The Arcade Stick Art Thread Part III


Hello guys, after almost 2 years out of all gaming related action I decided to get back at it. Unfortunately, my pc f**ks up and I lost all the templates that I saved from almost 8 years now.

So, here is a long shot… Does anyone has this specific psd file for a BlazBlue art that looks almost identical to the stock one from this pic:

I believe it was made by D3V using the Art Hobbies TE template but I haven’t found anything yet and I been looking all the internet for almost a week and still nothing.


Went through the hassle to replace the art on my Razer Panthera and landed on an Akira theme. Really considering adding LEDs to the red/blue (pill) buttons but I can wait. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to have a personalized stick again.


Wow that is really nice I love the artwork.


Cammy for te2