The Amazing Spiderman Thread

Well here it is guys. Sorry I took so long. Here is where we will discuss anything about spiderman. (Combos/Teams/Strats/Glitches)

Well I’ll start you all off with something basic.

Taunts :clap:

Back + Start = HEY!
Down + Start = Do Your Job!
Forward + Start = C’Mon. Pal!

More to come. :karate:


Give me everything. Like, what’s this air combo that returned and had everyone happy during MvC2’s release?

Spill your guts Mr-Phelps.

I don’t know about that, but I’m assuming its the old school air combo.

s.lp,s.lp,sj.Magic,sj.web ball(lp),,,sj.Webswing,Maximum Spider.

or heres another way

launch,webdash under,,,sj.Webswing,Maximum Spider

my fave combo will forever be…,,, sj, magic, webball, lk, lk, hp throw, land, sj, webdash forward, xx hk, land, repeat… for those who can’t block, it’s like, wtf O_O!!!

low tier maddnesss!!!

since when does Max Spider combo after webswing?? :xeye:

Well its an otg. Basically when you hit the Webswing you’ll be close enough to the ground to cancel into a MS(otg). :pleased: The jab, jab launcher is probably the best way to go for this type of combo. :tup: Hmm… since being an otg combo I would use it as rarely as possible.

how could you cancel the web dash faster?

Well when I try to reset with the the WebDash(AD), I usually jump UB. It keeps you closer to your opponent when you reset them with the giving you enough time to DASH under and reset them again.

mr. phelps uses this one:

launch, call doom, magic series into web swing xxx maximum spider.

works like a charm and it’s hella flashy, cuz everyone expects it to miss.

I didn’t know the webswing opened up the enemy for a maximum spider, I gotta try that…and I owned Spidey in MVC1!-lol-

Spiderman is the shit. Spiderman/Jin(AA)/Doom(AA).

With Jin:>>s.Hk+Assist>Maximum Spider for fat damage if it hits/Spider hadouken if blocked to be pretty safe.

s.lp>s.lp(launch)+Assist>sj.lp(quick as fuck)>Maximum Spider. Very painful and looks dope.

With Doom.

Launch+Assist>Magic>Web swing>Maximum Spider. (Thanks Jin/Phelps)

Launch+Assist>Magic>sj.Hp>>>Web Swing>MS(only got it to go once OTG so meh) sj.Hp knocks them into dooms shit and back up for another walloping. Sometimes I just do another sj.Hp after the first. Looks cool.

Now I just gotta find how Jin goes with Spidey and Doom and I got a team. Doom of course can hold his own.

Keep Spidey-strats comin…

EDIT: Can’t win with Jin/Sp/D so I’m goin S/SP/D. Too fun.

Also:Launch+Doom Assist>sj.HP>(hits rocks)sj.HP>(rocks again)land, sj-magic>Web Swing.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, so lets get down to business. :karate:

This post is about Spidermans bread and butter super The Maximum Spider. Over the years I’ve noticed quite a few things about this super and believe theres more to it than meets the eye.

Ok as most of you probably know the Maximum Spider can be comboed into and after(depending on situation). And most of you probably know sometimes the Super will not finish completely. Say perhaps your in the middle of the MS, your on your fourth hit, and then suddenly for no reason at all spiderman misses the final hit. Spiderman starts falling to the ground, your opponent has recovered, and you start thinking “GGPO spiderman”…right?

WRONG! if you ever find youself in this situation just remember you can still Web-dash out of the way and Call your assist out. BUT you have to at least hit your opponent’s lead character or assist, if not, then it will not work.

Unblockable Maximum Spider?
Another thing I’ve noticed is that you can MS your opponents assist and catch their point character in the MS even if they’re blocking. But then again sometimes you’ll stop in air or just land right next to them. But I seem to catch alot of magnetos after they call out their psylocke assist:tup:.

Now I wouldn’t go MS crazy because objects like rocks and drones will counter the effect and the rules above would not apply.:tdown: But just play around with it and see what you can find. :cybot:

Heres a nice little trick :confused:
Jumping off the wall backwards:encore: :clap:
When your close to the wall just Press both forward + punches.( :r:+:2p:) Its a mix of a wed-dash and a wall jump into one. :wgrin:

Post edit**More MS info

MS Recovery
I’m pretty sure this is an old trick. Have Spiderman close to the top of the screen and perform an MS and hold up. If you did it correctly should you end up close to the bottom of the screen. This technique comes in handy for baiting your opponent and also if you whiff an MS.

Ehhh…time for a combo! :clap:

This is for you Preppy, I meant to post this up early but I ended up getting sick over the past 2 weeks.(twice:sad:)
So here it is!

Shuma/Spiderman(capture assist),, Activate Chaos Dimension, Jump and Grab your opponent and then hold back (this is for the mystic splash), continue to hold till Shuma pops out of the Chaos Dimension, as soon as you see shuma hit the assit button and also forward + lk. If timed correctly the webball will combo into the mystic splash,,, Magic Series, Air grab with Hk.(Mash) :tup:

This combo varies to different characters. I believe it doesn’t work on big characters. :confused:

Also I wanted say thank you to Redrover, I remember you putting alot of effort into teaching spiderman. You have a great deal of my respect and this thread is dedicated to you. :china: :karate:

Spiderman Assist Type
I’m going to need a lot of help on this one, still trying to figure out what to put for each assist type. Any suggestions/info?? I’ll be sure to edit any information into here along with your name to say thanks and give credit to. Would really appreciate it.:karate: Thanks.

Counter into:???

Counter into:???

Counter into: Maximum Spider