The "All things KOF" Thread

Just like it says, lets get this discussion started.

Marvel is the same moves spammed over and over. Fuck that shit.

I personally think Iori is the best because he can roll backwards AND foward. How goddamn broken is that. Plus the graphics are sick. I enjoy playing this game a lot. I wish it was at evo because I think its potential to become popular is through the roof. Most of the characters are viable, unlike that game marvel(why do people still play that). Anyways, you know what it is KOF ALL DAY. I think the tiering goes:
guy with the eagle head
agent Q
master chen

well thats my top 7 what do you guys think?

Uh…what? There are 13 different version of KOF and Iori is not top-tier. That list looks like a fan-list from the looks of it. (Tizoc is shit.) While I love SNK, some characters are still MORE viable than others. That goes for any game. Also, please see:

altergenesis -

you obviously haven’t been keeping up with the drama that is FGD… this is Potter’s revenge.

I don’t want to pay attention to the drama of FGD. It kills my brain cells.

Don’t pay attention to these crack heads. They’re being whining little babies cause their MARH VEHLL threads got closed or DESTROYED by a mod or random crap.

So if they can’t get no fix on their crack then they start to become whiney.

oh, so i can just post my kof discussion in that thread? Thanks! Will do, I have a bunch of questions/topics that I feel have never been touched in the kof scene. God Bless you.

Let me offer you a suggestion children- How bout you make a Marvel Thread version 2 and say “Keep trolling and other non related topics out of this thread. All who violate will be subject to swift action by the mods.”

That will solve this issue.

Not you being childish, it is only making you look bad…

Piensa en lo que diga yo!

Altergenesis- He is being childish. I think he knows about the SNK thread he chooses to try and be childish about things because his thread got derailed. My thread has gotten derailed but I got tough…I used the mods…you can do that too…

Okay. So, this about some gay shit about Marvel? Good, I like being ignorant. Thanks for the heads up.

Marvel heads acting immature? Who saw that coming?

reboust stop your whining,just because your gay little freind thread was usless from the start,doesnt make things right with you crying.youwant some tissue?did you think your little buddy thread was going to accomplish anything by getting people into marvel,lol get the FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT SHIT.

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why feed the fire

how are you not banned? You’re going to rape me? lol. Good job to all the mods out there! Keeping evo safe and peaceful since 2000!

Anyways, I can’t delete this thread, so whatever.

Announcement: “other” communities please don’t invade and conquer the new marvel thread. Especially those who posted in the last thread. I don’t need to mention names, don’t care who started it, take it to pms.

I think Saotome is buzy with the army at the moment, hence the lack of actual moderation.

Jae is jae.



When I play my KoF, I turn the sharpness on my television almost all the way down. It doesn’t work as well on my HD set. I almost made a topic about it once.

…Iori rules. I want my MVS games to come in the mail now.

After playing some ROMs of King of Fighters and SVC I don’t agree with the AI being very smart with the end bosses. It’s just that they have overly cheesy moves. Shit get fucking ridiculous at times ./.

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For reals

Internet War!!!