The ARCADE Mode Thread

Hi friends,

I created this thread for all single player fighting game lovers to join together and create our very own space on the forum to discuss our favorite way to play Street Fighter…ARCADE MODE!!!

I know many of you are disappointed by the fact that you pre-ordered the collector’s edition of SFV with the expectation that it would have the greatest ARCADE mode experience ever but you ended up with no ARCADE mode at all (seriously, WTF?!?!?!?!??, I thought pre-odering a game that doesn’t actually exist guaranteed that it would be exactly what I wanted when it actually existed).

But don’t worry, we can use this thread to discuss some of our favorite ARCADE mode moments from past games* and our hopes and dreams for whatever amazing ARCADE experience those lazy and evil Capcom devs are currently working OVERTIME on to satisfy our $60 worth of single player fighting game BLISS!!!

*We should probably limit the discussion of old games to SFIV only because everybody knows that those old games became way too hard after the third opponent.

I would settle for having either me or my opponents stats show up more than a third the time.
Or voice chat.
Or lobbies with more than one other person.
Or the ability to pick my character.
Or the ability to rematch.
Or a friend system that wasn’t garbage.
Or the ability to mute the main menu music without muting all system sounds.
Or a way to control rage quitters.
Or an interface that wasn’t designed to test the limits of human endurance.
Or costume unlocks that don’t unlock when the store comes out someday.
Or the ability to change my resolution without having to render every single resolution one at a time between where I am and where I want to be.
Or female characters that didn’t look like they were rejected from a hentai visual novel.
Or a training mode with hit boxes.
Or something somewhere in the game that explains what the hell a crush counter is.
Or the ability to unlock colors without beating 25 brain dead computers and 5 mini bosses.
Or the ability to unlock more colors without 25 brain dead computers and 25 mini bosses.
Or voice acting that doesn’t make me want to stab my ears out.
Or lag preference settings that don’t reset every time I leave a mode.
Or characters that don’t clip into themselves at every screen.
Or player 2 boobs that don’t waggle like its the early 2000’s and we just discovered physics.

An arcade mode would be nice too. If you aren’t posting this thread sarcastically then I really apologize as this post was pretty mean and I like Arcade modes.

The walk up Flash Kick from SF2 Guile was always a classic.

Sir you need to calm down. lol Have you seen Ivy from SC? Barely covered by bandages Melina in Mk9? Mai from Kof?

Its nothing new. (the glitch is just funny to me tbh)

Still mostly agreeable though. Great points~

Ahh yes, two dead franchises and a franchise that redesigned the characters to be interesting and respectable. Which of those three franchises has quadrupled SFVs sales and set the standard for how to make a new fighter?

The one without jiggle physics. :*

I want an arcade mode which gives a distincly differnt exeriance than playing VS humans. To be honest I much prefer survival mode to arcade mode.

What I do miss is player 2 being able to press start for “HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!!!” and 1p having to stick on the same char until beaten. Thats what I miss about arcade the most.

Lol, I thought I was the only one horrible at arcade modes.
But frankly, I hope we get an Arcade mode soon though.

Damn brah, you’re taking it back. The “Here comes a new challenger”

Mkx has an x-ray where a ballsack gets crushed in zoomed in slow motion.

Why do breast make you so uncomfortable?


and not exploding ballsacks for that matter…

And even though those series aren’t dead (if you think SCs over youre crazy) There’s also Guilty Gear Xrd with I-no and Blazblue with Makoto and “Booby lady”

It’s seriously not that big of a deal q: T&A is in darn near every fighting game out, and the jiggle is just gonna grow with the use of better engines in fighters to come. So might as well get used to it ~

Mkx also has women crushed into trash compactor cubes. It’s a fighting game, the violence is kinda implied by the genre. The g cups everywhere are for thirsty teens and has nothing to do with the genre, it’s just bad marketing.

If T&A are in almost all fighting games, but the only two series selling well currently are Smash and Mortal Kombat (the games with little T&A) I wonder what that means?

I’m gonna pretend you didn’t just try to bring smash into this. That’s like bringing up naruto or fucking Pokken. We dont do that in the Street Fighter forum. That piece o–

Nvrmnd. Just don’t do that anymore. I will not aknowlegde that as a legitimate fighting game and i assume you’re old enough to do the same. Nobody with hair on their nuts whos not a nintindo fanboy plays that shit. (Ive tried not to curse too much so far but fuck that shit.) You have Mk. Are you telling me the lack of tit jiggle is what contributed to its success?
Do you reeeally think the majority of gamers care about some risqué costumes?
Do you serouslyyyy think Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Kof, Guilty Gear, and Blazblues sales faltered bc of some breasts?
You sound like the teenager acting like you don’t know that MK is popular in the US because of the gore gimmick, better marketing, and admittedly good story.

Its. Just. Breasts.

