHCs on this team. As stated above IM will have no added advantages from the extra meter.

NOTE: The use of the infinite is perfectly acceptable regardless of the situations mentioned above if youre ever down to a solo BH since youll need all the help you can get.

Blackheart As An Assist

Besides being versatile on point, BH’s beta (anti air) assist is also versatile, making it quite useful. It can be used for combos, zoning and even to create cross up opportunities with different characters

Sent with a BH-B assist is down right vicious. Storms can?t run away from you. Sentinels can?t out fly you. Assist can be punished more effectively and safely. There?s some pretty mean ?traps? you can do by combining the assist with Sent?s FPs and drones. There?s even some pretty mean ground combos and flight mode cross ups you can do with it.

Launch + BH-B, sj.U, delayed sj.FP, dp RP
Launch, sj.lp, fly, ff.lp + BH-B, lp RP, circle, ff.lp, lp RP,,, dp RP

Cyclops doesn?t gain much from a BH assist for the most part. There is however a couple of cross up set ups that you can create with it and a way to combo into his air SOB for the purpose of better DHCs. It can also add a little bit to his zoning ability when used with his FPs and optic beams but that?s about it. + BH-B,, delayed sj.dFP, dj left/right,,,,, dj.FP, dj.RH + BH-B,, delayed sj.dFP, SOB

Captain Commando
The BH-B assist works perfectly to cover the portions of the screen that CapCom can?t cover himself with his helpers. This makes it easier to zone whoever you?re playing against as long as you?re careful to cover your assist properly. It?s also great for setting up combos into the Captain Sword super in a way that never misses. + BH-B,, c.RH, Captain Corridor, Captain Sword,, c.RH + BH-B, Captain Kick, Captain Sword (in corner)

The BH-B assist can greatly help with Doom?s already good zoning. Toss this assist out while jumping back with FP and then sj to photon rays is a good zoning utensil. It?s also has some uses in cross up on the ground and in the air. + BH-B,, c.FP, sj, ad.DF,, land, cross right/left, d.FP,,,, SPA,, c.FP + BH-B,, ad.UF, SPA

Magneto already has everything he needs to be affective at whatever he wants so what could a BH assist possibly do for him? The answer is, a lot! As with Storm, the BH-B assist makes it even harder to run away from him. On top of that, it can be used for unmashable tempest, and cover that makes it even harder to read where you?re going to cross up from., c.FP, BH-B, sj.FP, ad.DF, FP throw (various finishes) + BH-B, c.FP, sj.U, sj.FP, Tempest + BH-B, c.FP, sj.UF,, sj.FP, delay HG, Tempest + BH-B, c.FP, sj.U, sj.FP, fly, [ff.lp,] << repeat (on big characters), c.FP, sj.U + BH-B, sj.FP, ad.DF, sj.FP, sj.RH, c.RH, HG, Tempest, c.FP, sj.U + BH-B, sj.FP, ad.DF, sj.FP, sj.RH, c.RH, Shockwave

Cable can definitely be a zoning nightmare with the addition of a BH assist. With it he gains the ability to control the entire vertical plane on the screen along with his already present ability to cover whatever horizontal plane he?s at. Besides that, he can do some pretty cool crowd pleasing combos. + BH-B,, sj.UB, sj.FP, FP Hyper Beam, AHVB + BH-B,, c.RH, Time Flip, immediate Command Grab, AHVB + BH-B,, c.RH, s.RH, sj.B, sj.FP, AHVB (in corner)

The BH-B assist is exactly what an IM needs to zone anyone that wants to keep away from him. It?s especially good for chasing down a Storm or Sentinel. Call the assist and sj to smart bombs and pursue from there for a good start up pressure string. There?s also an easy start up into the infinite using the assist if you think your opponent is sleeping on rolling from his There?s even some good cross up set ups on the ground and in the air. + BH-B,,,,, j.uFP (infinite set up), s.RH,,, sj.uFP, ad.UF,, sj.uFP, fly, ff.lp + BH-B,, ff.uFP, cross left/right, ad.UF, ff.lp,, ff.uFP, FP Unibeam

A BH-B assist can greatly help Storms zoning and rush down ability. It can make it impossible for another Storm to run away and build meter which can give you the edge if used right. It can also put a serious damper in a cable trying to run away with (s)j.FPs. Other than that, it?s only good for extending combos and/or creating cross up opportunities.,, s.RH + BH-B, sj.U, uf LA, uf LA, LS,,, s.RH, BH-B, sj.U,,, lk Whirlwind, ad.U,,,, LA, LA, LS (in corner)

The worst thing that can happen to a Strider (next to getting hit) is to have your opponent get out of your trap. Thanks to the BH assist, you never have to worry about that again. Just call BH and jump up after them. Chances are they?ll get hit by the BH-B assist allowing you to combo from there once you get up to them. Even if they block it?ll stop them from running away affective since you?ll be back on them in no time. Last but not least, there?s some interesting cross ups that you can do under the cover of the ice pillar.,, c.FP + BH-B,, lk Rush, land, sj,,,,, lp Rush,, c.FP + BH-B,,, dj left/right,,,,,, lp Rush

Match Ups

This is a compilation of advice that different people have given concerning dealing with different match ups. Post up any match ups that you might want to be addressed.

I’ll color coordinate the posts according to who made them.

Vs. Sentinel
This must be played carefully, but it’s winnable because of the priority of Blackheart’s jabs and shorts. A good tactic in this match is to super jump and throw demons, then airdash back or forward and mash on jab. It basically keeps Sentinel from following you. And, this is important always fighting Sentinel, but I have to reiterate - stay out of the corner.

