The Anti-Makoto thread



Remy dies to Makoto.

However, this thread is dedicated to his survival in that match-up.

I’ve discovered a few things recently that improve his game against her.

First off, if you parry any hayate, -> short cold blue kick will work since she recovers in crouch.

Second, Remy’s c.fierce will trade or beat most of Makoto’s jump-in’s except j.short, if she starts doing j.short try doing dash back, charge partition, EX LOV.

For wake up games, almost anything is going to get Remy into that combo of death. But short and EX flash kick aren’t bad defenses against the onslaught. Once Makoto figures this out she will start waking up with either–>super I or c.short, hayate. Watch for her patterns, you have little other choice.

Never throw high LOVs at Makoto unless she’s jumping. Be very careful about throwing low LOVs because she can grab your expanded sprite or just combo it’s ass.

Poke with, and c.rh, only if you think it’ll hit.

I think super II is the best for the situation. It’ll beat her jumping short and can be linked off of lots of things after a lucky parry.

Lastly, don’t get hit.



If you’re playing Makoto, you should just give up. The matchup is rediculous! lol :frowning: lol

Poking is not very good against a good player that knows how to parry. One of her combos = at least 50% of Remy’s health. :frowning:

Also, trading hits with makoto isn’t good either, seeing as how she is so damn strong. :(:(:frowning:


heya jon, makoto got you down? damn, this is a horrible matchup though.

don’t ever use c.rh. Even if I don’t bother parrying the second hit, I can hayate your recovery and get into optimal range. s./c.forward works pretty well, so does xx short LOV. I’m not sure, but s.fierce seems to work well at keeping me out if you poke with it at maximum range. I’ve noticed that CBK mindgames are pretty much useless against her, and since c.forward and s.strong seem to beat it, I don’t see a point to it other than to hit karakusas.

Remy just can’t zone her :confused:


C. RH works well on Makoto and many other characters because it applies trip animation. I’ve never seen anybody who got hit by the C.RH recover in time to attack recovering Remy. The point obviously is to hit with C.RH so in that sense it isn’t really a poke, more of a long distance punisher.

I think Remy has a better chance against Makoto if, when he gets up close, he RH CBKs away, over Makoto’s body. He immediately becomes airborne once the command is inputted so it gets him out of Karakusa.

Come by UCLA!



Heh heh heh.

Actually, Makoto does have a priority-war issue with Remy’s pokes. A good Remy player can keep her ground game shut down through them, and his fast dash-speed gives him some much-needed agility.

off topic: Oh btw Adverse: email me ( 'cause I’d like your input on an RPG I’m working on. There’s a Revolutionary Class belonging to an Anarchist’s Society that’s formed a tenuous alliance with other organizations for the express purpose of disrupting the NWO in New Zion. More on that in detail if you wanna find out. :slight_smile:


If you get hit by her Hayate the best thing to do in response is a s. CBK. if she does the command grab, she’ll eat the CBK. If she does another Hayate you’ll end right behind her and you’ll recover before she does. If this cross up happens and you’re close enough do the most damaging combo possible. This stops most of the guesswork 75% of the time. The second best thing to do is a RRF but again, thats guesswork.

Don’t bother trying to parry that stupid aerial Axe Kick of hers. just block it, she has plenty of recovery time when she lands. Only try to hi her out of it with C. fierce i she is directly and vertically above you, you’ll avoid trading.

c. short, EX command overhead. Okay, if Makoto players don’t mix this method up I’m going to be perplexed why most players (esp. Remy) don’t avoid this. As soon as you see the c. short or the yellow flash, go ahead and RRF that baby goodbye. If you don’t have the charge do one of the following: Dash back to avoid and dash forward to grab, Parry and combo, button mash c. strong/c. short.

Save High LoVs for anti air. Don’t use EX high LoVs for anti air since he has odd recovery if they parry. Use EX low LoV for anti-air instead. Use Low LoVs and EX loVs for your ground game.

If you are out of ideas jump in doing nothing and do EX CBK. This is the probably the best use that I have found for this EX notto mention safer than EX RRF in this scenario.

Any of Remy Supers are good again Makoto, yeah, even SAIII.

If the Player is smart and has SAI, they will save it for out prioritizing your attemted throws and jumps esp. in Wake games and in her Hayate trap.

Keep in mind that no one owns offense (but Remy does own Maneuvers and defense) just avoid getting grabbed.