The P2 gravity will be fixed. The costumes aren’t changing. And you are in the small minority that even cares. Play Mkx with its exploding ballsacks if you don’t like it. Capcom got their money.

Cammy has had her tights shoved firmly up her butt since SF2. Chun Li’s tits were always big. R Mika is dressed how women in her sport dress.

The graphics just caught up. Get over it.

Laura’s alt? A little excessive, but it’s an alt. Just don’t wear it.

It’s too late. Like Nash’s CA we are all shrouded in darkness. The second coming.

The Judgement Saber will lambaste those that only know the savage art of fighting another fighter. They will be banished to a world where they realize what they do can not sustain the future of Street Fighter. They will fight in that eternal darkness for another decade.

Laura’s alt costume really makes me question the legitimacy of the altered camera angle on Mika’s super. I can’t wrap my head around an action clip ass slap being worse than extreme provocative underboob.

Anyway - MK sales are high because it is a very casual friendly game. People are very satisfied to play that game vs the AI, just to use the gore cut scenes and after match fatalities / ect. When it comes to the competitive scene, MK falls behind. Sure they sell well, but sales don’t make a good game. Sales make a good selling game. That is only 1 end of the spectrum, and really if you’re going to dismiss a game that is both great selling AND highly competitive (smash) while promoting a game that is only great selling… I think your argument is starting to fall flat.

I am by no means a smash fan. I have not enjoyed playing the game, and don’t devote any time to it, however it is just insulting to be so dismissive of a game that out sells your MK, and also drops the bomb in the competitive scene (smash was #2 behind SF4 last year evo, MK was 4th behind both Smash variants with a little over half the registrants of either smash title )

As for SF5 and arcade mode - At first I was defensive of SF5 because it did have survival, and SF5 is moving the story to a specific story mode (not finished, but you can SEE the plan so don’t fret)
However after playing I feel that Survival mode fails at a critical point of being extremely dissatisfying. It just gets too long. If the Hard and Hell were both only to 30 fights with only higher concentrations of challenging opponents, I think it wouldn’t be so bad. 50 fights, 100 fights… That is extreme and really I hate having this mode more than I hate not having trials mode haha.

Wait… You think I’m into MK? .-. If I promoted that I didn’t mean to. I dont like smash because its party game (that people made competitive) and everyone I know who plays it that’s my age give me a pedophile vibe.

I’ll get on topic now, sorry about that ~

Arcade is greatly needed in this game imo. As we are now we’re stuck to a very scripted single player experience with story mode and survival not having a randomized opponent and being stuck to one round.

I’m not sure what new features to add but I wouldn’t mind a hidden Oro fight opposed to the usual akuma. And how he was used in the story he could be going for unnamed “strong” opponent which is usually Akumas m.o. anyway

Im torn between M bison and Necalli for the final boss but if I hadddd to choose I’d say a buffed Necalli in v-trigger…
Then again…
Bison in v trigger the whole time would be tough as hell…

Hopefully they can implement something like 3s parry bonus stage in a way that gets players accustomed to their v-skill as well, although I can see the difficulty in designing that for the diverse cast.

Oh! Good one. The new Naruto is also outselling SFV heavily.

Doesn’t smash routinely get the second most evo attendees and views…? I know it’s a dumb board meme to say it’s not a fighting game, but the math is really not in your favor.

I think Street Fighter has been pandering to the same tiny market of Japanese men and horny American teens for 30 years. They have plenty of other reasons for success with great character designs, high production values (on previous titles) and a history as the game that birthed the genre. But Lauras tits are out there so that 14 year olds and Ono can wank it. It’s putoffish to anyone that sees it outside of the target demo of shameless horny men. And yes, that kind of shit does materially impact sales. It’s hard to build word of mouth when Mika does a super and you had to explain that ‘the whole game isn’t like that’.

And visible clits on female alt costumes. Lots of ass. Breasts that look like springs. Ass attacks. Constant panty shots. Etc.

P2 gravity will get fixed in like eight months, and everyone thinking anything about SFV is in the small minority. The game has bombed. Hard. Capcom didn’t get much money at all.

I don’t even play Laura. She’s a boring character with a bad visual aesthetic and an awful story. Too bad the game has so few characters I have to see her all the time.

Really stretching for complaints aren’t ya…facepalm.

I do miss arcade mode but tbh it makes perfect sense not having said mode simply because the game wasn’t released in arcades in the first place.
what did we get in return? Story mode. Imo that’s where it should have been more deep… should’ve been way more than 2 or 3 fights.
Hopefully by june all will be well with that dlc they announced.

The thing that I find quite annoying is that story mode could quite easily have been arcade mode: mix the story fights amongst other fights, have selectable difficulty and rounds, and have a credits screen. Boom, arcade mode.

There’s a thread already for the puritanical booby complaints.

It was one of 20 lines, it’s not my fault the community here is so thirsty they pick it out and fight over it wherever and whenever. :expressionless: