The Ameяican Government Thread


Lol background check.

Lol flags.


As I said in other threads, we don’t need new gun laws.
We just need to actually start to enforce the ones we have.

The actual database states used to check against for a FFL are out of date by years.


So now we have people for felons being armed

Felons aren’t supposed to be armed

It isn’t even that you can stop people from killing, you can prevent people from killing more people

I hate this shit


Anti wife-beating. :rofl: You just inadvertently admitted that it is going to be used against men. For real though, It’s not like we don’t KNOW which way this law will be enforced. My first concern is how far does this go? Is there a weapon type or number limit? Some hunter/guard/cop might lose his ability to do his job because the old lady decided to call the cops on him one night after a heated argument. Of course, if it turns into divorce the gun ownership thing will take a backseat to simply trying to survive. The next concern is how long before it’s not just an intimate partner violence-related law? First it’s Husbands. Will it be boyfriends next? guys she’s dating? Maybe it’ll end up being family members at some point too. I hope I’m just being paranoid, but I know better than to think it can’t happen.

Do I have evidence that this will do it? No, as this is fairly new. However, this is why I think it’s going to happen.

Over the past few decades, marriage and divorce laws have been made that favor women over men to the point that a marriage is about 50/50 chance of failing in the first seven to ten years. With the introduction of No-Fault Divorce, a man in court is little more than meat on the plate that the lawyers will cut and serve up before the judge as they argue over how much he gets to keep. As a man You have a slim to none chance of breaking even on your way out the door, and if kids are involved…well, don’t ask. The Result: Men are just saying no in ever increasing numbers.

Educational fields have been pushing the Girl Power movement for 30+ years now. In college, there are nearly 2 girls to every 1 guy that graduates. These days, men are starting to go into community college and more hands on fields like plumbing and welding. Why? because there are fewer women. Also, a little something called Title 9 which has seriously upset things on campus as far as investigations of sexual assaults go. The result: Now women are complaining about the lack of college educated men.

Now a days, public laws have been made to try and curb toxic male behavior such as catcalling :tup: domestic disputes :angry: and even Manspreading :wtf: Things have been pushed to the point where men live in a “Guilty until Proven Innocent” type of existence when the incident is man vs. woman in this society as well as many others. The result: Women have begun complaining about such a phenomenon as,“Man desserts” where it seems that men aren’t trying to date or even talk to them anymore and many are instead heading for greener pastures, often outside of the place where they live and some go as far as outside of the country where they live, leaving the local girls high and dry…no pun intended.

Now, from the examples I’ve given, I’ll give to you this scenario: Some guy who’s been married or at least has a live in girlfriend for a few weeks, months, or years just got hauled out of his house on a domestic violence accusation and now his gun collection has been confiscated. He goes to his local bar and tells his story to some other guy(s) who repeat the story to their buddies. These guys are going to start adding two and two together and realize that it happened to him, and they can be next. With all the problems that can happen already when the wife or gf makes a phone call, this one extra thing could be the straw that breaks the back of some men. I would bet you dollars to donuts that a number of men would just say no to having some chick in their house. You may think it’s insignificant, I may think so as well, but I’d bet that not every man will. Will something like this speed up the demise of marriage? Yep!! How much? Only time will tell. As Charlton Heston would’ve said,“You’ll have to take my gun from my cold, dead hands.” Till this very day, A LOT of people agree with him.



But the database that is used to show who is on the DO NOT SELL GUNS TO LIST is not liked at all to criminal databases, sex offender databases or anything like that.
Anything from a criminal database has to be manually transferred over, and some of the strictest states for gun restrictions don’t regularly keep their database updated.
Maryland for example I don’t think has their list updated in like 5 or 7 years, I forgot which.


Don’t use facts on dab00g.

You might as well be telling a Capcpom supporter they’re being bamboozled…


Dear Minorities. Popp is here to pick a FIGHT…With your democrats.

Folks, Click the damn link and listen.



What facts are we going on now

Felons aren’t supposed to own guns or even parts of a gun

It is an instant trip to prison

Like what are you arguing about now?

We need to update how we track weapons, ammo, and mods

We do need to limit amount of ammo and weapons people have


Yeah, it’s clear shorthand that you understand and I know you understand. The policy I’ve seen is gender neutral: it’ll be “used against” men and women who fuck up. :coffee:

You mean like the active laws which are gender neutral…? :coffee:

Laws are often old and often complicated things. They are ours. If there’s some concern, fix it.

I thought we just were talking about how using examples presuming masculine violence was sexist? No matter. “Heated argument” isn’t typically what the law considers “domestic violence”. If you’re thinking that it does, get the laws fixed.

… I’m so confused. What’s the narrative here? People who have recorded legal charges of violence against somebody shouldn’t have restricted gun access… ? Maybe don’t beat people up? Seems like a needless slippery slope argument, but even presuming that ridiculous implausibility I’m unclear as to what the problem is. Maybe don’t beat people up once you’re an “adult”?

Yeah, the mods here sometimes do the same thing… jk

Maybe don’t beat up your wife? Maybe don’t be in a relationship with somebody that you think is going to falsely claim that you beat them up? They have ready access to you when you are sleeping: giving somebody that level of access implies a fuckton of trust. This isn’t a new concept.

It seems like men (and everybody really) should realize that they should not be in a relationship with somebody that they are going to physically abuse and they should not be in a relationship with someone that is going to falsely claim abuse. I think your plan sounds brilliant and healthy for all concerned.


Starhammer sounds like he wants to round up disaffected males and go on a shooting spree


So Trumps weekly Saturday twitter rant is at the Late Shows for equal air time?