Oh yeah, use Remy’s counter of Doom tactic with his RRF (EX for preference). It’s best used in his ground game when being poked by Makoto. Also look for that dash of hers and kill it with c. short, RRF. If you don’t have this kind of reflex play more ST with Guile and practice this.


*Originally posted by Remy_Stryker *

Stryker, you really know your shit man.

However, won’t s.cbk get me in trouble if it hits? I’m pretty sure she can karakusa my recovery. Did you get to play against Ino when he came to CTF?

Could you also check out the thread I posted in 3s general strategies called “I need this stuff tested”, I bet you could do some of it.

Arlieth, that goes for you too. As for the anarchist forces in that rpg, I’d be interested in reading the description of their role and ideology just to make sure they actually know what an anarchist is. :slight_smile: Fwd it to me if you can.



*Originally posted by AdverseSolutions *

Ino and Remy Stryker were at CTF!!! And I didn’t get to play or see them once!!!.. EVERDRED feel sad…

was Ino the makoto to red parry the last hit of a point blank shinku against some player and then karakusa–> and then kill them?



If I am correct, Remy and the opponent recover at the same time. (If anyone can prove me wrong please do so immediately) if the opponent recovers first they have an adavantage by maybe a frame.

Anyway, if you charge ‘n’ buffer/charge partition (whatever you want to call it) you can RRF for anti-retaliation purposes. So make certain that you charge before the CBK. On the contrary, the charge time for the RRF is NOT that strict to partitioning where you have to charge for only 1.5 seconds. You can charge for as long as you want before the CBK and then a bit during the animation of the CBK and execute without fear of failure.

You can also do another s.CBK (remember that Remy cannot be ground-grabbed when doing this) but that requires specifically early timing. If you decide to go with the CBK in response, keep on doing it…most people will instinctively want to grab and will be too confused to tell what the fuck is going on…unless they’ve played a good Remy player…which is virtually never the case. I would say do an EX CBK to knock them into the corner (which would lead to a perfect LoV marathon trap) but I ‘think’ that Makoto is too short to get hit by it at point blank.


No, I was not at CTF

For the sake of curiousity on “how the hell Remy_Stryker plays”, a number of friends have been claiming that I’m better (according to style/psychology) than most players in the states which I won’t name to avoid being flammed. I’m not sure how good I am, but apparently I’m good enough that they would like to take me anywhere that has some serious 3s tournaments. Perhaps my Remy might be seen for once.


Here’s my two cents on the CBK offense.

The biggest problem that Remy’s CBK has against Makoto is that she’s perfectly free to dash under it if it’s done without her under duress. In other words, if she isn’t actively defending against a sonic boom, you gain no advantage by letting her dash under your CBK. Remember she ducks her head during dashes.

The reason this tactic is actually viable is that it’s actually applicable against two other characters: Necro and Yun. Aerial offense is thus ineffective if the Makoto player is a dash-happy whore. Because dashing under dive-type attacks is an established tactic, the knowledge to counter repeated CBKs may not be as limited as you’d think.


Do you mean her dash or her Hayate? I was specifically talking about doing cross ups with CBK against her hayate. Sure ANY character can dash through the CBK but they won’t gain any advantage because Remy recovers just too damn fast. Considering how Makoto, for example, would have to dash through and then dash back for her c. grab, Makoto would eat Remy’s RRF…that’s old school for me. In order for that scenario to get interesting, someone would have mix something up after the follow up.

You can even dash through/under UOHs. Heck when Remy and
Akuma do CBK and SGS at the same time they just go right past one another.

As for aerial offense the CBK is very unrecognizable during its start up frames and is recognizable when its just about to make contact. Considering the deep angle and odd speed that it uses, it would probably be be hard to dash on reflex. I think it depends on the distance the version of the CBK that’s used. If the Remy player can anticipate Makoto to react with the dash while pinning her with repeated CBKs and still wants to rush down on her, he could use RRF to kill the dash. It’s guessing game for both characters there. I love this game.


WOW, a very hard match against Makoto, but not impossible.

By my experience, I always use SA1, to break the routine and do some cheap ( is better do some cheap damage than nothing while you’re trying not to stablish the same routine).
If Makoto jumps, yup, C.HP, and a lot of EX Charging kicks, I’ve seen a lot of very GOOD Makoto players getting desperate when u hit em’ 2 times, heh.

I’l go play now and check if i get smthing new,
by da way…
Good thread, we Remy players really needed it!