The Arcade UFO commemorative TE stick -360/PS3/PS2 and custom art

This stick was made for fubarduck(Co-owner of Arcade UFO) to celebrate winning the “Save the Arcades” contest from Stride Gum at

Learn more about Arcade UFO at

Fubarduck will be using this stick at the Season’s beatings tourny coming up on the 16th.

A couple key things about my build this time:
-360 TE stick with an MC Cthulhu
-PS2 via Ethercon connector
-Guide button wired to XBOX HOME button
-Select rerouted to “Turbo” because the ethercon resides there.
-DPDT switch for console selection
-Custom art (lamilable for more grip instead of plexi) and screw on sanwa’s.
-Painted black sides/bezel with Duplicolor vinyl dye.

If you have any questions about the build, comment on this thread!


A view of the ethercon connection
A view of the inside layout
A closer shot of the MC Cthulhu
Fubarduck holding his new, tricked out TE stick.


awesome mod

That Ethercon is slick. I haven’t seen that before. It reminds me of a XLR microphone jack.

Why no plexi?

Lamilabel has more “grip” than plexi. It is also cheaper. I have plexi on my personal stick, but he prefers a little more texture on the stick’s surface.

Ryan how can I become a stud like you (no homo)

play more zapataur obviously

Very cool thing to do. And grats to him for both winning and his new stick lol.

I like how you put that Neutrik RJ-45 Jack in the Select button’s slot (is Select used for any games anyways?)

That cable’s RJ-45 Plug thing looks hot too.

nice paint job. Pretty slick stick overall :smiley: I like that ethercon plug.

Best Arcade in the U.S. now has the best stick in the U.S. to go with it :smiley:

I’m glad I can say that I helped UFO win with that strange stride contest.

But one thing I’m curious about, why no IMP switch board?

nice stick man !

btw, great jacket fubarduck :open_mouth: where did you bought it

I think he plain out prefers a physical switch for console selection. Since he’s a veteran tourny player I’ll have to respect his judgement there.

To answer your question Digital-, I don’t think any game uses the back/select button that I can remember; I only use it for 3rd strike when I reset to the main menu.

Wow, that thing is pretty. How much for a couple of hours? I would like to put my penis inside of it. If you know what I mean. Would love to get a friend of mine a stick he’d be able to use with multiple console like that one. How much did it cost to put the thing together?

Yeah, they are pretty sweet. It is basically the same sort of jack. Neutrik makes that mount and connector for a bunch of connector types.

This might be overkill, but you can also relocate start/select entirely. See:

Select is used in some games. Off the top of my head it’s used for taunt/fake fireball in Alpha and stuff like resetting training mode in e.g. BlazBlue.

That’s some pretty nice modding there! Relocating the buttons seems pretty nice too. I’ll keep that in mind for my next modification!

very nice mods there. didn’t know the select button was used for those purposes. thanks for the info.

The select button on the stick is actually mapped to the Turbo button.

360 TE STick: $150
MC Cthulhu Board: $45
6 Sanwa Buttons: $24
RJ45 Jack: $9
RJ45 Recepticle: $8
Extention cable for PS2: $5
Lamilabel: $8
2 Frame plugs: $4
DPDT Switch: $2
Balltop: $2
Paint: $8
Wires: $6
Ethernet Cable: $5

Total: $276 + Labor Costs.

For a barebones version you could just use wire, a DPDT, an MC Cthulhu to lower costs. With paint I took about 10 hours to finish the stick, and about 6 without the ethercon or paint.