The Arcade Stick Art Thread Part III


if someone can find the source of the 8 bit Tekken characters then it should be easy to do.

edit: found source


gantz art for my TE R1


OMG thanks I was looking for the source for that all day. Seems that some of them are a little different, and they don’t have Master Raven there, but this should still be pretty cool. Thanks a bunch.


Yeah some of them will need need some editing. However that image is pretty low res so for the cleanest results one would have to recreate each of them. It shouldn’t be difficult since most are just mirrored. So just do one side and flip it for the other side.

i.e Kuma


After asking someone on the Tekken subreddit, I was able to find someone to download all of the 8 bit characters off of the Tekken Gamer site. I now have all of the transparent background source images. Now if I could only figure out how to get an angled grid in photoshop…


Anna williams edited by me for te2


hori rap vlx street fighter V arcade edition


Just finished up my take on the TWT Qanba obsidian pattern. I reproduced it and put it on my Panzer 3. Very happy with how it came out.


Finished this one for a client recently, Envy is back making StickArt and open for more commissions; pm me for details and questions!


A set of designs I’ve done over the past couple of weeks for some of my clients

Always open for doing more so if interested, PM me or Email me at for portfolio and rate.


Finished stuff.

For more:


Did these as part of a mini sale for a few clients.

Always open for doing more so if interested, PM me or Email me at for portfolio and rate.


Finished a cabinet layout for a client, can’t wait to see the finished product! for commissions!
(The blue lines are guidelines)


Hi, Everyone I’m looking for TE2+ OEM artwork (Ryu) .Thank you in advance


You can use this one I made awhile back. this applies to everyone else as well.


Thank you so much sir !! I will reach out to you for my next commission !!!


Hey there-- does anyone have the old ‘FLOPROJEK’ template that makes a mockup of a TE? or something similar?

If it helps, the file name was “SFIV_TE_FLOPROJEK_v2.rar”

Both the mediafire and megaupload links no longer work.



Managed to find it on eventhubs sometime ago. not sure if it still up on there, so here’s a mirror link to it that I added to my dropbox.


Amazing-- thank you!

I was digging through and everything, lol


Very nice for your first time, make sure when you position your main focal (Litchi) always keep in mind the possibility of your focal being covered up by the buttons or the joystick. Other than that I have no complaints, great job!