The Amory Wars/Coheed and Cambria/Key of Z. Mic Todds oxycodone extravaganza

Recently lead singer of Coheed and Cambria (Claudio Sanchez) announced that he is going to be releasing a new story based upon an apocalyptic zombie scenario (the Key of Z). is anyone else kind of over the same zombie outbreak bull crap scenario(s) or is it just me?

also being a huge fan of coheed and cambria and the story that goes along with their whole existence as a band, i’d like to hear from other people’s opinion in the fighting game community how you feel about if this is a good step for the band or could the key of z ruin them?

Key of Z has nothing to do with Coheed and Cambria. It’s a side project Claudio, his wife and Sheldon are doing on their own. So I’m not sure how it’s going to ruin them. Especially since they have a new graphic novel coming out in October, Fear through the Eyes of Madness comics are being penned as we speak, an iPad/iPod touch game is coming out end of the year AND a new album is said to be in the works after Key of Z is finished. Plus Claudio said after Key of Z is done he plans on starting on the plot to Kill Audio II.

Also, Key of Z has little to do with Zombie outbreaks. It has to do with some guy with a harmonica killing zombies to find the certain group of zombies who killed his family. The harmonica is said to play a big key part in the story.

i know it has nothing to do with the band. but im just a little concerned that he’s juggling all these different ideas it could affect the band in some aspect.

thank you for clearing that up!!! i was under the assumption that it was just going to be another zombie story with the aid of some space fantasy elements.

Yeah. They are actually semi intelligent zombies and they have their own groups. He said one of the main groups live at the ruins of Yankee stadium or something equivalent to that in the KoZ universe.

hahaha thats pretty awesome that they have colonies and aren’t brain dead.

have you seen those videos they’ve been posting on youtube? their extremely obscure and i can’t seem to come to the conclusion of what the meaning behind them are. i think its either farewell videos for mic or teasers of new songs.

A lot of people think it was for the SSTB novel that’s being written; especially cause of the last video of the airplane propeller. But since that news has already been released…a lot of people don’t see the point in making all these encrypted and obscure videos.

But a lot of people think the things you just said too. Farewell videos to Mic Todd (damn shame…) or a new album (which is said to begin recording end of Q1 next year)

I honestly don’t know. Claudio likes to keep everyone on their toes. haha.