The ALL reggae inspired music thread

buju, bounty, beanie , mr vegas , yea thats some good stuff

Bad boys, bad boys, what ya gunna do?

Peter Tosh - reccomend…**Depressor Man **and 400 years

Bunny Wailer - reccomend… **Dreamland **and Blackheart Man

Buju Banton…has alot R&B type stuff…still good.

Shabba Ranks- old schoolish solid dancehall.

Bounty killer - too many good songs to list.

Capleton - album called Prophecy…get it.


Beenie Man

Sister Nancy

Glad I’m not the only one that agrees.


Barrington levi…




I grew up on Dennis Brown. MY dad plays his joint all the time.



can someone recommend me about 5-10 dancehall artists worth listening too

“Welcome to Jamrock”

is damien marley considered reggae? dancehall? his stuff seems very american hip hop influenced.

listen to this man:tup:

a few more that haven’t been said yet BUT ARE MUST LISTENS:

burning spear
SEAN PAUL (AFTER he went solo he was 2371209 times better then when he was with sean paul) “MY NAME IS COCAINE”:rock:
topcat<------- quite possibly the greatest reggae artist of all time
mad cobra
minds eye

All the major well known dancehall/roots guys have been said already alotta good suggestions in this thread but what happened to the old reggae thread?


john Holt

delroy wilson

All i can say to benny page is HAHAHA!! It’s all personal taste and benny pages music taste like donkey meat, fair dues to the man for trying to keep ragga jungle alive but you’re never gonna be able to relive the golden era of 94

Oh yeah dont forget marcia griffithis the queen of reggae (yeah i know i spelt her name wrong)

My kind of thread!

I’m a relative newbie as well (sublime and marley is the extent of my knowledge) but I really dig the live performances and the energy. Anyone got 3-5 downloads for me to check out? voiea upload site would be nice :lovin:

“King Tubby’s Hidden Treasure” :tup:

I recently went to the Stephen and Damien show here, and “K’naan” opened the show. if you like African root etheopian music, check it out. highly recommended.


is all i gots too say…


No Ninja Man? Hawkeye? SANCHEZ?!?!?!?!

as a vet, I recommend the early Sizzla, (Black woman and Child, Waterhouse redemption, DA real thing), Luciano, Burning Spear, and few others that currently escaped my mind right now. you have already made a good choice with Steel Pulse, i see. They were the first group i’ve listened to when i was alot younger.
Why i dont recomment what Sizzla is doing nowdays, however, is the constant contradictions he has made in his music. no one can deny that shit.

fuck what you heard though, the best Danchall era was the early 90s. I suggest getting Max Glazer’s Dancehall reggea hits for a little snipit of what the 90’s danchall scene was all about.
I’m talking SuperCat, Cutty Ranks, Shabba, Beanie Man, ect. 90’s imo, were the golden years for dancehall since its humble start during the 80s movement.

hit me up if you want some real shit.

Bunny Wailer
Jacob Miller
Prince Jazzbo
Horace Martin
Junior Byles
Brother Ayouba
Rita Marley
Frankie Paul
Unidade Punho
Albert Griffith & the Gladiators

keep it real, life is good


easy star all stars
eek a mouse
king tubby dub

ras tafari , much love marley, forever RIP

augustus pablo

lol ya, reggae is cool and i appreciate that in many ways the influence of rastafari is inseparable from the music, and many rastafarians are/were good people, but seriously it’s one of the fucking stupidest religions ever