The Android thread. Questions, comments, help, etc


I know a lot of folks here have android based phones on this forum, and I wanted to get a thread going for it. I’ll be happy to answer any questions I can, but the guys at the XDA Developers forum are fucking geniuses when it comes to this shit.

I just finished running two rooted Captivates on the Cognition Rom set, and just recently I was given an HTC Inspire from work. The stock gui is okay, but I rooted it (Pain in the ASS compared to the captivate) and installed Android Revolution HD 5.1.9 with a complete theme overhaul, and sense 3.0 weather, lock, live wallpaper and SMS hacks.

Tomorrow at work we’re going to see what we can do with the Samsung Infuse and the Motorola Atrix.

Anybody else here running android phones with flashed ROMS?

Also, if anybody here has a phone that will run unknown sources, get the amazon android marketplace. Free apps everyday. Good ones too, not just some bullshit.

Cool games for Android

I actually run Gingerbread on my HD2 I’m probably looking to get the Sensation soon after it comes out on Wednesday

iPhone Discussion.. Who has the 5s or 5c

Anyone having choppy playback of youtube videos on their android phone? I have s DROID X on android 2.3

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I always get slight lag when watching any YT videos. There’s a YT downloader that you can get from Amazon (might still be free). Instead of streaming the video directly from YT it just downloads and saves the video to your phone/SD card. Makes playback seamless.

I had my Droid 2 ROM Flashed a few weeks back so I can use 2.3.3 and the new Netflix app. Phone worked great for a week or two, then one day I restart the computer and it went fucking crazy. Couldn’t get it to restart successfully, wouldn’t boot out of the loader, and froze on the Droid eye start up screen. Wound up having to remove the ROM and factory reset. Couldn’t find any help on numerous Droid forums, so back to 2.2 for me.

I love my phone but now it’s having problems downloading apps. After two weeks of not being able to install new or updated apps I called Verizon. They recommended another factory reset. After syncing and getting everything back onto my phone I can’t download my favorite game (Robotek). Thankfully my contract is up for renewal in a few months.

I’ve been really happy with my phone, and I’ve always liked Motorola’s products so I’ll probably be going with the DX2 when I renew.


Is there any way to improve Wifi on these things? I understand range limitations on networks and such, but I’ll have a solid connection for hours on end if I barely touch, but if I do heavy usage (Tapatalk/Youtube/frequent Kakaotalk messages), the Wifi just seems to lock up, nothing gets transmitted. I’ll get connection errors on everything, but my phone will stay connected to that specific SSID until I turn off wifi manually. When I restart wifi, it works perfectly.

Droid 2 here. I’ve noticed anyone I’ve been around with the Galaxy S here in Korea hasn’t experienced problems like this, or even some of the smaller android phones (I don’t even know the brands to mention). They’re of course, using 3G, but I even have these problems with 3G, where suddenly my 3G icon will stay stuck in uploading, but nothing will come through at all. Only way I have remedied it right now is to turn on Airplane mode, and it takes a good 30 seconds for it to go into that from that state, then another 30 seconds to come out of Airplane mode and pick up 3G signal.

I’m also not using 3G while I’m in Korea, only Wifi, but I figured since I’m bringing up the wifi problem, might as well bring up both.


What all do you have running on your droid, MP?


i have a thunderbolt… yaaay?

words wit srk friends: Ac_Koop

should i post my apps?


I’m running the first Droid with 2.2, but it’s been REALLY sluggish lately. Loading up sometimes takes 10-15 seconds to load all my icons. Is there any recommendations for any custom roms I should be running?


I don’t have an Android nor a smartphone. I normally see my friends use “Applanet” or App Planet for apps.


I currently have a Nexus S and Nexus One. Both were previously rooted but not anymore. I have no reason to and now use them mainly for wireless tethering and e-mail/social media.


i think i’m going to pick up the Evo 3d at the end of the month. anyone hear any good/bad things about the phone?


Well depending on if they make the bootloader unlocked then go for the 3d. I root all of my stuff so it would be a deal breaker for me if I couldn’t get nand unlocked.

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Have a rooted Thunderbolt running BAMF. It’s legit but the battery is balls. Have to do a ton to keep it alive.


Currently using a Samsung Galaxy SII on AT&T. Running stock with Launcher Pro and this phone is blazing fast, shits on my old 3GS. I Would be happy to answer any questions anyone has about this phone. I’ll say though that anyone who buys this phone won’t be disappointed. Everything about this phone is top quality. Also phone has an unlocked bootloader so those into custom ROMS don’t need to worry about a lack of them in the future.


Just bought an LG 670 (Optimus S through Sprint) off ebay for 75 bucks. Pretty excited.
I’ll be happy to finally get rid of my Blackberry curve.


So I got prompted by my htc evo to install gingerbread yesterday so I did it…now I wish I hadn’t. It is so ugly and lame. Does anyone else have it? The animation on the clock is so annoying, and the phone lock password keypad went from being translucent to this really horrid pasty white crap.


I got an atrix a couple months ago. It’s my first smartphone and so far I love it. Sometimes I forget I have a computer because I can pretty much do everything with my phone and with the dual core power and massive amount of ram I can do it all without any problems. Hopefully people on xda find a way to bypass the locked bootloader and it gets the ability to load custom kernels. that’s the only thing I don’t like about the phone. Everything else about it is perfect for me.

EDIT: if anybody got any puzzle game recommendations for me I would appreciate it. I already played the hell out of bubble buster and I’m looking for a magical drop/critter crunch clone if anybody knows of one.


We hacked an Atrix yesterday. You can do custom roms on them.


right now they’re just psuedo roms, though. they’re not full blown custom roms like other phones have. looking at the feedback threads they don’t really seem worth the effort to me to install. i don’t hate motoblur so much that I would want to deal with the potential headaches that some people have. however, things are looking good for cyanogenmod to come to the atrix when motorola pushes out the gingerbread update though so i’m definitely waiting for that.


Ronin, main apps I use are Facebook, YouVersion, KakaoTalk, Youtube, Twitter, and Tapatalk. Also use Opera for my browser. Ebuddy gets used on rare occasion. Also replaced the default text app for handcent.