The American Way: NASA Clock Maker seeks $15 Million Ducks in Damages



How many 15 million dollar ducks does he want ?

What makes a duck worth 15 million dollars ?

What do you do with a 15 million dollar duck ? I feel like that’s a big investment for some water fowl.


i made a candle


Deserves something, but 15 million, damn, they really trying to make an example. lol. If anything, this new lawsuit is just going to bring even more negative attention towards him and his family. lol.

At least with the 15 million, he can “build” more than copying and pasting a walmart clock he took apart into a shitty case. lol


Well, time is money as they say.


What a quack.


I hope he wins this case, and Obama pays him in nickels, and just air drops em on his house.


i bet texas wont pay him a dime. if he didnt want to become a social personality, he sure as hell is one now.


Fuck this nigga for real


lol bring in the all white jury


MvC2 ClockBuild3r wants a 15 Million Duck money match runback with Golden Boy Neo :cybot:


He deserves absolutely nothing. It was a misunderstanding. Even without zero tolerance policy BS (which I absolutely disagree with) that clock legit looked like it could have been some scary shit to a layman who watches too much TV.

That’s life. Doesn’t mean you’re entitled to fat $$$ every fucking time some crazy but ultimately harmless shit happens to you. You’ve had more than your 15 minutes, now have some self respect and fade into obscurity with SOME semblance of dignity you scrounging little shit.


This guy is really betting the farm


I say we solve this with a money match in MvC2


ISIS real plan was to legally steal money?!?!?

In B4 PC bros start jumping me


Step 1: Build a fake suitcase bomb for luls with your classmates
Step 2: Lie and say its a clock when authorities take it seriously.
Step 3: Trick SJW’s to bully said authorities with claims of racism and whatever BS newfangled portmanteau they come up with. (chronormative?)
Step 4: Watch as authorities eventually cave to pressure by SJW’s and media opportunists, apologize and make promise to start wasteful diversity (indoctrination) program.
Step 5: Sue for millions.

If the SJW’s arn’t scamming themselves, they are being used by others to scam.



Well I mean look at all that suffering and trauma he had from this incident


Suing for an unreasonable amount of money is one of the most patriotic, American, things to do. How this boy was suspected of being a terrorist, I have no idea. Clearly, him and his family are red blooded Americans.


they probably just wanted in on that clock boy halloween costume money, but couldn’t pin down all the companies who were in on that shit so they’ll settle for suing the state


If he had stayed he actually had a shot at something. Lawsuits always begin with ridiculous amounts of money, then settle to a natural level. But his dad has a history of pulling this shit, the case was dubious at best, and everybody and anybody did what they could to apologize and try to help this kid out. He replied by fleeing the country and demanding a RETARDED amount of money.

$100k? Whatever I could side with him. $15m and a deadbeat dad? LOL nope.

I hope ISIS makes him a child bride.