The Applied and Computational Fan Appreciation Thread

So I’m posting this for a few reasons. First, and most of all, to stroke my own ego by telling myself I have fans. Second, for promotion. Third, cause people requested a track listing for the EP.

If you haven’t heard my music yet, please give it a listen on myspace, and please add me to your friends list. I need more friends on there, the more the better.

And the track listing for the EP:

Applied and Computational - Collapse EP
1.) Sit in the Shade
2.) Untitled
3.) Late Night Lounge
4.) Construct
5.) Collapse
6.) Waking Up
7.) Acoustic Dream

So there you have it. If you want a CD, let me know and I’ll find a way to get it to you. Also feel free to post any comments, reviews on the album whatever, but yeah, add me as a friend on myspace and tell your friends!

Thanks for the support

this shit randomly bumps in its own special way in the car. Accoustic Dream still stands out as my favorite track

Are there any gunshots in any of the songs? If not, I aint listenin.

You need to step your game up and incorporate some samples of angry black girls yelling. Hot ones. That’s gonna take your shit to the next level.

This is good stuff!

last friday at Zach’s, I heard a song and I was thinking to myself “man, I should find out the name of this, it’s good”

and now, I find it on your myspace :smiley:

will you be there this friday? I’d love a copy of the album

Yep, I’ll bring a couple copies.