The arcade stick of super street fighter4 130 dlls?

the regular price in best buy is 150 dlls but there sellers that sell it in 130 dlls new brand unopened that will be a good decision ? will be used?

I’d wait for a better deal. They were on sale for 100 during EVO.

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LOL Grammar on the internet… secret code talk was hard to understand, but yes, look for a better deal, some members of this forum sell their old used TE/TE-S sticks for under 100.oo USD.

sorry my english is bad only speak spanish

You can get a Round 2 TE for $100 with free shipping from MadCatz online store until the 28th:

It’s ok man. Just wait for Madcatz to have a deal again :slight_smile:

The Comic-Con promotion ends right before 28th, so he still has plenty of time to buy a R2 TE for $100.