I played this match awhile today. It’s a fairly comfortable match for me, but it’s tempered by the fact that BH can’t usually do much in terms of damage to Sentinel. He has to carefully pace this match.

Anyway, here’s some advice for any of you that are wondering about this fight…

SJ.Fierce is THE BEST MOVE at any given time on grounded Sentinel. It keeps him from flying, and the fact that you are waiting to airdash means he can’t peg you for free with an unblockable low fierce on the way down. Wait it out to see what he does. If he jumps after you, airdash. Whether you do this forward or backward depends on how far out the fierce demons will cover you. You shouldn’t be too scared of frying pan, since mashing on your jab stuffs the move clean.

SJ.Roundhouse are also good moves to throw on the screen, but keep in mind that this move doesn’t actually PIN Sentinel, and you have to take that into account if he ever figures it out.

Most of the time, if you can isolate Sentinel from his assist and are in an in-close situation, best move is to call your projectile assist and jump short x2. This is hard to respond to.

Sentinel flying? If you have an anti-air, this is pretty easy to deal with actually. Call the anti-air and inferno. He has to stop flying. Don’t try this if he’s in unfly mode and a bit too close to the ground. But you could always go for a superjump jab, airdash tick grab instead though. That’s a really good move on Sentinel.

Air judgement day is fun if Sentinel gets cute and decides trying to launch you out of the air is the thing to do.

I’m really tired, so I’ll just leave it at that. More later.

Something people are going to start doing after awhile of playing this matchup is throw “random” rocket punches. ie. if they superjump and think you’re going to superjump with them and fierce in anticipation of flight, they’ll throw a rocket punch timed so you get hit by it.

To counter this, you have to wait a split second before deciding what to do. If you see that your opponent is trying to set up a “psychic” rocket punch, stay on the ground. You can Inferno xx HOD if they do a fierce rocket punch. After that, they’ll probably start throwing jab rocket punches trying to hit you out of Inferno. This is where you have to start getting tricky.

My preference is to keep Sentinel from wanting to superjump at all by mixing up jab and fierce infernos. Sentinel can’t rocket punch through infernos or he’ll get hit, so as long as you cover yourself adequately, you can throw infernos to make your opponent think twice. It works better than it looks on paper.

BH will need any of his best assists (Cammy, Cyclops, CapCom). Against Sent I’d say Cammy specifically is the best here. This match is difficult to describe but I’ll do my best. I’ll assume Sent has Capcom’s assist. This match is a loss for BH in general but BH does have options. BH’s goal here is to keep the screen filled with EVERYTHING in the world. Doing this will limit Sent’s mobility greatly. Flying Sent can maneuver around nearly everything but at least you keep control of the match and keep Sent on the run. When in the air FP demons are best against Sent, he can’t rocket punch through them, can’t FP them and is difficult do dodge and punish. FK demons shouldn’t be abandonded, but should be limited to a grounded blocking Sent or a Sent who simply super jumped away or straight up. BH can catch Sent with FK Demons if timed right in the air to start the infinite… if this happens, like Cable, just snap him out and get the annoying assist on screen. If Sent is rushing you like nuts, you NEED to stay in the air. If BH is on the ground and sent is stomping and fly/unflying and assisting, (even if you’re blocking perfectly) BH has already lost this match. When in the air FP Demons should be used but not abused. Against Sent jumping pokes beat out everything sent has (except rocket punch) but at close range no Sent Player is going to be rocket punching in the air. This match has so many varied scenarios that it’d be impossible to truly describe how to try to defeat Sent with BH. Honestly depending on the team you have it might just be better to switch BH out for a better character and use BH’s assist against Sent, which does work.

Playing against Sentinel is similar to playing against Cable, Strider/Doom, or Spiral in the sense that no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you?re going to get chipped. However once you come to terms with this, you can handle the match up fairly easily, actually getting the best of it in the end. As has been said many times, sj.FP demons are your best friend in this fight, so they are what you?ll be using for the most part. Just be smart with them so as not to get caught with quick sj.FPs or ?random? RPs. In between these you?re going to want to throw out a combination of sj.jps and sj.RHs depending on how the Sentinel user tries to pursue you. If Sent is trying to fly under everything you?re throwing you?ll want to toss some delayed sj.RH to pick him off. If he?s trying to fly over everything you?ll want to meet him with your sj.jps. If you?re playing right you shouldn?t really have to use your assist to keep him off of you. Actually it will be the Sent user that?s calling his assist. This is when you?ll want to use yours to punish his.

That brings me to what I think is the best strategy for playing against Sent. Go for his assist! You can use the meter you?re building up to try and equalize the chip damage that Sent is doing to you or get space/relief, but why not kill two birds with one stone. Wait for his assist and hit it with an AAA to inferno to HOD/JD. Hurt their assist enough and they?ll stop calling it, which is when you can move on the offensive. Sentinel with no AA is at the mercy of BH and his AA. Use your j.lks and to [,,] strings to leave him immobile while you continue to get meter (just watch out for random HSFs). Not a lot of Sentinel users will use this since a miss means they get punished though. Counter call if he?s still trying to call a bleeding assist, and if ever you catch Sent in the air with a sj.RH demon, snap that assist in to really throw their team off with some serious damage and a disrupted order.

Vs. Magneto
In this match up you?re going to want to keep as much distance as possible between the two of you for the most part. Your main weapon will be the (super) jumping FP demons. Know the angles that Mag can get to you from depending on where he is and use those demons along with your assist to block that path. You?ll also want to throw in the occasional (super) jumping RH demons to try and catch Mag making a mistake since you can go from defense to offense quite easily from there. This is the general idea but you might want to change this up depending on the assists that you both have. If ever Mag has an assist that you can beat out it might be a good idea to pressure him with j.lks and s.lks/c.lks since this can throw the Mag user off due to his lack of any real defensive abilities.

Conventional wisdom dictates that Magneto will lose this match unless he finds a way to get in. Don’t give him the opportunity! There’s not a lot I can tell you about this matchup, it’s mostly reliant on knowing your opponent, and choosing your fights depending on what assist he has.

Vs. Storm
Stay out of her roundhouse range and don’t throw a lot of demons. Instead, use drones or rocks to get in. Drones are best because they make typhoon into hail not as effective. Remember, jump back fierce is not safe in this fight because Storm’s standing roundhouse combined with wavedash could mean you die, and lots of people can do it now.

This fight is in some respects a lot like BH vs. Magneto, and in other ways a lot different. It is the same in that if Storm is rushing down, you deal with it in much the same way as you would vs. Magneto. See my thread there for details on that.

The differences are in Storm’s distance game. Typhoon xx hail storm makes you think twice about countercalling on Storm’s assists, whereas with Magneto you don’t really care. So you probably want to ignore Storm’s assists unless you know she is not in a position to counter with typhoon xx hail. Alternately, from fullscreen you could throw an inferno to trade - just be sure the inferno comes out before or at the same time as hailstorm.

If Storm is doing nonsense in superjump space, either charge meter or throw infernos to try to get her. From a certain height up, non-cancelled infernos are pretty safe (especially if she’s already lightning attacked). If she tries to do vertical typhoons, stop that retarded nonsense immediately with inferno xx HOD. If you can’t do one in time, just block - she can only do one safely (if she does another, you know what to do. Can you tell I hate this retarded bitch tactic that doesn’t even work?)

Random hail storm is something that can annoy Blackheart, since he spends a lot of time throwing demons to charge meter. However, if you watch the icon at the bottom of the screen when superjumping around, you should be able to tell when Storm begins a hailstorm and airdash to go into block when the hail comes out. Contrary to popular (read, stupid) belief, random hail storms don’t own BH.

As Dasrik said, this match up is to be followed the same way you?d follow Mag?s if Storm is trying to rush you down. That?s actually what you?d hope for. If she?s running away you?ll want to pay close attention to how she?s doing it and why. Storm followed by anything but Sent can be handled the way Dasrik said. If they just throwing FPs and stay at the top or off the screen in order to build meter and HS you, you should use your AA if you have it and/or stop that nonsense with well played infernos. If they?re hovering around normal jump or low super jump height you?ll want to watch what you do very cautiously since they can easily switch from running away you pressuring you in a second. Also the threat of HSs will always be present.

In the case that they are backed by Sent and trying to build meter using the second method explained above you?ll want to be more aggressive. Try to pin her down and not let her get meter. If she manages to get 3 meters you?ll be stuck on the cautious side since she can present a constant threat with HSs all the while toting the threat of a one hit kill via the DHC of death. I actually prefer to bring another character in so that I can stop this form of meter building with the BH-B assist rather than try to out maneuver and pressure a Storm that only needs one hit to kill you.

Vs. Cable
There’s basically no way you can rightfully come from behind in this match-up. To win this fight, you have to keep the pressure on and never let it up. Know what assists Cable has. If he has anti-airs or drones, you’ll have to superjump for entry, otherwise get in jump in range and keep on doing it. However, this is a good match to test your skills of reaction, as BH can do some things safely that often try to get shot but fail (sj. Roundhouse, airdash back).

I’m not going to mince words. Blackheart does not beat Cable. All other things being equal, BH gets pasted by him. But if you choose to play BH seriously, it is a match you will run into over and over again, and you don’t always have the option to DHC into Storm or someone who can handle the match better.

So what’s a BH player to do? I can tell you that many times I can handle this match just because my knowledge of this fight is so good, whereas my opponent’s knowledge boils down to “AHVB him when he Inferno xx HODs” and little else. But that’s not always enough. Here is what I keep in mind when I run into this fight:

Try to stay directly above Cable. This is the position you want to be in, where you are safest from his AAA and he is in a poor position to hit you. The thing about this is that Cable doesn’t have a lot of good ways to KEEP YOU from doing this once you’ve gotten above him. If you can isolate Cable from his assist, you can get an offense going.
Remember: Cable can’t change the direction of his jump. THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THIS MATCH-UP. BH has more freedom to move up and down than Cable because of this. If you can goad Cable into superjumping, you get an opportunity to get in on him. Even if he jumps, if you can maneuver your way past his line of fire, you can get in on him. Remember - you don’t want Cable directly in front of you. He can stop your movement with jump fierce xx viper beam easily and chip some decent life to boot.
Use the ground dash. I used to try to superjump past a descending Cable to get in on him whenever I successfully made him superjump, but this just gives him a chance to shoot you. It doesn’t matter if you block it or not, it’s not what you want. The best way to close distance when Cable superjumps is to ground dash. You avoid grenades, you get in. Throw an AAA or some other roadblock for Cable to fall on and get above him, or superjump up and tick grab him. You can also use the ground dash to avoid stand fierce traps (although I’d be really careful about how you use this). The ground dash is one of Blackheart’s underrated tools, it should be used.
Save your airdash when possible. When fighting Cable, the tendency is to get a lot of random superjump shorts that don’t really go anywhere. If you keep your airdash, you can get a bit more damage off those hits, plus you have an easier time evading AAAs and actually getting in on Cable. Also if your shorts are blocked, you can go for a tick grab.
Try to have an assist that lets you hurt Cable. BH/Commando is a fairly common configuration, but it has problems on Cable because you don’t get anything more than an Inferno after a connected low short. A more beneficial AAA would be Cyclops (Armageddon hurts quite a bit), or A-Sentinel/A-Magneto (low shorts into judgement day). If you score hits on a grounded Cable
Rush a Cable without a viable anti-air. Blackheart has a way easier time on a Cable carting only drones or rocks as defense. Jump in relentlessly and get him to the corner where you can safely chip and get some damage in.
Follow connected roundhouse demons with a snapback. If you catch Cable out of the air with roundhouse demons, try to get close and snap in his AAA. This isn’t easy, because BH’s snapback sucks, but it is DEFINITELY worth it.
Get Blackheart out if you have someone better. If Storm is next, just get her in. Don’t even think about trying to kill Cable with Blackheart, even if you can do it. He’s much more useful to Storm as a HEALTHY assist.

