The ALL reggae inspired music thread

I have listened to reggae since I could remember, actually grew up on it.

here are a few I highly recommend

steel pulse
black uruhu
damien marley
slightly stoopid
bounty killer

ragga is the sht!

Whhhaaaat? nAAANNNIII?:annoy:

elephant man,
anthony hamilton,
vybez kartel,
gregory issacs,
jimmy cliff,
peter tosh,
beres hammond,
beenie man…?

Trojan Roots Box Set = pure ownage. So many artists, a good intro to lots of cool music.

:pray:Scientist (personal fav) Go buy “Scientist Rids the Earth of the Evil Curse of the Vampires” right now…1000% pure sickness. Dub champion! :smokin:

King Tubby

Lee Scratch Perry

The Upsetters


Don’t know if sublime can be really considered reggae. More like rock/punk with reggae influence.


is a good one too

Ritchie Spice
Jah Cure
Bascom X
Anthony B

…just a few

for all the pink floyd fans, go DL : DUB SIDE OF THE MOON

fuck rastafarianism, long live reggae.

Ragga Jungleeeeeeee

Sublime is Reggae :confused:

One time I was recommended this guy named Buju Banton (sp?) and it sucked.

Which of these artists are more similar to Matisyahu and Damien Marley?

Not always reggae but:

Desmond Dekker was the man. First big Jamaican singer, turned Leslie Kong on to Bob Marley and the Wailers. Sang backup for Derrick Morgan and did the definitive version of Jimmy Cliff’s “You Can Get it if you Really Want.”

The best songs imo from him are: “Israelites”, “Beautiful and Dangerous”, “Sabotage”, “Live and Learn” (it’s kind of a mash up), “Life Hope and Faith”, “When I’m Cold”, “Carry go Bring Come” (Cover featuring The Specials), “What Wil you Gain”

This guy was a pioneer of ska (ska used to be incredibly close to reggae for the uninitiated), a fantastic singer, and he wrote all of his own songs besides the 1993 cover album w/ The Specials and “You Can Get It.” His style runs the gamut of political to love songs, from exciting to chill out.

Bob may have all the fame, but Desmond Dekker came FIRST.

As for recent reggae/dancehall:

I really like Andrew Tosh, he sounds just like his dad. Buju Banton is hit and miss, Burning Spear is OK sometimes but can get repetitive, Sublime isn’t reggae it’s just California whiteboy garbage imo, Shabba Ranks is still around (Mr Ugly Man), and there are some other greats besides the Marley kids. I’m not so much into newer Jamaican music as I am the old stuff and old ska (1960’s-1970s) so I really couldn’t tell much.

However, if you like Dekker I can post up some similar names from the “Beverly’s” label and what not.

Matisyahu and Damien/Junior Gong Marley are all dope.

I’m Jamaican and I must admit, that new Collie Budz joint actually sounds pretty good.

What this man said.

Check out:

Boj Lucky
Benny Page

Some sick ass DJ’s

yo, i got to see easy star all stars play at the recent austin reggae fest
I have some video and will psot it up later tho.

Stephen and Damien marley will be at Antones in Austin, TX on may 3rd.

Vouch versus, Lee Scratch Perry and the Upsetters are GOD TIER reggae, as well as the other roots reggae you mentioned.

I recently bought a reggae mixtape at some Rasta shop near me and the modern shit is so different. It’s really fast paced and aggressive and American gangsta rap influenced.

And yes Sublime is reggae, well sort of. It’s cross over reggae / punk rock / craziness.

I just came into this thread to say that Barrington Levy is the shit.



sublime is ska, not reggae.

collie budz is one of the best new reggae artists ive heard.