The Arcade Stick Art Thread Part III


Thanks alot :slight_smile:
I tried my best as to place her inbetween the stick and the first button on the second row. I think im gonna use a clear dustcover and clear buttons for this one :wink:
But im a bit unsure if I want to put the blazblue logo inthere or not, and the fonts for the name might change somewhat :smile: AAAAND I need to spell her name right aswell hahahaha omg didnt see that until now :joy:


I’d remove the logo. And the button holes to be on the safe side just in case they don’t align with the panel.


Never thought of that. And yes the logo are abit to much. Will remove that and take away the buttons.
Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


Posting the finished Litchi and a new Nu-13 that I made today.
Thoughts of improvement?
Will remove the button layout as alignement might be somewhat off.


A new set of designs that I’ve done for clients.

Always Open for accepting requests so if interested, PM me for portfolio and Rates.


Wow thats awesome, really love the second one for the hori.


I’m having a hard time deciding between these two designs, Soul Calibur one might be too busy. Which do you think is better?


hey I am looking for anyone who can commission a some stick art for me! this project is going to be different and challenging! PM me for details


Hey there, has anyone talked to you yet about your challenging design? I’ve actually worked on my schedule this month so I would have your design out in less than 24 hours!

Let me know if you wanna work with me, I’ll show you my recents.


The boys over @ JxKDesigns hooked it up lovely!


morbo keeping the Ts on focus…maybe you outta consider the faces too? morbo…


I’m not cutting out the control panel if that’s your issue with it.


just pulling your chain, still, maybe you can position the girls better?


New stuff


Finished stuff

For all the rest of the stuff


Looking for a sweet soul to make me some art eg. camo, all american, maybe warthog a10, red white n blue, fightstick art for my Foehammer case. I have the .psd template. Holler if you want to hook me up with a freebie, I’ll be your cyber friend for life and potentially long thereafter. :smiley:

EDIT - Got my SRK buddy to do it! Thanks!


A Dio Brando Fight Stick!? WRYYYY



If anyone wants the artwork on this stick, here. I made it for a Foe Hammer Stealth but maybe it can work on your stick.


hey guys im looking for a artwork piece for my razer panthera, with like cody from sf4 and akuma with kind of a dark blue or black background


Going into the new year, More new designs that I’ve done thus far.

Currently Open for accepting requests so if interested, PM me. you can also contact me on twitter (@ArcadiaCustoms) or by email at


I’d say go soul calibur, your chun li te 2 isn’t going to have any of her face in it.