Try to chip Cable out of the corner. It’s not worth it to give Cable an opportunity to zap you. I wouldn’t even try to chip a team with Cable on it unless they didn’t have the meter it took to hurt me. Using Inferno xx JD is crap too, since the chip it does isn’t enough to warrant using unless it’ll kill Cable (and if it hits, it does less damage). Just don’t.
Bait out AHVB. Also not worth it, unless you know the timing. There are only two ways I bait out AHVB with BH - calling Sentinel on a Cable that can’t kill him, and superjump rh xx airdash back. The latter is exceptionally risky unless you know the timing, and I’ve done it often enough for it to work, but the times I fail… I kick myself.
Throw demons on unguarded Cable. The rule I generally follow with people who can throw stuff down is, DON’T DO IT unless they’re blocking something first. This is exceptionally important with BH vs. Cable. Make sure they’re blocking Cyclops assist or possibly another set of demons before throwing them.
Lose confidence. After getting hit once, it’s easy to get into panic mode. Don’t, you’ll just die quicker. Don’t get nervous because it’s BH vs. Cable. If you know your opponent likes to stand still, you already have a good chance of pulling this off, so don’t back down because of nerves. You have to do it, so make the most of it. Confidence and bravery!
Best advice against Cable is don’t line up against him. Stay above him when he’s on the ground and bait superjumps.

BH can handle Cable very well as long as you aren’t just SJing and throwing demons. This is actually my preferred match up. I really like playing against Cables with BH.

Now, for “handling” Cable. Basically do what Dasrik said. Doesn’t sound like helpful advice on it’s own, but that’s the basis for putting together a strategy against him. With this in mind, you’re to follow your opponent?s habits so that you pretty much know where they’re going to be on the screen. Once you get to this point, there is really only three scenarios that you have to consider along with where you are on the screen opposed to Cable.

  1. If they’re at SJ height they’re probably calling their assist to control the ground while they take to the air. Depending on the assist they’re calling you’ll either want to j.F over it or ground dash under it. If you’re already on them, you can just after them to keep the pressure on or wait for them to come down.

  2. If they’re at NJ height, they’re probably doing a j.FP to unibeam or throwing grenades while calling their assist. Again depending on the assist they’re using, you’ll want to handle this differently. You can either sj.RH and ad cancel to pressure them with attacks from the demons, or ground dash under everything and potential punish them and their assist.

  3. If they’re at ground height, they’re probably repeating FPs and calling assist to keep you pinned while they chip. In this case, you can try to pin them with a sj.RH and follow the demons after an ad, nj and ad to get closer and try to counter with an assist, or ground dash under the shots and beware of skimitars and aa assist. The ground dash is risky in this case, but the payoff is huge if you get in with it.

Basically instead of trying to jump your way in, which is what Cable wants and is prepared for you to do, let them do their zoning crap and dash under everything since BH has a 4th plane to work with that Cable virtually can’t cover. I’ve been preaching the use of his ground dash for years and no one seemed to consider it, but it’s so good when used right. Once they’re hesitant to take to the air due to his GD you control the air and the match. Keep in mind that you can also use InfernoxxJD to keep them honest as well when they’re overly aggressive in the air. Pressure them into the corner, and keep them there, and you’ll gain a huge advantage.

Also, another idea I advise you explore is one in which you focus on their assists. He’s going to have to call his assist a lot to get you off of him. You should be punishing them until they either die or stop getting called. With this tactic you’ll find that Cable has life but also has severely bleeding assists. All you’ll have to do is kill the cable (easier said than done, I know) or snap in one of the assist to cripple them. As is the case with any tactic against him, these tactics are most effective when Cable doesn’t have tons of meter. When he does you just have to be more careful with your choices/assists.

One last thing. Keep in mind that you ARE going to get chipped by Cable. However, as long as you except this fact, you’ll find that you can more than make up for the chip your taking with the damage you’ll deal when you get through a pattern that they think is safe. This idea is the same as when playing Sentinel, Strider/Doom, or Sprial.

Vs. Strider/Doom
Throw a lot of demons and don’t be afraid to take a few hits if it means you can get out of the trap. If you have good assists, you can make your hits mean something. Just don’t try to come down on him from above too much. (Dasrik)
This is one of those match ups that I?ve mentioned as being fairly easy as long as you can deal with taking some chip. The general rule is this? Pressure with j.FPs followed by j.lks and your assist to stop the Doom-B assist and pressure Strider in a safe manner when he doesn?t have his ouroboros activated. Run like hell when he does activate if you can. Too be honest, I don’t see a problem with wasting a bar to save strider staying in control of the match if I can get away. What I do first though is sj.RH, air dash to an immeadiate RH so that you get the float animation that keeps you in the air longer. Then, if the angle is right and you have them pinned, air JD. Not only does this avoid the chip fest but it put you on the offensive in the form of chip damage. Another tactic that works well b/c of BH?s tail is to learn when to push block so that you can just hold up and plus a decent AAA to get out of the trap and possibly punish Doom-B.

