The american military is funny


Ridiculous overreaction much ?

I like how all 3 of the drill sergeants are in a circle screaming into his face.

How do soldiers actually deal with that ?

If someone did that to me i would at the very least walk away.

Discharge or not.

And the fourth guy walking around trying to get an angle of attack…

Is that real? If it is I’m actually kind of horrified.

My Uncle was a marine drill sergeant and he tells me about all the hardcore shit he would make soldiers do… but seems kind of ridiculous. I’m not surprised if its actually real… that was really stupid. That 3rd drill sergeant was just randomly yelling at one point. It doesn’t seem real lol… but the sad thing is that it is.
Honestly I think this is way… wayy over the top. I understand the need for discipline and the need to toughen up for the army… but its just over the top!


I seriously started getting teary eyed at the end of this video:


I really like how whenever someone freaks out in the world, there’s a handy camera hidden nearby.