The Arcade Stick Transitioning Thread

theres been a pretty large increase of threads asking for advice from the pad to stick transition so i was wondering what you guys think about making this thread a sticky full of tips and advice? Instead of repeating it over and over each thread, we can just put all the advice, photos and videos here and be done with it.

What do you guys think?

even when i play both, i feel comfortable with the pad although i gotta admit that with the stick you can pull off easily the fast stuff (links, karas, etc.). another thing im still gettin used is to play as good in the 1p side as i do on the 2p (on the arcade sticks).

when i first used stick i hated it…it just doesnt feel right…but now im used to it…ill probably never go back to controller again…as for tips and tricks…i dont know any…i just play it day after day till i get used to it…

i do have a daigo video grabbed from one of the threads on srk showing daigo’s hand position, which i can post in a sec. obot also has a video of daigo over at his site

i mean if theres enough interest for a thread like this i can easily scour the rest of the threads and consolidate all the good posts here.

I can see people hating crappy console arcade sticks, but once you get your hands on a HotRodSE or a SuperNova you just cant go back to a console controller, if you plan on getting an arcade stick make sure it’s made with genuine Happ arcade parts.

or even better, sanwa.

The only thing that will help you adapt to a stick is practice, practice, practice.

I bought my first stick less than a month ago. It felt very strange at first. With a pad, I felt much “closer” to my character. With a stick, I felt like I was controlling it less precisely. But now my moves come out much more consistently than on a D-Pad, and it feels just as natural as a pad did. I’ll never go back.

For god sake, this games were born in acades with Joysticks and BIG buttons not the other way arround, when I played the first console KOF and SF it felt like shit, this is what happens when people dont spend time in arcades, and its perfectly natural when we have ALMOST perfect conversions in the home, I mean almost, cause fighting games simply are not designed to be played with a gamepad and say this with very much respect to the gamers that did not have the chance to experience the fun of playing in an arcade, waiting for your turn to take the control and keeping your place by beating other players, whoa! XBOX Live my ass, that was competitive sweaty gaming!!!

I’m soon to be making the transition myself, but I think it’ll be a smooth go of it, since I have an arcade-configured pad…basically all I’ll be doing is using larger buttons, and a stick instead of the directional…

no biggie, methinks, I’ll letcha know as soon as I have a stick! :smiley:

Actually the difference is huge, especially if you are using a stick made with genuine arcade parts. If you’ve never used a stick (which means you’ve never played in an arcade, shame on you!!!) then those buttons are going to feel fucking massive at first, and feel like they are miles apart from each other. It will in all likelyhood be very akward at first. But don’t give up, the stick is the only way to play fighters. You’ll probably get to the point where you’ll refuse to play a fighter with a pad.

the transition isn’t that big i got comfortable with my normal combos in about 3 weeks

this is probably the latest thread on the subject:

do you guys prefer 360 or 8 way sticks?

360’s all the way. The transition from pad to stick is not to difficult, you just gotta get use to it. What was a big transition for me was playing mvc2 on jap sticks, instead of regular ones. Took me a while to get use to, but now i prfer jap stix over american sticks. In the end i still rather play on pad for mvc2 haha

jap sticks own all =) american are pretty good too, but I just had japanese ones before I had american

it aint too hard to switch between them though, just my parrying gets fucked in the ebginning =(

marvel players seem to perfer p360s i personally can’t play 3s on one of those

I can play both. But there’s this one huge stick from Red Octane I had that was a 360, but the stick was WIDE! I couldn’t play Capcom games on it (especially MvC2, doing tri jumps with Magneto and Storm is impossible.), but the good side about it, apparently that stick was built for Guilty Gear.

I’ll never play pad unless I have to. Sticks are the best, but I’d perfer Jap sticks over American.

What’s the difference between a Jap Stick and an American Stick??
Obviously I still use the pad.

American sticks: Looks like baseball bats

Japanese sticks: Looks like lollipops and is slightly smaller.