The Ameяican Government Thread


Lol, hell no.


I didn’t watch the video but places like Norway are always brought up as an example of “doing it right” and “socialism works”. It’s funny when the lovers of diversity use a country with an extremely white majority with some of the most strict immigration policies in the civilized world as an example of socialism working. Illegal immigrants are much better off here in the US.

I’m all about people coming here but you can’t have relaxed immigration policies combined with social programs out the ass, especially when everyone isn’t paying income taxes like the rest of us.


Trump hasn’t sent me an invoice.


It’s always funny to see people calling out the claim Mexico will pay for the wall like they expected Mexico would cut a check or something. Anyone who actually thought THAT was the message being sent is a bit silly.


Trump latest tweet is his best yet!

I am starting to feel bad for his supporters.

Seriously its like you know this test is coming up and when it about to approach and you realize you didn’t study so you want to blame the test and not your own incompetence. He went 0-10 on his first 100 day plan BTW(pic below). The guy has ALL 3 branches too which makes this even more Sad!.

But seriously member after the first week they said its not been a month, then they said give him 100 days, and now they say give him a year. YOU MEMBER… I MEMBER!!!





Fucking cowards. So it’s come to this… Well, at least we know Assange is still alive.



Is it possible that any of those budgets were inflated?


I’m interested to see what effects Trump’s cuts to these various organizations will have. I feel like they’ll be bad, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


I’m not defending nor condemning, but it seems like a lot of those departments are redundant.

Do you really need an “environmental justice” department AND an “office of compliance”, when the description is the same for both?


Of course.

Is the danger of occasionally having to audit the expenses of a prevention program greater than the danger of raising a generation of people mentally impaired from lead poisoning?


money is getting out of the pockets of bureaucrats but of course liberals will turn that into problem


At first glance a lot that spending may seem redundant, but then you start to realize some of the differences between developed and developing nations.


How is it dooming? The regulations are still in the books, and if people still feel this string about it, they can make private organizations to sue companies for breaking the law.


What standing would private citizens have to seek recourse before harm is done? Hence the ‘doom’ part. Which turns the purpose of the regulations on their ear as their intent is to prevent harm.

Not to mention that it is far easier to prevent harm through active monitoring than it is to ascertain who the responsible party is after the fact.


I’ll place this card face down and end my turn. Can’t wait for the trap to spring.



LOL @ this even being a legal issue in the United States. GTFO. Gonna name my baby ABSOLUTELY HARAM!


I’m not sure I follow here. People take advantage of public funding when it’s not their money being given away? That’s exactly what taxes are though. You pay taxes to provide for public services such as road maintenance and public transportation. Everyone contributes when they pay taxes, but yes, ultimately it’s up to local government to budget correctly. My state, California, is awful at budgeting money as well. Roads and highways are in constant need of repair. Budgeting correctly will help, yes, but isn’t that just throwing more money into one problem, while taking funds away from another problem? How do you fix this? It doesn’t help that in states like California and NY, the population is practically growing faster than public services can keep up. An example would be the BART, a public train transportation system in the bay area, was built several years ago with a certain population growth in mind. Unfortunately, the tech boom in the bay area meant a huge population increase, and the BART is now struggling to maintain itself.