Vs. Spiral
If she superjumps to get swords, do an Inferno, it’s not like she can punish you. If she does get swords, superjump and demon spam. You want to try to kill her quickly since Spiral players usually cart Cable and no BH player wants to fight a loaded Cable for very long. (Dasrik)
Dasriks advice is pretty much as good as it gets. Pressure her while she?s on the ground with sj and nj demons accompanied by j.lks. They?ll usually try to get the space to activate by calling an AAA so watch out for that. I like to bait the assist and punish it. If it?s Cable like Dasrik mentioned, doing this will kinda defeat the purpose of their team since you can hurt him so much that they won?t want to bring him in. If that happens you win. Look for that sword activation if she takes to the air to punish with infernos. Should she get the swords out you?ll want to spam those demons to cancel out her swords and try to get in to stop her madness. Another tactic if you get caught in her trap, is to pushblock so that you can just hold up and ad + your AAA as you go over the swords, so that you can get on the offensive again.

Vs. Ironman
I don?t think this match up has been explained in any of the BH threads but I think it should be addressed since you?re sure to come across it. For the most part you?ll want to play a game of keep away as if you were playing against Magneto. However, the way you do this depends upon the assists that IM has backing him up. If it?s anything but Doom-B you?ll stick to using mostly the FP demons. However, if it is a Doom-B assist you?ll want to add in an adequate amount of sj.RH demons to stop that assist from pinning you as you land. Failing to do that will make it easier for IM to get to you and harder for you to get him off of you. Other than that this match up is pretty straight forward. With proper demon placement you should be able to cut off his path to you and even stop him from DHCing out safely.

Vs. Doom
This match up can be extremely easy or very difficult depending on how the Doom user plays and what assists they?re using. If they?re just taking to the air to spam rays while calling an assist to cover the ground it?ll be smooth sailing for you. You can just dash under everything as long as the assist they?re calling isn?t the kind that covers the ground like a Storm assist. If they?re running away or pressuring you with his j.FPs you?ll have to be a bit more patient and maneuverable. Take advantage of how short BH is when he ducks to reduce the effectiveness of Doom’s gun. Use his air dash and demons whenever you?re clear to create an opening and get in on him. Just make sure you don?t let up the pressure once you get in since he doesn’t have many ways of creating space once you’re close.

Blackheart Team Mechanics

This post will be for team mechanics of the different teams you can put together with Blackheart. I’ll focus mainly on the details for BH on point.
I’m hoping for a lot of input on this one from other people.

I’ll color coordinate the posts according to who made them.

This is the #1 zoning team with BH. Mix between Offensive and Defensive game play. Build meter and focus on assist punishing while you zone your opponent with your assists. Use Sent-y to cover the ground when you take to the air and use CC-B whenever your opponent is overhead to keep/get some comfortable breathing room. If you can combo your opponent and have two bars, use the ?Stiltman DHC? (whiffed HOD into HSF from an inferno), and it will cripple them if not kill them.

This version of team Watts allows for a more aggressive BH and Sent. Use the block stun from the Cyc-B assist to keep the pressure on the opponent and combo whenever possible. You?ll want to be more offensive with this team since the Cyc-B assist doesn?t give as much protection to BH as the CC-B. The same principles apply for using your assists to control the horizontal and vertical (not as good as with CC) planes whenever you?re trying to control the match. And as with team Watts, whenever you land a hit and you have at least two bars, you can go for the Stiltman DHC.

This team has the best defense of the BH/Cab combinations. Zone (keep away) and build meter with BH for Cable. Use your two assists to cover the different angles that your opponent can come in on you with. Use CC-B whenever they?re overhead or next to you. You can also use Cab-B whenever they?re in the air but far away or right next to you but you?ll want to use him sparingly so as not to get him hurt. The most damaging DHC BH has with this team is to cancel a JD into a HVB (don?t do against a Cable). Use the ?safe DHC? (HOD to mashed low HVB from inferno) when playing against Cables.

This BH/Cab team allows for a more aggressive BH play. Unfortunately it sacrifices vertical protection for offense though. You?ll want to be more cautious with how much you let your opponent get in with this team. The Cyc-B assist won?t give you much breathing room once they get in on you so you might have to call Cab-B more often for space than you would if you had a CC-B assist. This is actually a better team for Cable since he can punish opponents with an AHVB off of Cyc-B hits. The most damaging DHC is still the JD into HVB. And don?t forget to use the safe DHC against Cables.

This BH/Cab team allows for the most aggressive BH play. Pressure them into the corner and leave them wondering where there life went as you chip them to death with uncanny speed. However, if you?re not pressuring your opponent you?ll want to keep as much distance between you and them as possible, since your overhead is completely vulnerable. If they get in you?ll be forced to risk getting Cable hurt just to get them off of you. Once you have space it?s pretty easy to keep the distance by using super jump demons along with the Doom assist (just watch out for the assists that can stop him). This is also a good team for Cable as well since you can AHVB off of hits from Doom-B. The most damaging DHC remains to be JD into HVB and the never forget to use the safe DHC against Cables.

This BH/Storm team focuses on zoning and building meter. Not the most damaging team but definitely versatile. Since Storm isn?t really meter dependant, you can use the meter you build up to punish assists, and also to have the constant threat of a frame cancel into HS. I?d use Storm-B to have quicker control of the horizontal plane while also allowing for more combo opportunities with Blackheart on point. You?ll obviously use CC-B to control the vertical. The most damaging DHC for BH with this team is the ARM into HS. However, since that?s limited to the corner for the most part, you?ll probably end up using JD into HS more often.

This team is the more offensive version of the BH/Storm teams. Due to the lack of damage this team can cause from combos alone you?ll probably want to use the infinite whenever possible. Be more aggressive with BH on point and go for combos and cross ups as much as you can while still being safe. You can play keep away with this team but it?s going to be almost completely dependant upon your ability to use demons since Cyc-B won?t be able to get you very much breathing room once they?re on you. I?d use Storm-a with this team to control the ground while you control the normal and super jump planes with FP demons. As stated above, your most damaging DHC for BH is the ARM into HS, but you?re more likely to be doing the infinite to JD to HS with this team.

Here is a team where you?re going to play a game of keep away for the most part. Use the drones along with normal and super jump demons to maintain good spacing while building up plenty of meter. Once you have meter you?ll have the constant threat of countering in Cable to AHVB as well as assist punishing capabilities through canceling inferno into JD into HSF. Try to use the Cab-B assist as little as possible, since he?s sure to be on point at some time during the match, and you want him to come in with as much health as possible. No matter who?s following BH you?re sure to have a damaging DHC whether it?s the Stiltman DHC or a JD into HVB (Safe DHC against Cables of course).

This team?s focus is assist punishment and meter building until you have two or three bars. The best way to zone with this team is to use your jumping FP/RH demons exclusively, reserving the IM-B assist for when you want to cut off an opening from above, and the Sent-a assist for when you can safely punish your opponents assists. For the most part, you?ll be using your assists to help you keep your opponent off of you, but the Sent-a assist also helps with BH?s ?rush down? game play should you decide to use it. This team is dangerous because of it?s ability to kill with just one decent hit. RH demons connecting in the air should equal death via a switch to IM into infinite or the infinite into JD into PC (into HSF if necessary). This team?s most damaging DHC is JD into PC into HSF although the Stiltman DHC is also possible in a match at times.

This is by far the most versatile team you can put together with Sentinel on it. Depending on who you have in, you can easily go from run away to rush down. For the sake of this thread I?ll only address the BH aspect of this team though. With BH on point you?ll definitely want to play a game of keep away. IMO there?s two assist set ups that work best for this team. One is to have Storm?s beta (expansion) assist along with Sentinel?s gamma (ground) assist. This will give you a solid way to control the ground via the drones while you take to the air to build meter as well as quick horizontal cover that somewhat works like an anti air via the Storm assist. The second assist set up is to have Storm?s alpha (projectile assist) along with Sentinel?s alpha (projectile) assist. This will give you a solid way to control the ground via the typhoon and a way to punish assist and combo your opponent via the Sentinel assist. The general idea with either team is to build meter while running away. Once you have a few supers you can go for the painful DHCs that this team has while presenting a constant threat of frame canceling to HS. All this sounds good but keep in mind that you have no real way of getting your opponent off of you due to your assists. The most damaging combo this team has for BH is the infinite into JD into HS or the Stiltman DHC.

This team is all about building meter while pestering the opponent with the doom assist. Depending on the team your opponent has you can either pressure them with with a combination of BH?s pokes and the Doom assist or you can run away with normal and super jump FP demons while calling your assist to cover the ground. Either way you?ll want to build as much meter as possible for Strider before DHCing him in. Once Strider is on point, trap as usual, using BH-B to keep your opponent from running away. The most useful DHC for BH will be the JD into Ouroboros. If you can time it with the Doom assist you can DHC HOD into Ouroboros right b4 the rocks hit.

This team is similar to the BH/Storm teams in the sense that it?s versatile. It can go from run away to rush down with a simple switch. When BH is on point you?ll want to play keep away for the most part while you build meter. You can also play aggressively with the Cyclops assists as explained with the other teams. Another good tactic is to switch in Mag from the RH demons and go from there. The most damaging DHC for BH is the inferno into ARM into SW. The more likely DHC however will be to JD into SW at point blank range.

Blackheart puts the pressure on, allowing the opponent to defeat themselves. This team has the adept ability to effortlessly beat actual Team Scrubs that are played by… well, scrubs. Since they have no offense, they get locked down by the trap and can’t build any meter for Cable, and Cable with only Commando to defend from a frontal attack is Molecular Shield food. Rushing down is difficult because there’s so much crap on the screen and the conventional wisdom (get above Doom and play) doesn’t work here because of Blackheart. This is a Blackheart team. When BH is in, he utilizes all of his strengths as a point player as well as the ground coverage of Doom and the anti-air threat of Commando. Before I dubbed it my Team Scrub, I used to call it Team Teamwork for that reason.

This team has the power to embarrass your opponents with its?nothing? Actually, this team is a true test to how well you play BH since he?s about all you’ll have. Play aggressively or run away. Either way you?re going to have to play really well if you want to win. The most damaging DHC BH can do would probably be ARM to KR. It?s highly unlikely that you ever catch them with it though so we?ll say it?s JD to KR. If you?re in the corner you can inferno into HOD into SGK into repeated KRs if you have the meter. Good luck!

Unique/Advanced BH Info/Tactics

BH?s Ground Dash
Used with caution and expertise BH’s ground dash has a number of good uses like setting up cross ups or getting out of the corner in a usually difficult situation.

Against Sentinel
Goes under HSFs if done right.

Against Magneto
Use with good ground assist to avoid him easily.

Against Cable
Goes under s.FPs and beams (if they aren?t mashed low).
Goes under AHVBs.

Against Storm
You can actually go under Hail Storms if you?re close enough to her side of the screen.

Inferno and Dark Thunder Properties
The two special moves that Blackheart has…

JP Dark Thunder runs along the gound, stopping anything that would come out on it. Sounds good but it should almost never be used due to the lag b4 and after the move.

FP Dark Thunder runs at a 45…ish degree angle up-forward from Blackheart and then straight across the top of the screen, again stopping anything in it’s path. Has about the same issues as the JP version concerning it’s lag. However, it actually has a use for stopping flying Sentinels when paired with a solid ground assist.

