The Arcade Stick Art Thread Part III


Thanks, that’s what I thought I had to do.


Does anyone happen to know who created this vlx hitbox artwork?

I’d like to import the psd template if anyone happens to know who made it (with their permission ofc) :slight_smile:



I’m trying to decide between either of these, which one looks better? also is the design too basic? I wasn’t sure what to include in the background for either one


Haven’t posted here in awhile. But I’m still doing commissions for anyone that’s interested.

Here’s my latest one for @Liquidice944

I don’t recall ever doing are that looked like that.


Have you tried selecting the inner circles>convert selection to path>fill the path, way faster than doing one by one manually and the results are the same.


never tried that, thanks for the tip.


Alright, I’ve had my Obsidian long enough that I’m ready to customize it. I’m looking for Chun-Li artwork since that’s who I play in SFV, and I have a little bit of money to play with to get it done.

So yeah, taking commissions.


Back into commissioning stickart and look to expand my portfolio as far as technique and physical production, hmu if you’re interested in working with me. Revamping my studio and model as well so I’d love to have everyone along for the journey!


vlx sfv for my madcatz TE 1


Omg that’s hard bro!


New batch of designs that Iv’e done for my previous clients thus far.

Always happy to help out so if interested in having a design done, Message me for portfolio and rates.


Another art dump of r/freefightstickart request.

Start things off with a non reddit request. Made some Zangeif artwork for djdigi, if you want to see the finished result, check out the fightstick thread because he posted it there. Came out pretty nice.

Battle between games for this one. Requester wanted Sub Zero and Ken fighting each other in some way. So I made I guess a pre-battle between them.

Mashup of Juri and Rainbow Mika. Here’s a funny thing. I didn’t hear back from the original requester when it came to wanting a .psd, but someone else messaged me saying they would like to use the artwork for their Obsidian. As long as someone likes the artwork and wants to use it is fine with me. This artwork is heavily inspired (some may say copied) from bigecustom’s Karin/Sakura artwork.

Simple Jubei artwork, nothing much to say here.

This is my first hitbox artwork. Worked with the requester to get it just how he wanted it. He wanted a Ying Yang type of effect and overall it came out nicely. Only issue is that I wish the Izayoi artwork had better resolution, but other than that I think this artwork came out nicely. I even got a photo of the finished product.

He added the etched logos, which I think was a nice touch.

Here we have some genderbent Terry. Nothing much to say, I do believe this is for a Nintendo Switch version of the HRAP Kai so that’s cool.

Here’s a fun one. A sticker bomb background of New Japan theme and King in front. First time I did a sticker bomb effect. I think it came out nicely. There is also a colored version of this.

So many characters for a small stick. It was fun trying to fit all these characters. I would say mission accomplished.

This one is another one of my “comedy” artworks. Requester wanted some Azreal artwork and I planned on making something like the Jubei one, but when looking at Blazblue Wikia I found this gem of an artwork and decided to fit it right for the HRAP N. Originally the requested didn’t want the .psd, but I’m guessing the charm of this artwork made them change their mind.

Another RAP N artwork, but this time for an anime character. Had fun doing this one of Tokoyami and Dark Shadow. Requester wanted the button displayed. Used Tokoyami’s head for the back drop of the buttons.

And finally we have personally my favorite artwork out of the bunch, Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho. This request actually got me to read Yu Yu Hakusho. Requester wanted something a bit action based and this is what I came up with. Tried to not put anything too spoilerish in the manga cuts.

That is it for me this time. Might slow down when it comes to artwork making, since college has started up again and I do this mostly as a hobby. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the read and artwork.


Awesome work! Makes me want to beg for something for a RAP4. My wife has been needing new art for hers and you’re making some really good designs.


Thanks I appreciate it, if you ever do have a request my inbox is always open.


hey everyone I am looking for someone to do a little Artwork for me for a Stick! PM me if your able to


As I’ve been seeing others overtime asking for this, I’ve recently had my hand at remaking the design that is seen on the TE2 Type-N and with how close (albeit not exact) I’ve managed to get it, I’ve decided to make it free for anyone to use so with that said, both a PSD and a PDF version are available for use.




Double Post. Quite a few amount of designs that i’ve done thus far for my previous clients.

Always open for more so if interested in having a graphic done, feel free to PM me for portfolio and rates.


New stuff.

With some shamelessly ripped off presentation style.

For more


That Bison art with the Shadaloo logo is just awesome


So I really like the artwork they are putting on the Tekken World Tour Edition Qanba Obsidian.


The 8 Bit Tekken characters are so cool. Anyone want to take a shot at recreating something like this for the Panzer 3? Can’t believe they made a Tekken stick without the Noir layout :frowning: