The arcade of your dreams! plan it here!

hey everybody im lyle, some of you know me, some of you dont. basically, im thinking about opening an arcade. not just another arcade that sucks and closes early and doesnt have the games you want, but an arcade for our scene. an arcade with sitdown cabs, and h2h’s, and NO RULES. smoke inside, get drunk, yell, finger fuck girls while doing wakeup shoryuu’s. those of you that know me, know i dont give a fuck. life is all about having fun.

ok so basically, i make really good money, and i have access to investors who would finance whatever i want. it’s entirely within the realm of possibility, the only thing i need to find out is, will people come? right now, its just a shot in the dark, but i would love to have the community’s feedback be positive so i can start really planning something.

the plan as it stands now:
-at least 5 sitdown cabs of 3s, marvel, and cvs2. kofxi, t5:dr, and whatever else we would want. one h2h of each for tourney play. i would like to have more fighters than anything else, afterall, this arcade is for us, planned by us.
-weeklies with different formats, and monthlies with the house contributing to a sizeable pot.
-the other staple shit games that everyone needs to make some money (lightgun games, initial d, fucking ddr and shit)
-RAMEN HOUSE IN THE ARCADE! fuck pizza and nachos, my mgl bloods know whats up.
-possible internet lounge area
-open till whenever.
-free play once the kiddies go home for the night, stay till whenever.

basically, thats all i can possibly think of right now. the most important thing obviously would be location. i’ve been thinking the east bay is good cuz people from sac and 408 can come an equal distance. but this eliminates the option of people coming everyday, cuz lets face it, youre not gonna drive 30 minutes each way to play games everyday, and bart is a slow bitch.
i need to hear from you guys where you think it should be, and any other suggestions you may have equipment wise, ambience wise, name-wise, whatever-wise.
also, if you flame me for this, youre only hurting yourself cuz im as serious as i can be at this point.
thanks in advance

im there!!! wake up shoryu~

I’m there if i can blaze up outside. In fact youneed to build a special area where us stoners can smoke outside.

aaron, you smoke inside duh.


It sounds like a really dope idea, but you live so far T_T, I fall asleep at the wheel a lot and shit… I COULD DIE WOW. But yeah, the idea seems really dope, hope it comes through.

EDIT: STFU MIKE I HATE YOU. =(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

On a serious note, yeah. Location would be the most important factor in this whole thing. You posted about investors - that means this thing would have to make money, wouldn’t it? How might that happen if it’s just a few regulars every so often? Or am I wrong somewhere? o_o

$ and Prizes.
The Santa Cruz scrub squad will be there.
I would say try not to make it further than MGL 'cause it’s a long drive for us already but just put it where you think it would survive.

Location wise, I say it would be best to keep it within the 408 area since it’s the most concentrated place in Norcal for comp in the major capcom games and DR. The food/lounge factor would be a great addition since a lot people go to cades not solely to play games, but also to chill. Having weeklies/monthlies/whatever is good to keep the competition and attendance flowing. Dope idea going and hopefully you pull through. This place will eat all my quarters and cash mos def.

Lyle, that was my idea too ;[

Lyle, when we have time, you should talk to me and David, we had a project similar to that. Let us know. Holla

well, it seems as though it would/should be around san jose.
rom…hopefully it wouldnt just be some regulars, it would be a lot of regulars. scrubby bum kids, too. we’ll take out ads on bus stops ‘SKIP SCHOOL, GO TO xxx!!!’ yadididididiididididididididimean?
anthony, get your gay ass on aim.

Open it in Berkeley. Right by campus. Thanks.

No You

fuck yes i would drive my big ass fucking suburban filled with the santa cruz scrub squad there atleast 3 times a week.

san jose/milpitas area is within the gas money range.

You need to have the h2h on a risen metal platform. Steam has to emit from the platform every 3 minutes and there has to be lights of light… LOTS OF IT.

Oh man, ramen sounds awsome, just open a ramen shop, in fact buy out shabu shitface and make them mass produce ramen inside the arcade, gold farmer style. YES. and dude we will be there all the fucking time, your an amazing man for this post.

i like the fingerfucking part. will the girls be provided? on the real though, all i need is a couch to sit on and i’m straight. that and there should be like a streaming cam in the arcade to see how packed it is.

**There’s no doubt that this will be one of the best things to hit the fighting game community. I’m extremely excited about this idea and can’t wait to see it come to reality.

You have my full support.


Damn, sounds like an awesome idea. I would definitely go out the arcades more if we had a place like this. I’ve been waiting for a place that has CvS and alcohol under one roof.

Smoking inside in CA is Illegal, anywhere. I know there are plenty of bars that bend that rule, but when you have underage kids in there it will get heat real quick like old school keystone in mountain view did for loitering and drug abuse.

Its an awsome Idea, with the lack of a good arcade anywhere in Norcal this place would get blown up by diehards, and hopefully catch a buzz to new commers.

Ideas I like- after hours free play. Days with token specials, head to head cabs. Put like a outside are with dumpy free games for smokers.

oh we wont use tokens. quarters for days my brothers! after hearing this response, we’ve decided to go forward with it. what we’re thinking is a location in east san jose. its kind of centralized as far as uniting all the heads from the different golflands, we figure no more than 15 minutes drive for everybody. EXPECT IT TO OPEN BEFORE NEXT SUMMER. what we need from you guys is just to pitch in geting the space renovated for our use, we will get a few cabs in with 3s, marvel, and cvs, and anybody that wants can come play for free and in return just help out a little with like painting and shit if you can. as soon as anthony and i find a suitable space to lease/buy, we’re gonna make this shit happen!