JP Inferno covers the entire vertical plane directly in front of BH. When paired with a good ground assist, this move is extremely good at stopping people from getting in. It can stop assists too if they land just in front of it and move into it. It also lingers for a long time which can often catch people by surprise when they try to get through it. There’s even a double hit property at normal jump height which stops people from blocking it when first called and trying to immediately go through it after that. This makes it the ideal inferno to use with HOD in the corner, so that they can’t get out. You can ALMOST spam it brainlessly iwith a good ground assist and it’ll be safe. Just make sure that they’re not already dashing over where the pillar will be and you’ll be fine.

FP Inferno covers the entire vertical plane just like the JP version but it tracks where the opponent is and hits there on the screen. Good for hitting runaway characters but you have to be careful of the lag. Because of this it’s a good idea not to use it unless your opponent is close to the top of the screen (SJ height). You also don’t want to use it without a good ground assist if your opponent is on the ground. Be careful of using this version if the character has an AD that’s fast enough to have the pillar track behind them. In those cases you can call an assist like CapCom and it’ll cover just about everything in front of you.

DHC to and from BH
The best ways to get him in/out safely and with the best damage. I’m only going to address the most common characters/assists.

Items in ** explain horizontal and vertical conditions
Items in () explain special notes on DHC

From BH to:
Sentinel - JD to Plasma Storm best at point black range
Sentinel - JD to HSF (whiff JD if from inferno) best in corner
Sentinel - HOD to HSF (whiff HOD if from inferno)
Sentinel - ARM to HSF (whiff ARM if from inferno) best at full screen
Cable - JD to HVB best at quarter screen or farther away
Cable - HOD to HVB (mash so that HVB is as low as possible)
Storm - ARM to Hail Storm works best at SJ height
Storm - JD to Hail Storm
Storm - AJD to Hail Storm
Magneto - ARM to Shockwave works best at NJ height
Magneto - JD to Shockwave
Ironman - JD to Proton Cannon
Strider - JD to Ragnarok point blank range only
Strider - JD to Ouroboros (does not combo, only sets up trap)
Doom - JD to Photon Array point black range for best results
Doom - AJD to Photon Array (allows for follow-ups if character at SJ height)
Cyclops - JD to Super Optic Blast best at point black range
Cyclops - ARM to Super Optic Blast best at NJ height
CapCom - JD to Captain Sword best damage when further away
CapCom - JD to Hyper Captain Storm works best at half screen and beyond

To BH from:
Sentinel - HSF to HOD
Sentinel - Plasma Storm to JD
Sentinel - Plasma Storm to HOD
Sentinel - Plasma Storm to ARM works best in corner
Sentinel - Hard Drive to ARM works best at SJ height
Sentinel - Hard Drive to HOD works best at NJ height
Cable - AHVB to HOD works best at NJ height
Storm - Lightning Storm to ARM works best at SJ height
Storm - Lightning Storm to HOD (better in corner for follow-ups)
Magneto - Tempest to JD ground level only
Magneto - Tempest to ARM works best at SJ height
Magneto - Tempest to HOD
Ironman - Proton Cannon to HOD full screen or corner only
Strider - Legion to HOD
Strider - Ragnarok to ARM (cancel as four set hits for maximum damage)
Strider - Ragnarok to HOD (cancel as four set hits for maximum damage)
Doom - Air Photon Array to ARM
Doom - Air Photon Array to HOD (better in corner for follow-ups)
Cyclops - Super Optic Blast to HOD
Cyclops - Mega Optic Blast to HOD (character has to be on the ground)
Cyclops - Mega Optic Blast to ARM (works best if MOB follow Gene Splice)
CapCom - Captain Sword to HOD (cancel just b4 sword is horizontal)
CapCom - Hyper Captain Storm to ARM (cancel as final hit is coming out)

Super Frame Cancels
Can most easily be done from into ARM/HOD as the starting super?

CapCom ? Cancel to Hyper Captain Storm
Cyclops ? Cancel to Super Optic Blast
Ironman ? Cancel to Proton Cannon
Storm ? Cancel to Hail Storm
Cammy ? Cancel to Killer Bee Assualt
Sentinel ? Cancel to Plasma Storm
Sentinel - Cancel to Hyper Sentinel Force (use Judgement Day to increase chance of connecting from mid screen on)

The ?Did you know?? Section!
Post up things you?ve discovered that might not seem practical but can be useful in select situations with details on how it works. So did you know…

-You can escape from AHVB if you?re close enough to Cable in the corner when he starts them?
If ever a Cable calls an assist to hit you and AHVBs your assist while he?s in the corner. You can pushblock their assist and ground dash in between AHVBs if you?re close enough.

-You can punish a Hail storm attempt in/near the corner?
For Storms that like to repeat HSs or attempt to dash in and typhoon into HS, you can actually make them pay with a hail of demons. Learn to sj.RH to a quick air dash forward on reflex to their tactic. Done right your RH demons will interrupt her super and you?ll be able to block the first part of the HS. From here you can pushblock those shards of the HS that do come out and immediately throw RH demons while holding forward. This will actually keep Storm bouncing from the first RH you threw and you can continue from there.

-You can punish a whiffed HSF in the corner with just one bar for 100% life?
If ever a Sentinel tries to HSF you but misses, you can AJD them as their super is hitting no one, and follow that with RH demons. Done right, the RH demons will connect from the AJD, and you can follow up from there. If you know how to do the s.RH infinite you can go into that and finish it with a HOD. Follow that with a s.RH to,, s.RH should just about kill him if not. This method also works if they think DHCing to HSF is safe.

