The Arcade Gaming Scene : Need advice

I’ve been toying around with the idea of opening an arcade. Not the stupid kinds you see now-a-days either. I want real cabs, all the classics, popular fighters, DDR/other rhythm games. Sell pizza and beer to help. A place where the fighting scene crowd could go, families could enjoy, and people could just enjoy gaming. Hold local tournaments and other events. If there was a place like that around here now, I would hit it constantly and I think others would as well. What do you guys think?

Am I crazy?

I wouldn’t say selling alcohol in an arcade would be a good idea. Since kids will be there, and controlling drunks isn’t something you’d want to do while running your place.

Chucky Cheese sells beer though. I agree that controlling drunks would suck though. I would want it to be a place parents feel good about not the other way around. I was just thinking it would help supplement the income.

Yes you probably are crazy, there’s really no way an arcade can survive these days. Where are you located?

Pensacola FL.

Chucky Cheese is a far cry from like a fighting game arcade. Remember that the 20 something male crowd is generally not in attendance at Chucky Cheese. I don’t think you can make a family arcade that is also a place for 20 something men if it sells alcohol. As it stands, alcohol already makes it way into a lot of arcades without the owners consent. It would get much crazier if it were allowed.

i’m from pensacola FL and we have 1 arcade that has 0 fighters in it. I would be happy to see a good arcade pop up again. Prior to hurricane IVAN, pensacola actually had a decent arcade scene. That hurricane fucked shit up here for a while. For those that have never been in a lvl 4 hurricane, the morning after literally looks like a war zone.

What you’re asking for already currently exists, well sorta. A bowling alley generally has an arcade. The bowling alley is allowed to sell beer so you don’t have to worry about a liquor license and the family environment is there w\in the bowling alley. Bowling, typically shooting pool and an arcade.

if you know where palafox is, I assume you do since you live in pkola, theres a bowling alley with a skate park in front of it. Now they have an arcade but the games are terribly shitty. You should ask about renting that space out and replacing the games. This way, you’re NOT entirely investing a good lump sum into a spot no one will go to. Kids already hang out there due the skate park and the bowling alley is really packed during league nights and fri\sat nights. You wont have to worry about advertising really because the majority of the people will be their bowling or @ the skate park. Word of mouth is free advertising.

There is a thread like this every other month or so on srk.

Standard responses:

  1. You are a moron

  2. You have no idea what you are doing

  3. You havent planned a thing or even have any investors yet, so why even bring it up?

  4. A video game arcade in 2010, that sounds like a surefire moneymaker

  5. Hope you are independently wealthy and don’t care about making money

the amount of effort people put into internet trolling these days saddens me :sad:

What’s trolling?

Sorry to say, but he’s right; nothing but truth in that post.

Move to California.

well just my 2 cents, but i know the Pacman Cafe in Orlando FL was pretty awesome…It was based on all popular Namco Titles, so they had a Tekken Lounge, and a Soul Calibur Bar. It was definitely targeted toward the general scene age, but at the same time Kids could run around there comfortably without a problem, and its also good because they have curfews to make sure kids dont get influenced…there are arcades out there, but If you’re actually serious, make sure you do ur researh, cause theres stuff out there, even in your state. But yea, making an arcade without a solid foundation of something backing it up (like a whole game company brand “Namco”) is going to be rough…

Arcades can still work today, if done right.

Something like Ground Kontrol with newer games would be perfect.

So many SRK’ers don’t really get trolling. That wasn’t trolling.

Thats exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for the comments all.