The Ameяican Government Thread


Looks like Adpocalypse 2 is on the way.

I wonder if the sequel will be better than the original.



Alotta SRK regulars are getting banned and/or are banned???


Nothing would change except Murdock’s coffers. He’ll have both the liberal and the conservative markets covered…


I have a feeling that the CNN narrative would change though. Of course, I could be wrong. Right now we can only hope to see the answer in the future.




Nah this deserves the audio:


I love punk’s posting style. Those emotes are hilarious.


This is a mod post:

Raz0r is in Japan and been trying to force my hand because in his head getting banned means he wont browse SRK. Everybody wish him well in your hearts and continue not addressing this mod post or the last.


Possibly the best and simultaneously worst thread in SRK GD. Everybody is a bag of triggers.


The yomi is so fucking Meta in this post.

That Insightful is New Generation on top of being parry levels of broken.

It makes SF4 shortcut DP look reasonable and balanced. :rofl:


This is not Trumps week on Twitter. He keeps getting owned left and right for trying to hard to push his lies.


All this will do is cause his followers to herd up together, even more firmly.

I’ve lived in the Mid West.

Short of massive, sweeping educational changes running interference on “Mah Daddie”, and the Bebe Jesus’s formative influence upon their feeble brains, nothing is going to change them.



You had one job CNN…



Y’all motherfucker didn’t just put the same set of tweets twice on the same page…

@mr_punk you put every The Coli emoji you can on your posts. Scorched Earth this bitch with nonsense. I wanna see Jordan’s face at least 8 time per post with different reactions on it.


I guess you could say T-Rump’s handlers…

Out-Foxed them.

Caruso GIF wept.


Jesus you quoted them AGAIN?!?!?! :rofl:


It is late, I am in bed, my phone backspacing to delete jumps to the speed of light after two seconds, and auto deletes the start of each quote, and in doing so, ruins it.

So yeah, I did.

It IS a running gag, after all.

Despite the election being over.


For what it’s worth, I erased everything but the tweets because I wasn’t actually going to respond to bren7 or Azure on that post. If it’s causing problems, mea culpa.

The rest of this post will be a first for the thread though.

Washington Post calls out MSNBC over "fake news"

We now have fake news calling out fake news. Merry Christmas mutha fuckas!!!

Mccain offers excuse over boot switching leg

^The gif is up there. Just check it twice.

Did you forget the vids that went with the post? They kinda important to this one. As far as CNN goes, they have been busted so often and so badly that when they post, I calmly await the report that will pull the lies out of their words. The Corrupt Nonsense Network is just bad comedy at this point. I hope they get bought out and forced out of the witch hunt. I wonder what their loyal viewers will say then?



**The choice really was tough so I get Trumps delay to express his endorsement of Moore cause choosing between a guy who prosecutes Nazis or a homophobic racist pedophile really is a tough call. **


In other words you ignore reality and watch youtube.


Just stop MSNBC. You are not good at fake news.



This is the most FUBAR page right now. Same set of tweets 8 times; Starhammer putting a giant ass gif twice in it for no fucking reason.

I legitimately punk puts every god damn emoji available into all of his posts because there’s no hope of getting you fuckers to post like normal human beings.