The Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Thread

Gotta be a few people on SRK that watch this show. This is right up there a long with Top Gear as my all-time favorite shows on TV, especially when he goes to Asian or South/Latin American countries (love the food from there). Watching the new Brittany, France episode as we speak, looks good!

BTW, most of the episodes are on Youtube, so go check that shit out, no gay downloading of crappy unseeded torrents required. Definitely a must watch for anyone that loves good food.

Anthony Bourdain vs Andrew Zimmern @ evo 2010 get hype!

Bourdain looks exactly like the french chef repere whatever the fuck it is, I like his show he’s one ofthe few on air hosts that don’t bullshit you with forced opinions or fake smiles.

I love this show, very entertaining him, Zimmer, and MvF are the only reasons I watch travel channel

I enjoy watching The Anthony Bourdain show myself. One of the only shows I can get into and I laughed after seeing Andrew Zimmern eating nasty BBQ.

I love this show. I watch it everyday on the travel channel. If I were to win the lotto I would go on a world tour reenacting all his episodes.

Bourdain’s a pussy. Zimmern brings that shit. Zimmern will eat anything that has meat on it, from ANY land, whereas Bourdain eats only american, french and spanish food, and then only the most common dishes. And his crew testified: even though he made them some braised lamb with greens and had some top tier beer for them one ep, yes, he is an ass.

I like the show, but honestly he’s a pretentious asshole (even though he would claim to be the opposite).

I love this show. I watch it constantly. I love honest Bourdain can be but also that he’s so into culture and shit. I also love that while he really likes high class food, he loves the everyday culture food of different cultures as well as roach coach food. He’s also really funny and cheesy.

It’s like you never even seen the fucking show holy shit.

Anthony will eat anything to. I watched that dude eat scrambled eggs made in a dirt hole dug in the ground in the South Africa episode.

He almost pussed out of it. “Oh…do I eat the dirt, too?” Zimmern’s version would go something like this

Zimmern: wow…i gotta say, guys: that was pretty good. A little gritty.

Bushman: you have to COOK it first.

Zimmern: scooping the dirt and eating the eggshells like potato chips with dip Mmph ph fah? (What was that?)

And yeah, I saw 7 or so eps…and Bourdain’s a bore compared to Zimmern, the more daring eater and traveler. The african egg thing was the most extreme thing Bourdaine ate. Everywhere Zimmern AND Bourdaine have covered, Zimmern was more in-depth about setting culture, customs, and was not afraid of anything. Bourdain just seems to be trying to find the dishes we have in common with other peoples, and sticking to those. he was in Asia…and basically ate a vietnamese version of Dim sum. All regular stuff: pork, chicken, fish, rice, and then everybody got drunk and made him dance. Zimmern goes to asia, and snakes, plants, insects, all manner of amphibians and internal organs are consumed. Children run in fear. I think he even ate dog once.

Zimmers ok. I find digging into the culture and the people as well as the food more interesting then “Lets find the nastiest thing we can to eat.” Buordains not looking for bizarre food anyway he’s looking for good food. I’d be hesitant to eat dirt eggs to if I was more interested in good food then strange food.

Samantha Brown is where it is at!!!

Yeah, I thought the whole point of traveling like Bourdain does is to sample the best of what the culture has to offer. Why subject yourself to nasty food if you don’t have to? I mean, the dude ate warthog poopchute with what purpose? Do we really need/want to know how the shit pipe of a wild hog tastes like?

No Reservations is an excellent show. Bourdain, love him or hate, will express his true opinion of the location and I appreciate that. He’s very eloquent too and a good author. I read “Kitchen Confidential” and I was surprised at how engaging it was.

Well, Timon ain’t telling…

Zimmern Oil Wrestling in Turkey… Hakan anyone?

I cannot stand Andrew Zimmerman. Especially since I’ve eaten some of the same stuff that he’s eaten and I think he has fucked up taste buds. First off, the whole gimmick of the show is to find foods that look disgusting seem delicious. Some of the common foods I’ve had with him are BLAND as fuck. Yet, he’ll eat that shit and have some Rachel Ray reaction. “MMMMM SOOO GOOD” Stfu. Also, the fact that he can’t stand durion is suspect to me. Granted I know it smells like ass, but it’s not the worst thing in the world.

I think the telling factor is the fact that both Zimmerman and Bourdain have had meat from the bushman tribe. Bourdain eats it and has his voice over go “This is some of the nastiest shit I’ve tasted, but when food is offered as generosity, you take it and ask for seconds.” Zimmerman eats the same shit and will react like it taste like Korean BBQ.

Zimmerman couldn’t take the durian. I know it smells like garbage, but he ate shit in other episodes. The’yre different shows though, Bourdain seems to try to approach it as more of, “what do these people eat normally?” ZImmerman just wants to know the some of the stranger things they eat or what we consider to be bizarre.

I’m more of a Zimmern guy, but Bourdain’s pretty tight.

MechZZ speaks the truth. Zimmern always takes little bites and tries to make the food out to be more than it is. Sometimes when he describes it just seems weird because I have had some of the stuff he had too. Its not like he goes through a whole meal, he just takes samples and moves on. It doesn’t look like he gets to sit down and really try to learn the locale like Bourdain does. Also Durian does not taste that bad, it just smells bad but its a perfectly edible fruit.

I like how Bourdain would straight up say if shit was nasty.Plus I always view his show more about culture more than anything, and getting to know the food helps you understand the culture better.

Goddamn, I just finished the Brittany episode and I would definitely fap to that tower of shellfish.