The ALL reggae inspired music thread

remember Patra? "I’m on a romantic call"
anyone like LadySaw?? she is awesome

Yeah, ska is the genre name I was looking for.

Matisyahu, Burning Spear, Bob and Damien, Black Uhuru’s, Peter Tosh, and Irie Band (see signature).

Believe it or not, Sinead O’Conner released a pretty awesome reggae album a few years back. It doesn’t have her crazy angst, either. Check it out, she does some awesome covers like ‘Marcus Garvy’, ‘Downpresser Man’, and ‘War’.

can anyone share some good dancehall mixes with me?


Like seriously. I need that hype shit to listen too. on this little trip im going on tomorrow.


currently jammin…


elephant man is always awesome lol

busy signal-unknown number

shit is just a chill song

Buju Banton’s Til Shiloh is a great album for its’ time. *Champion Remix *cannot be contested. Also, Chaka Demis and Pilars, Elephant Man(to some extent), Shaggy(mostly his older stuff), and Tanya Stevens if you like to hear a woman PMSing. I’ve listed mostly the Dancehall hits.

yo I need some sites with some good ass up to date dancehall mixes.

I’ve been into the gladiators for quite a while…I only have a compilation of their music, but it’s actually a pretty good mix of what I consider most of their best tracks: Soul Rebel, Eli Eli, Write To Me, Struggle

mavado, buju (buju sucking? blasphemous), capleton, lexxus (going by mr. lex, now…eh)…vegas.

busy signal is dope too. i’m not around my ipod right now but i’ll be back in this thread later.

Max Romeo and the Upsetters

is damien even reggae anymore…he seems some kinda reggae/hip-hop hybrid now

edit: haha wtf? i totally forgot i posted in this thread…and basically thee same damn comment.

Man…so many peeps to check out int this topic.

To add to what others have mentioned:

Third World
Mighty Diamonds
Super Cat
Cutty Ranks
Bounty Killer

Don’t like a lot of Reggae, but I do love to listen to Buju Banton.

lucky dube
black harmony
jimmy cliff

all i can think of right now

im surprised how many peeps here enjoy reggae and the like

Gregory Isaacs!!! -“Night Nurse” is a forever classic

Oh man, am I glad that people have backed up Buju Banton! Pablo_Mex, ya got to give him another try. It’s worth it.

Matisyahu- man is too good. First time I heard of a Jewish reggae artist, i was :wtf:, but he quickly turned off my reservations. Amazingly good!

Damien Marley- is still definitely reggae. More mellow than what you get most of the time now. Listen to Halfway Tree if you want to listen to him when he was really “reggae”

A couple others:

Marlon Asher
Busy Signal
Black Uhuru
Mr Vegas
Maxi Priest
and a ton of Sly and Robbie’s stuff