-You can connect HODs into itself?
If ever you?re down to a solo BH, you can repeat HODs on your opponent by using the assist buttons, as long as you have the meter. It?s actually possible to repeat HODs even when you?re not stuck with a solo BH. Just make sure that your other characters have supers that finish before the blast of the HOD.

-There?s an easy way to create space between Mag/Storm/Sent/etc when they manage to get through your demons and attack you at super jump height?
There are times when your opponent will be able to get past your demons and attack you while you?re at super jump height. Reflex might be to try to dash and get out demons to block them at the last minute or meet them with your pokes but that?s not always your best bet. A sure fire way to get someone like Mag or Storm off of you once they get in is to block their attack (watch for the throw), and as you start to fall away from blocking their attack, throw the FP demons. The demons will fill in the gap that forms between the two of you allowing you to do many things to get more space.

-That Blackheart isn’t only good for switching in other characters to do damage?
You can also do big damage after switching him in (whether it be a blind switch or off a combo). This is a good idea when the damage you’re doing has been scaled down or you’ve ran out of meter. Just follow up with any of the mid-screen guard breaks or the combos that lead to the infinite (stated in the above sections) from the switch.

-That BH?s s.RH has a hit box that spans behind his head?
Might not sound like much but this CAN be used for something. There might be a time in a match where you?re being rushed down and this will hit someone as they?re going overhead. A more practical use would be to use this property for cross ups. You can throw the s.RH as a character is coming onto the screen and it?ll cross up. From that hit you can combo some assist or even snap in a new character.

-That the s.RH infinite is not limited to when Sentinel is in the corner?
If ever you catch a Sentinel with j.lks, and you have Sent?s ground (drone) assist, you can actually extend the combo to get them closer to the corner if not in it. Just do the j.lks into a s.RH + Sent-y and super jump cancel the s.RH into an instant air dash so that the demons still come out. From here you can do an into to combo the demons into the drones. This allows you to jump in again and do j.lks into another s.RH into various things depending on where you are on the screen. If you start this combo from just inside the middle of a stage they?ll be in the corner by the end of it.

-That the Blackheart tutorial is out?
I guess I’ll post the links here too…
Part 1-1 [media=youtube]tMyv1OwLVvA&feature=channel_page[/media]
Part 1-2 [media=youtube]GoHwvM-DWEg&feature=channel_page[/media]
Part 2-1 [media=youtube]39UsrWg9sBw&feature=channel_page[/media]
Part 2-2 [media=youtube]b_KaKK3MYMk&feature=channel_page[/media]

There’s also additional information on Magnetro’s site that has some stuff from here as well as explanations on parts that I didn’t go into detail on in this thread…

This is the most beautiful thread I have ever seen in my life…

didn’t even read all of it yet, but feelin the presentation. gd jb guys

Updated the unique/advanced tactics with inferno and dark thunder applications.
Also updating it with the best DHCs to and from Blackheart
it’ll be up soon

I am going to copy and paste all this to notepad, make a bowl of Corn Flakes and go to town. It’s like Saturday morning cartoons all over again…

You didn’t explain Doom/Blackheart/Commando, so I thought I’d do a quick rundown.

Doom/BH/CapCom is my personal Team Scrub. I play it to get a feel for opponents and if they can’t handle it, it wins with absolutely no effort. The strategy is simple. I always start Doom with no exception that I can think of at the moment, and I do the Doom/Blackheart trap, allowing for variations depending on the opponent. When I get two meters, I do APA into HOD (or APA combo into Armageddon) and then Blackheart puts the pressure on, allowing the opponent to defeat themselves.

This team has the adept ability to effortlessly beat actual Team Scrubs that are played by… well, scrubs. Since they have no offense, they get locked down by the trap and can’t build any meter for Cable, and Cable with only Commando to defend from a frontal attack is Molecular Shield food. Rushing down is difficult because there’s so much crap on the screen and the conventional wisdom (get above Doom and play) doesn’t work here because of Blackheart assist.

Don’t be fooled by Doom coming first. This is a Blackheart team. When BH is in, he utilizes all of his strengths as a point player as well as the ground coverage of Doom and the anti-air threat of Commando. Before I dubbed it my Team Scrub, I used to call it Team Teamwork for that reason.

Sorry Das, I thought about putting it up b4 but opted no to since I was trying to keep teams shown to the ones containing at least one of the top 5 characters. I just now realized that I put up BH/Dan as a joke so the original thought is irrelevant.

Also, I’m trying to limit the team synopsis to the part that BH plays in it. That said, I’m going to post what you put concerning BH on point and add in a bit of my own changes to it. Let me know if you disagree with how I do it.

OMG!! Jab Inferno + drones is TOO FUCKING GOOD!! Magnus has almost no way of getting in! USE IT PEOPLE!!!

yes sir, I’m showing just how retarded the duration of the pillar is in the BH vid. I laugh everytime I see the clip… so will you =P

eesh! I just realized I didn’t throw in the other details on it’s use.

I used to use that a lot. I guess I overdid it because people figured out a way around it. If Magneto knows it’s coming, by superjumping straight up, waiting a bit, then coming down with a triangle jump, you just lost Sentinel.

omgosh… that had to have set a record for posts by a single person! damn! Well, I can personally attest to the fact that BHK has credibility when giving advice for BH. Even my “ultimate” MSP team has a “little” difficulty getting to his BH or even to his Sentinel backed by a BH assist.

Hahaha. A “little” :sweat:

I beg to differ on that judgment call directs you to the Doom forum. xD

Just around to ask about the release for the vid BHK. There’s also another BH-related matter I wanted to discuss (only one other user on this forum knows of what I speak of besides myself and it’s creator). You may know of it but it’s something that should be noted on the vid.