The Arcade Stick Art Thread Part III


Hello guys, after almost 2 years out of all gaming related action I decided to get back at it. Unfortunately, my pc f**ks up and I lost all the templates that I saved from almost 8 years now.

So, here is a long shot… Does anyone has this specific psd file for a BlazBlue art that looks almost identical to the stock one from this pic:

I believe it was made by D3V using the Art Hobbies TE template but I haven’t found anything yet and I been looking all the internet for almost a week and still nothing.


Went through the hassle to replace the art on my Razer Panthera and landed on an Akira theme. Really considering adding LEDs to the red/blue (pill) buttons but I can wait. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to have a personalized stick again.


Wow that is really nice I love the artwork.


Cammy for te2


Quite a few amount of designs I’ve done thus far for my clients.

Always open for more so if interested PM me for more details or message me on my twitter (


Got some great help on this. Thanks to everyone who reached out :slight_smile:

Hello, was looking to commission some art for a TE2+. Was hoping someone would be willing to work on a pretty straight forward black/gray vewlix background? Please message me if u could help me out. Thanks :call_me_hand:t4:


If anyone is bored, I’d like to get a Zangief themed artwork for my te2+, thanks!


send me a pm


I made this art BNHA Uraraka for the Vetash Model V because so many ideas were coming to me for some reason.

I plan on changing the dust cover to something transparent so that people will know that i did not place the joystick hole on her melons but on her gloves.


Hello! Just wanted to share some art I made for clients. I’ve had quite a number of requests since I’ve left so I’m leaving a few of these for you guys to see. The first images of Sakura are my own All Fight Sticks Hitbox that I worked on as well. Feel free to send me a PM if you’re interested!


That SVC Guile stole my heart. The gray looks great with camo, well done!


Did some more artwork for r/freefightstickart sharing the work here.

Joker artwork for “The Killing Joke”, this one is half complete in a sense. I started working on it, but someone else also did the request so I just left this artwork as is. I did take out a decent size watermark on Joker’s glove. I’ll probably improve on this artwork in the future.

Just a simple image resize to fit a Hori RAP Type N. Pretty simple.

Another Hori RAP Type N artwork. Requester wanted Akuma, Ryu, and Ken from the Alpha series. My only gripe with this artwork, is the low res of SF Alpha artwork. Other than that I like this one quite a bit.

Requester wanted some Flash artwork and when I was looking at some comic covers, I stumpled upon this and this was the idea that came into mind. I think it’s funny.

Janked up this one, requester wanted SC-19 artwork for his Q4RAF and wanted a different color scheme. The requester actually printed it so that was cool.

Requester wanted some Naoto with a neon theme. This artwork is actually simpler than it looks. I think this turned out well.

Out of all the artwork (besides the resizing one) this one was actually the one I spent the least amount of time on. Although it is one of my favorites and apparently FocusAttack liked it too.

And now the finish stick.

Requester wanted some Athena artwork and I was willing to do it since Athena is one of my favorite KOF characters. Requester said to use either of the images, but I ended up using both since they could both fit pretty easily. Did an “eraser fade” of the right image, I tried to draw her elbow and hair, but it ended up looking terrible so I just did the eraser fade since it looked a hell of a lot better than I want I drew.

This is technically my first commission. A user messaged me saying they liked my work and want to commission me to do some artwork. So after messaging back and forth this was the end result. Pretty cool someone wanted to commission me.

And that is it for now. Sorry for the long post, but hopefully you enjoyed the read and artwork.


That Noel Vermillion art looks great, specially the background. Great work!


New stuff

Nine controller and pic by

For all the stuff:


Quick WIP… Not sure if completed or lacking xD. Feedback pls. Designing an art sheet for a stick is way harder than I thought lol.


A new set of designs that I’ve done thus far for my clients.

Always open for more so if interested, PM me for portfolio and rates.


Looking good. Personally I’m not so keen on the colors for the TE2 logo. While I say that, I don’t know which colors would be better. I think I would make the Blazblue logo a little bigger and have Mitsuru and Weiss more centered. Although showing off their full weapon isn’t so bad either. Looks pretty complete to me and nice taste in girls.


Agree with the colors, I added it as a clipholder for now, not sure what color could work either tbh… Guess we´ll see.

Thanks for the feedback!


Quick question,
I never learned how to do the outline of the buttons. Are you guys using illustrator? I am trying to use the stroke tool, but it seems less crisp.


I use Photoshop. You could use stroke, but since the template button holes aren’t perfect circles they are usually lumpy. I do a tedious way of using the ellipse tool, making the circles “540px, 540px” then trying my best to get them centered to the button. Of course they don’t have to be 540x540, they can be smaller. After I do all eight (or six) I merge the shapes together. It’s kind of annoying, but they show the best results imo.