“Late Night host are dealing with the Democrats for their very “unfunny” & repetitive material, always anti-Trump! Should we get Equal Time?”
***WTF does this even mean? its like he didn’t realize the Democrat lies he loves are the wrong lie to use this time. Seriously he should of just of went with Obama or Crooked Hilary and it would of sounded less stupid.

Either Trump has worse self esteem than a 12 year old girl/knows his supporters are credulous and don’t want to accept reality/he is trying to so hard to act like Putin and KJU and wishing he could kill people who spoke ill of him even if 100% true/or he is just a "“moron” as Tillerson put it…Now I want Kimmel and Colbert to have fun with these tweets…Seriously they are both great people doing great things as one has stood up for major issues and exposed the GOP’s lies and one with help from Ruxin(Nick Croll) raised 1M for Puerto Rico with the PuberMe stuff you know instead of going Kobe with 99 cent paper towels. Disgusting when our elected Leader bashes the good people.
Some funny shit YouTube had to do…**


He is the only person I have blocked because he is one of those YouTube only people who are buying the bullshit lies living in a some fake reality. Mark Dice is one of the worst of the worst along with Watson/Jones you know the ones he loves the most. Because of these gullible people who never watch or listen to opposition we not only have people like Flat Earthers ***but even funner or is it sad that youtube had to change its algorithm after the Vegas massacre because of the lies and dumb shit those assholes were saying and posting about it. *** That should show how bad its gotten on that platform. I mean lordy he still tried to share the Project Veracrap edited videos months after they were outdated.


here is another one for the list. it’s also another hilarious example of why trump will not only go down as the most ill-informed president in history, but also the world’s worst saboteur. apparently, trump personally intervened and attempted to block a proposal from the GOP controlled, state of iowa for stabilizing its aca marketplace ( iowa officials haven’t actually been told it will be rejected at this time). trump sabotaging the health care of his own twitter educated, cult members isn’t new. it’s funny, but it isn’t new.

however, what is funny is the iowa proposal also included a number of GOP provisions that would have made the state’s marketplace much more conservative and similar to the AHCA. a GOP bill which he supported and claimed credit for passing on the white house short, trump was handed an effortless “W” on a silver platter by the iowa GOP, but he rejected it because he literally does not understand the concept (or policy or not much of anything for that matter) of being handed something on a silver platter.

still, i can’t decide what’s more amusing. the reality bending antics of his stans or trump’s willingness to repeatedly stick his head down the barrel of a loaded cannon with a lit fuse on his own volition. trump stans! who is more deserving of my derision between the two?


Good point by Maher about democrats and their obsession with regulation


You yourself have continued saying,“don’t beat your wife” in the previous post. Gender neutral policy?


…Sure. As always, men have to deal with responsibility and punishment.

The laws may be gender neutral, but the application of said laws in society is anything but. See the poster above and realize that it is but one of many such ways that YOU as a man will be held to a double standard.

Working on it. Of course, there is another side that is voting to keep things like they are. The struggle goes on and on and I do not doubt that it shall do so for a very long time.

You heard him folks!!! You’re adults, now cut all this fighting shit out and go home!
(Ironically enough, That seems to work in Japan. The cops don’t even use or even need guns over there. If you can’t act like an adult, you don’t get to play with the adults. Implausible, but apparently not impossible.)

That being said, We’re still a planet full of evil little monkeys who do evil monkey things, most of which are violent. The first thought someone has after a new invention is made is usually,“How can I use this to fuck somebody up.”

people who have recorded legal charges against them will almost certainly fall into two categories.

1: The kind of person who doesn’t care about the law and will do it anyway
2: Probably got into trouble when they were young and now THAT shit is following them around like a turd that won’t flush.

That…will NEVER happen here. Not even joking.

“Maybe don’t beat up your wife?” LOL. I guess women don’t beat on their husbands right? It wouldn’t really matter considering how few women own guns anyway.

“Maybe don’t be in a relationship with somebody that you think is going to falsely claim that you beat them up?” Everyone of those relationships you’re talking about have one thing in common: They didn’t see it coming. If they stay after getting hit upside the head that’s on them, but I would bet money that NONE of them, men or women, thought it was going to be that way from the start.

As far as trust goes, a lot of guys trust don’t anymore. Like I said, Marriage rates are already plummeting and something like this won’t help. Thanks to really a few feminists and the constant man bashing and “woman good, man bad” agendas that society has allowed, the pushback known as MRAs, MGTOW, and PUAs, a collective that is commonly referred to as the manosphere has grown into what it is today, a global phenomenon. Men adapt, then overcome. Always have, always will.

If I could look into the future and tell whenever a relationship was about to go bust, I would make MILLIONS saving people from infidelity alone.
On the other hand, if the law were to crack down on false accusations more, it would be really good IMO. I’d bet that if a lot more people got locked up for it, a lot less people would do it.

Either way, I really don’t see this law doing anything but fucking up. Time will tell.



What is this “calm before the storm” thing? Someone said the Norks (North Koreans) are gonna try something on Columbus Day…


Are you gay? Lemme know if so. Doesn’t matter to my life concerns. I didn’t mean to trigger you by using words that I (evidently incorrectly) thought applied to you and to the majority of members on this web site.

More saber-rattling towards North Korea:

Maclean’s with a brutal article on Trump: History won’t be unkind to Trump - it will be cruel. I keep hoping he’ll turn it around - his success is (generally) our success, but … he keeps finding new ways to be breath-takingly stupid. North Korea, for example. :bluu: On the “plus” side the hurricane devastation maybe helps kick the next job report up a notch. Sigh.


the,“Are you gay?” line? Really? :bluu:



Someone keep Preppy out of this please, thank you


I hope he uses his power to nuke your account, tbh.


Just encase the message not clear, fuck Nazis . That is all