The alternate costume I'd love to have



Started the “Brawl” contest and finally got around to finishing it off. Made a Vega costume inspired by Depp in Blow, the glasses would function as the mask. Let me know what you lads think.


it’s a good pic… dont get me wrong. your artistry is good. but i’m not diggin the alt.


Me either not in the least bit. The best thing I think they could do for Vega is give him his bull fighting alt that’s it, none of this other garbage they have been feeding us. His first alt wasn’t bad though, actually all characters first alts were straight.


this would work out better if Vega was in MvC3


It definitely fits better in MvC3. As far as SF4 goes, Vega struck me as a guy who’d be too stylish and vain to rock alts 2 and 3; alt 1 is something he’d wear on vacation. Maybe we’ll get the matador alt for SFxTekken


LOL I actually had a dream last night about Vega being in MvC3… and i was almost tempted enough to buy the game finally… in the end i still decided against it.


The art is good, but for the character I don’t think it works with Vega. He’s a spanish wealthy psychopathic ninja bullfighter, and all of those things you can sort of see with his different alts (which the first and third ones I don’t really like).

I personally think this would make a good alt


I’m leaning more toward these personally for my taste



I dig that design, simple and flashy all at the same time.


I can’t see Capcom ever giving us a cool ninja suit for the Claw. As long as they have something that exposed the hair, then it’d be bad ass.


same… I dig the design but not the color scheme.

although I personally wouldnt mind Geki’s outfit


That is sooo bad-ass.


I dislike that every alternate removes his original mask. I’ve bought all of his alts but I still use his original costume way more than any of them.


Personally, I want a Tuxedo Mask alt for him.


February 2012 is back.