The Arcade Stick Art Thread Part III


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Been thinking about doing this for some time now.

Since people were using the old TE/SE art thread for stuff other than MadCatz sticks and the threads for the other sticks were just about ignored. Here’s a new thread to cover art for all sticks (MadCatz, Hori, Namco, Sega, custom, etc.)

If possible, please upload your pics to the SRK Sticks Imageboard ( Instructions will be listed below.

-NO IMAGE QUOTING. Copy the image’s URL and paste it. The forum should automatically recognize it as a link when you click on “Post.” Failure to do so will result in an infraction.

-Please do not post full 300dpi images on the forums. This slows down the thread for everyone. Anyone who does so will receive an infraction. Resize your images to around 1024 pixels in width.

Shin-RoTeNdO (for the original TE/SE thread)
Likkuid - Flickr: blastd’s Photostream
KaboXx -
Fiveaways - HORI FS3 template

Art Templates

Razer Panthera:
-Art’s Hobbies Razer Panthera Template
MadCatz TE 2/TE2+:
-Official MadCatz TE 2 Blank Template
-D3vlicious TE2 Template (Art Hobbies compatible)
-Art’s Hobbies TE2 Template
MadCatz TE-S+:
-Art’s Hobbies TE-S+ Template
MadCatz SE/Wii/BrawlStick:
-Original MadCatz SE Template
-D3vlicious SE Template (w/ more accurate buttons)
MadCatz TE Rd.1:
-Original MadCatz TE Template
-Art’s Hobbies TE Template (w/ more accurate buttons)
MadCatz TE Extended:
-Art’s Hobbies Extended TE Template
MadCatz TE ‘S’/TE full panel:
-Art’s Hobbies Full Panel Template
MadCatz TE Bottom Panel:
-Art’s Hobbies TE Bottom Panel Template
MadCatz TE Combat Panel Rd.1:
-Art’s Hobbies TE UMK Round One Template
MadCatz TE Combat Panel Extended:
-Art’s Hobbie TE UMK Extended Template
MadCatz TE Combat Panel Full:
-Art’s Hobbies TE UMK Full Panel Template
Hori FS3:
-Fiveaways’ FS3 Template
Hori RAP1/T5
-Art’s Hobbies HRAP1/T5 template
Hori RAP2/3/EX
-Art’s Hobbie HRAP2/3/EX Template
Hori RAP.V series:
-D3vlicious HRAP.V series Template
-syn13’s HRAP.V series Template
-Art’s Hobbies HRAP.V series Template
Hori RAP.V series KAI:
-Art’s Hobbie HRAP.V series KAI Template
Hori RAP Premium VLX:
-RAP-VLX Template
Hori Fighting Stick V3/VX -blklighting21 Hori FSV3/VX template
Hori Fighting Edge -SynWerks Fighting Edge Template
-Art’s Hobbies Namco Template
-Art’s Hobbies Agetec Template
Agetec VMU:
-Art’s Hobbies Agetec VMU Template
-Art’s Hobbies SFAE Template
-Art’s Hobbies VSHG Template
Qanba Q4/Eightarc Fusion
-D3Vlicious Qanba Q4 Template
-Art’s Hobbies Qanba Q4 Template
-Mayflash Template
-DacoTaco’s Mayflash Template
Project GiantSword
-PGS Template
-Art’s Hobbies NHTran Template
MAS Systems
-D3vlicious MAS Template
MadCatz FightStick Pro
-Art’s Hobbies SFxT Pro Top Panel Template
-Art’s Hobbies SFxT Pro Bottom Regular Panel Template
-Art’s Hobbies SFxT Pro Bottom Full Panel Template
MadCatz Fightstick VS
-Art’s Hobbies SFxT V.S. Top Panel Template
-Art’s Hobbies SFxT V.S. Bottom Regular Panel Template
-Art’s Hobbies SFxT V.S. Bottom Full Panel Template
-Art’s Hobbies SFxT V.S. Side and Back Panel Template
MadCatz Soul Calibur V T.E.
-Art’s Hobbies TE Soul Calibur V Top Panel Template
-Art’s Hobbie TE Soul Calibur V Top Full Panel Template
Hori Soul Calibur V/Gundam Extreme Vs.
-Art’s Hobbies Hori Soul Calibur V Top Panel Template
Injustice Battle Edition
-D3vlicious Injustice Battle Edition Template
Razer Atrox
-Razer Atrox Official Art Template
-Art’s Hobbies Razer Atrox Top Panel Template
Qanba Q2
-ArcadeShock Qanba Q2 Pro Template
-D3Vlicious Qanba Q2 Pro Template
NiteWalker’s Simplecase Widebody
-SimpleCase Widebody Template
-SimpleCase Widebody with Bottom Panel
-Venom Template Square Lights
-Venom Template Circle Lights
MadCatz TE-S+
-MadCatz Official TE-S+ Template

likkuid’s Preview Templates
Download SFIV_TE_FLOPROJEK_v2.rar from - send big files the easy way

