The Arcadian Coliseum: First Blood - June 20th, 2010

The Emperor’s Announcement

Welcome to a new edition of the Empire Arcadia 1v1 fighting competition called “The Arcadian Coliseum” Fighting competitions not covered mainly at regular venues, arcades or events will be held here on a bi-weekly basis moving towards a weekly set up. This event is not to be confused with “BattleField Arcadia” (Which is a local monthly tournament set with top level competition)

The Arcadian Coliseum is set for aspiring gamers who are looking to compete and develop tournament experience. Members of Empire Arcadia that are not recognized and are learning to reach to the level of top members of the Empire will only be allowed to compete here. This will create a fair learning environment where players can learn to compete and develop efficiently rather than head out to the battlefield and be destroyed instantly.

Location: “The Sandbox” its a shipping compnay (Full Address: 257 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY, 11211) Take the 4 Train from any part of NYC to 14th Street Union Sq. Transfer to the L train to Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn. Walk up from N7 and Bedford ave. to Grand Street. Make a left and walk 2 blocks. (Map quest location for further details)

Venue Fee:

Tournament Fee:

Tournament Schedule:
Registration 1pm
Tournament: Super Street Fighter 4 (2pm - 6pm)

Tournament Prizes:
Tournament pay outs will be based on POT prize distribution of:

this is really cool i might go to this

when does the tourmey actually start??? i dont see a start time??..make it early plz…im trying to go 2 tourneys in one day!!! :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

I set the tournament to take place earlier in the day, from 1pm to 4pm. This gives SSF4 players a a couple of hours to get from NYC to NJ for the break to play another tournament at the Espot. Please note that here at the Coliseum, it is geared to help you improve your game so members of the Empire will be here to give tips and strats to help improve your game but some of our key players like Andre, Yipes, Sanford and Dieminion will not be in the tournament.

As for the other games like TMNT, Super Turbo and others we want to give some of the other games a chance that they don’t get because Super Street Fighter 4 keeps over shadowing everything. We have a time slot or 1 more game if you would like to host that game please post now so that I can add it.

cool…im actually try to enter this tournemet first then go to E spot in Nj as well…but doesnt e Spot start at 5:30pm…that only a one hour and 30 minute window to travel there and try and play casuals…well thats if EMP is going to enter teams…singles start at 7:30…well i see u guys there…

Some of the Knights will be going to E Spot not all of them. The Knights that will go to E Spot will not be competing in the Coliseum. We’re also not even concerned about the Team Tournament but don’t rule us out on it. We’ll see.

On what system is this going to be run PS3 or XBOX 360? And if it is going to be run on XBOX 360 can anybody comfirm if xconverter 360 plus(ps2 controller to xbox-360 adapter) actually works on the 360 thanks.

The games will be on XBOX 360 and the converter will work as it has in the past.

PS3 pad user

Probably a pointless question, but will you have some ps3 set ups or provide converters for ps3 pad users?

What system is TMNT TF on Triforce…


It’s the Super Nintendo version but it will be run on laptop.

Starting up SSF4 shortly.


Sighs, anyone who gets to read this before leaving out, do not come to the tournament. We are moving the date to SUNDAY This is the best way to get all the games to run since E Spot is having their Street Figther 4 tournament. I repeat the tournament has been moved to SUNDAY June 20th 2010.

Sorry for the repeat post but I didn’t get an answer to my first one. Will there be some ps3 set-ups for people who use the pads?

Unfortunately no we don’t.

IFCYipeS will be in the building getting my SCOOP on!!! SEE all of ya there!!

lead foot!

dag, I gotta go to some brunch in jersey city in the AM, gonna try to make it back to BK in time to register, if not i guess i’ll catch a few games…

am i banned?

You’re not banned. The only two people banned from this tournament is IFC Yipes and Sanford. You’re good to go. I’ve made some changes this morning due to the last minute date change because everyone went to E Spot on Friday so I’m allowing time for everyone to come out to the tournament. Please do not come ultra late. The tournament is at 2pm I will grant 40 minutes to start. We start no later than 3pm. I want to finish by 6pm so I can get out of here and go to the Game Over Lounge and chill for the night.