The Arcade Stick Art Thread Part III


Out with the trash.


Some people can’t help but being negative. He’s prolly got a rough life and this is his only outlet, poor guy.


A commission I had done here by Foxblaze for my new green Allfightsticks case.
just need to decide on the buttons now…
Not sure which of these suits it better, never really seen clears in person.

Button choices



Semi finished product. The plexi was too thick, so I’m waiting on a new one thats thinner. Not sure if I should go with black buttons or not. Any suggestions?


Maybe clear buttons so you can put your artwork inside the buttons. I think the black buttons look fine enough, maybe metallic gun metal as an alternative.


Anyone here got the 2 player X-arcade template to perform a SF2:CE art job for it?


“fixed” the startpost and made the links work again. some of em seems to be death but thats nothing i can fix


My Razer Panthera Street fighter 2 CE look


Couple of commissions I did recently.

EDIT: Here are a few more I may not have posted in the previous thread.


Dat Crazy Tongue…


two finished pieces


one of my previous designs I did fully finished and applied to a HRAP N done for Tekken Player @tekkenchanel on twitter.

@tekkenchanel and @Shudy_Jinlee


Meaning to post this, but forgot. Free Miku artwork for the Mayflash F500/Venom if anyone wants it.

Download links
Print -
Uncut -


Recently Finished this Makoto themed design for a Panthera for my latest client.

Always open for more work so if interested, PM me.


Edited the OP. Realized that there wasn’t any link to Art’s Panthera template yet.


Because I realized I haven’t made any Sega CP lookalikes for the Panthera yet.


A couple of WIPs I’ve got going. I got a little excited about the Yoshimitsu SC6 announcement…


While she has’nt been mentioned yet but a tira themed design for my client done for a TEKCase in anticipation for SC6.


Cool pic with the Alisa HRAP Type N stick.


I’m weighing up whether to get a full plexi panel for a TE round 1 stick. Is the extra room for art worth losing the rounded bevel for?

I’m hoping a thinner plexi panel will comfortable at the edges.