Lizanias’ Templates
Download TE_S Mockup Template 1.4.rar from - send big files the easy way

Other Templates
RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

Making Your Stick Pretty: A Custom Stick Art Guide/Tutorial by: d3v
Making Your Stick Pretty: A Custom Stick Art Guide/Tutorial

Art swap tutorials
How To: Add Custom Art to Your TE FightStick
How To: Add Custom Art to Your SE FightStick

Image Mishmash: Stick Art Request Thread
The Stick Art Request Thread

Old Stick Art Threads
The Official Street Fighter IV TE/SE Template Thread
Top Panel Template HRAP2SA/HRAP3
PS3/Wii Hori Fightstick Art Template Thread
The TE/SE Fighstick Template Thread Categorised by Character/Theme very image heavy

Guidlines for SRK Sticks Imageboard

The ff. are guidelines for uploading to the SRK Sticks imageboard.

  • Create an account at
  • In the Posts page, click on Add (near the bottom of the page).
  • Under Source, be sure to add the link to either the printer friendly version of the file (300dpi PSD or PDF) or your post in this thread.
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  • Check if your tags are similar to other existing tags, if they are, then use the existing ones.
  • Make sure to tag the artists involved
  • Rate your image honestly


Continuing the discussion from The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!:


More to Carry over from the Old thread.
So I can’t repost Links. That dumb.


Somewhere, dev is wondering why they’re being mentioned.


Speaking of art and plexiglass services, I just put in an order yesterday through FA’s services. But now reading from the guy above saying he likes the competitors more, anyone know why one would be better than the other? Prior to ordering, I searched about it and a discussion was brought up a few years ago and people were saying they are equall
y good.


I bought a nite walker widebody tiger maple case years ago, Never did anything with it,

although i bought a pcb, buttons, and a sanwa flash lever.

I even cannibalized the box from my nubytech 15th sfac stick to use as artwork, but I end up selling the case back to the guy I bought it off 5 years later.

Not sure what to do with this now? I’m thinking just cut out to size and buy a fightstick pro and put it under a plexi?


Anyone with some time willing to create a custom artwork for my new Venom PS4 stick? Nina Williams


Hi All,

Just wanted to share some of the work KleverART and I have been doing over the last quarter. We formed a design team called JxKDesigns where we focus on creating original illustrated artwork (instead of the typical photoshop copy / paste / edit). This allows you to be really creative in your requests (poses / costumes / colors / etc) and have truly unique work for your projects. Enjoy everyone and hit us up if your interested in working with us!



Didn’t you got the links for the first one?


Walter Wolf Racing x HRAP4 “livery” by @FoxBlaze. This is the sample version, final one is touched up.
Plan on doing a time lapse video of mod since I got a new laptop and gopro.


@Signal: Glad I was able to help out. Along with this, Some of the other designs I’ve done recently while the old Thread was locked.



Always open for more so if interested, Hit me up for portfolio and rates. Also for the ones that are unused, If you wish to use it for yours, PM me for which ever one you want to use.


What happened to signatures? They were a good way to show your previous works, instead of doing this.


Signatures as links? Sure. Signatures as images? No way. That shit is 100% obnoxious


I’m in the process of a new build, so I decided to commission the dudes at JxK Designs (@jonyfraze and KleverART) to put together a Dolls piece for me. Efrain did a great job on the painting, and I added a few of my own graphic flourishes to it, and this is where we netted out. If you need some art, I can’t recommend these guys enough!


I don’t know if anyone noticed
but Camy face looks weird and crossed eyed .:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Heh… it looks better up close/zoomed in. He painted her without pupils (which probably makes sense with her being brainwashed), but when it’s scaled down like it is here, it does look a bit strange with her big blue eyes.


Hi guys. I need background suggestion for my TE2 +


Imo the original looked better @filthyspecs


Jony definitely did a nice job on his take, but I wanted a slightly different effect. Hopefully it’ll come together in context on the stick. :slightly_smiling_face:


The name is Cammy.
Can you do better? Put up, else STFU.


And the bullshit goes on and on:

With a list of PMs like that, I’m wondering how long it’ll take before your avatar has bars in front of it…
Or you’re forced to make a new account.

Either way: enjoy whatever comes your way.
You deserve it.

Nice stuff @d3v. This cat’s got nothin’ but class.